So Music, are you Music, hello? Everyone from tyler here, alan smith, with me as usual, welcome to Music? Well, they are Music. They didnt relax Applause, Music Applause, hi. There everybody delighted to have you along for the ride for this game. Alan smith has joined me in the commentary position. Well, it is this mouth watering, fixture barcelona against real madrid, alan! You dont need to say much for them that really no the name says all martin two of europes heavyweights coming face to face: cant, wait for this one: Applause: Music, Applause, Music, Applause; here, Applause, oh now, heres a chance from winning the ball put into the box. Oh hes hit the post here. He takes the shot and he knocks in the goal. Applause off we go with the kickoff real madrid. Looking good with this attack. Oh no, the opposition come away with the ball. Thats ended that attack. Oh, it has to be oh and barcelona. Weve got a chance here, super part, and it leads to this ship and its in the net for the goal. He has the potential lynn or messi with moments like this to be by the end of his career. The best player the world has ever seen: theyve won the ball back well and theyre, pretty happy about that thats, the end of the game. The referee has called the halt and it has finished here. 4 1. Nothing at stake here in terms of competitive football, except the pride of the players who were very competitive yeah.

There seemed to be an edge to them actually right from the off and that led to a game that you couldnt really predict. Well, the friendly game is finished. It was a good contest, really hope. Youve enjoyed it, madeline smith, myself, martin tyler, until the next time, goodbye to you all Music, 90 minutes up here.