5 and stock android were going to talk about some of the differences in the user experience today. Hey guys, my name is mitchell im fluent in tech, so you dont need to be, and if you guys want to go ahead and ask me, questions twitter or the links down below is the best place to do it and, as always, check out techfluent its my Project im currently working on and its how i can support myself during this pandemic now over here we have dot os, which is essentially an android open source rom its giving you something extremely close to the google pixel experience in regards to design elements. This is running on my xiaomi me pad 4 and i did a whole video about the me pad 4 and restoring it from the dead link to that video up here. On this side we have my galaxy s: 20 fe. This is running a de bloated stock. One ui firmware as opposed to the 18t specific firmware here we have the redmi note 10 pro running xiaomi eu, which is a custom rom based on the stock rom, but its. What i would tell people is the closest thing youre going to get to like a smooth bug, free optimized version of me ui for your devices without going to a bunch of android open source. Now. The first thing i want to go over is here on the xiaomi device on the home screen. We have google feed.

We have something similar to that, but its a samsung, specific one and, of course, on the pixel experience were going to have the google feed as it normally is. All of these roms are going to support the swipe up from the corner gestures, as you guys can see, and on miui, at least on xiaomi eu and on the global rom. You can have this little search bar at the bottom, which i like its closer to stock xiaomi or its closer to stock android, and here on the s20 fe. We dont have an option for a non bixby search ill show you guys right here, home screen layout. No screen grid. No, so we dont have any type of quick search built into the home screen to give us access to google search next. One i want to talk about is multitasking now xiaomi youre going to have one of two different multitasking layouts. You can choose to have the four or you can choose to have one thats closer to how it is with samsung and stock android with all of them right here, both xiaomi eu and miui, normally as well as one ui. Both have the option to clear all your apps open, which is something that i definitely definitely appreciate. Music. Now. One thing that i miss about uh, xiaomi, eu and just miui in general is the ability to pin open apps, which is something that is a great way to keep the keep apps in the foreground and keep them from force.

Closing its definitely one of those little tweaks that i miss next one i want to talk about is customizability in the start, menu now with the xiaomi start menu. You can choose to have your notifications all on one kind of feed and then swipe over, to have your control center, which is something i do genuinely like. Uh with one ui, you are forced to the more standard Music, google, quick settings right. This is very much bringing all. Where did my light go so in quick settings, i like that. I have the ability to choose this if i want to have notifications and quick settings together like this. I also like that all my devices for my smart home stuff are displayed here now. We do also have that in one ui, but its a separate menu, its something that i wish was more integrated into the start menu both of them. You can choose to access the smart one new when your device is locked, so you dont have to unlock your device to turn your lights on or off. Both of them have the ability to have the app drawer now a little nitpick. I, like the xiaomi app drawer, the way its the continuous vertical scroll samsung. You have scrolled back and forth. Both of them allow you to go ahead and hide apps um, although on xiaomi its a little bit more difficult on samsung, you can hide both. You can hide apps quite easily uh and its like kind of just part of the launcher, which is something that allows you to have a slightly cleaner, like app drawer, more seamlessly.

One of the next big features that i wanted to bring up uh regarding miui versus one ui, is that in one ui, the camera polish and the camera features are really a lot theyre. Just a lot better. I dont know how else to to explain it. You have night mode on all of your lenses as opposed to on xiaomis miui, which is a big disappointment, and this is something thats been the same on all of my xiaomi devices ever no night mode on the other, on the other devices. Also for the video youre going to have the ability to choose the microphones that you want. If you want to use a bluetooth microphone, not built in microphone a full on usb microphone, and it gives you the ability to monitor that stuff and its a much better. Pro mode in regards to just having all of the features and then also while youre recording video uh on the samsung device, you are able to change the lens thats recording without having to stop your video. This is something that you cant do on any of the xiaomi devices other than the me 11 ultra, and this is just one of those little tweaks in the system ui in the features in the software that set these devices apart. In my opinion, both devices offer a robust theming engine and the ability to change icons, as you guys can see. I have a google pixel icon pack on my s20 fe.

As you guys can see. It looks like the stock google pixel icons, which i like both of these raw. Both of these allow you to go ahead and disable apps, which is nice, although xiaomi has a lot more stock apps and you can disable most of the stock xiaomi apps um from within the system without having to go into adb. I cannot necessarily disable a lot of these samsung apps from the app itself right im, not able to disable the stock calendar app, which is something that i really do appreciate with xiaomi. The other thing that i want to talk about really quick is kind of the customizability for the status bar with xiaomi. We have a lot more customizability in me, ui than we do in one ui. The other thing that i prefer about miui, as opposed to one ui in this specific circumstance, is the fact that the assistant for miui on the global variant is google, and so because of that they dont have another system that theyre trying to push on you. Now, if you have a china device, youd have the xiao ai, which is a mandarin only assistant for samsung. We have bixby, i really am not a fan of bixby ive disabled bixby ive tried to take it out as much as possible. The fact that i cant reprogram the side button for bixby is a huge bummer in my opinion, and i just think that if samsung gave me some more tweaks in regards to kind of the way me ui does, it would really give me a user experience.

That is perfect because in regards to features in regards to just like the user experience, i do prefer miui in quite a few ways, but even then theres, like tons of bugs in miui, look as you guys can see here, clock Music. What the hell like, what the hell xiaomi um, whereas with one ui i havent, had any of these bugs the other thing that i wanted to touch on really quick and i want to know if you samsung users have experienced. This is apps being put to deep sleep and then getting the notification for them kind of after i pick up the device, not a big deal, because all my chat apps, i get the notifications for very promptly just something in the one ui experience i wanted to Touch on for you guys, if you guys want me to do other videos comparing this stuff, comparing it to kind of the features that i have in os. Let me know in the comment section down below or hit me up on twitter, where ive been super active with you guys and until next time, its mitchell.