Go all the event details and some tips for the event time stamps below, as always lets get right into it. Starting with the event details, hoopa arrival event will be september: 5th, 11 a.m to 5 p.m, so the same hours as a community day pretty much were gon na have special wild spawns and incense spawns depending on what hour it is during the event. So the events gon na be broken up into a couple hours. We have psychic hours and dark and ghost type hours from 11 a.m to 12 a.m. Local time will be a psychic type hour from 12 a.m. To 1 p.m will be a dark and ghost type hour from 1 p.m. To 2 p.m will be a psychic type hour from 2 to 3 p.m, will be a dark and ghost type hour from 3 to 4 pm will be a psychic type hour and from 4 to 5 pm it will be a dark and ghost type hour during The psychic type hours we are going to have execute jinx not to giraffe rig spoink, beldum and muna all spawning off of incense and also in the wild. However, i believe theyre going to be less common in the wild than they are off in execute jinx and not to spoink and build them are all shiny potential. Then, during the ghost and dark type hour were gon na have alolan rattata pucciana, sabley, carvanha, duskul, driftloom and purloin all spawning off incense and in the wild and alolan rattata.

Pucciana, sableye and driftloom are all shiny potential pokemon in the wild and off incense bonuses. For the event, were gon na have two times transfer candy. So when you transfer pokemon youre gon na gain two candy instead of one, this does not affect excel candy. You do when you transfer theres gon na, be a collection challenge available in which we can earn some hoopa candy and a pokeball lift avatar post theres gon na be a free bundle in the shop containing one incense. So you can get one incense for free during the event from the shop and then theres gon na be exclusive field; research that you can get rare, candies and variety of pokeball types from completing lets, complete a season, long special research task for an opportunity to catch Hoopa, so those are all the event details, but specifically lets start talking about hoopa. If you guys havent seen the mischief research ill, throw it up on screen, but theres only one page of this research currently and since this event is called hoopas arrival. We guess that theyre going to unlock the rest or the majority of pages in which we will get the chance to capture hoopa during this event, but the pokeminers found when searching the data of the game. They found that willow specifically says you can catch it in the dialogue at the moment, resource id special quest dialogue. So this is pretty much what professor willow says when you you know in between those pages on the fielders task, but it says i cant believe you caught hoopa, so professor willow says this, which means we think that this weekend we will unlock the chance to capture Hoopa through this special research, so although those other pages to catch hoopa are not out yet, and we only have that first page, we believe that we will be getting these pages during this hoopa arrival event, which you can go ahead and catch up.

If we do unlock the chance to capture hoopa, i will make a separate video with all the tasks and all that and how to go ahead and complete them, but for now just know that we can maybe catch hoopa this weekend. With that in mind, lets take a look at if hoopa is gon na, be any good in pokemon go. Is it even worth catching check it out right now, hoopa confined is a psychic and ghost type pokemon. The stamina of 173 attack of 261 and defense of 187, with a max ep at level 50 of 3797 for fast music, can learn, confusion and astonish and for charge moves. It can learn shadowball, cybeem and psychic. As far as a rate attacker. This pokemon does have potential specifically as a psychic type rate attacker. This pokemon will be probably in the top five. The moves, confusion and psychic, however itll be hard to compete with mewtwo as mewtwo has a higher attack, stat and better move, so mewtwo will always be a better option. You could even run this pokemon as a ghost type rate attacker with confusion and shadowball similar to mewtwo. However, again it will be competing with guaranteeing origin form and mewtwo, probably not the most preferred, but what about for pvp hoopa again will definitely have some play most likely in the master league, as its stats are just too high for the great in the ultra league. Hoopa running confusion, psychic and shadow ball will be great against some of the master league meta.

However, you do have to watch out for some ghost type pokemon like guaranteeing origin form which will be taking four times super effective damage from im. Gon na check the exact rankings once it does come out and maybe make a full video on deep, diving into hoopa, but for now hoopa is very promising and its gon na be definitely worth to go ahead and grab in pokemon. Go yeah hoopa seems like its gon na be decent in pokemon go. However, you do have to watch out for a couple double weaknesses, which is the only downfall of hoopa. So you know stay tuned for hooper this weekend, ill make a separate video on all that, but lets continue with the event spawn. So taking a look at the event. Spawns lets go through first of all the psychic hours and what pokemon are worth catching during this hour. The only notable spawn during this like 12 hour is going to be beldum. Beldum evolves into metagross. Now metagross is a good steel type attacker. It does have a mega potential in the future as well, which could come to pokemon. Go its also, a very good master league pokemon. Not only that, but shadow metagross is the best steel type attacker in the game, though this is the chance to get candies for your shadow metagrosses, in which you can invest in those thats, really the only good spawn from the psychotic hour. However, the ghost and dark half hour has a couple good ones in here.

First of all, sableye is going to be spawning. My favorite pokemon, but stabilize is a great pokemon in the great league in the xl form. You do need to have low attack high defense. High stamina and powered up, who would like level 50 and it needs to be actually a purified stability to be the best. However, just know that catching stabilize will help you towards getting that pokemon as youre getting candy, and all that also caravana can evolve into sharpedo, which could have a mega potential in the future. We have duskol evolving into dust clops. The middle evolution is kind of actually a decent pokemon for the grey league and special cups, not the most amazing, but just something to note drift loom into drift. Blim drift blim is good in the great and the ultra league, specifically in the great league, in the special cups, like, i believe, the halloween cup, its going to be amazing, make sure you grab one of those pokemon. Now those are all the meta relevant pokemon. However, theres a couple pokemon i want to talk about in which they will give you bonus stardust when you catch them, so you want to make sure you catch those pokemon, even if theyre not relevant, as you can get a lot of stardust very easy. First off we have sableye. Sableye actually gives you 750 stardust non weather boosted without a star piece. Every time you catch. These are all the values with a star piece and weather boost, and all that so make sure you catch stabilize thats a free 750 stardust.

For one catch very easy, thats, actually, the only pokemon spawning in here that has this bonus starter, so only focus on stabilize if youre trying to grind starters during this event. Finally, alolan rattata the reason youd want to catch it. Lola rattata is, if youre working on your youngster medal, which requires you to catch. I think its like a thousand small rattatas, i believe around a rattata under 2.4 kilograms will count as a small rattata. So if youre trying to grind that metal focus on catching those lower rattatas – and you can also mirror trade – all your ones that are under 2.4 kilograms with a friend and that does add an extra value. So if youre trying to grind that metal, the long rattata is a pokemon you do want to catch during this event. Now, with this all being said, lets move on to some incense tricks. So if you havent seen during the season of mischief, we have new incense spawn rates. If you look into your today view in the season of mischief, it says here increase incense effectiveness and increase incense effectiveness while walking. So what do these bonuses actually mean in pokemon? Go first of all shout out to helsinki trolley, which is a um pretty hardcore grinder on twitter here for pokemon go and they did some tests. They found out that testing incense would last 16 minutes so incense now last 60 minutes. If you are moving – and i believe moving is just like a walking speed – you dont have to go too fast or not, but if you are moving, pokemon will spawn every 30 seconds, which is the highest weve ever seen, incense rates ever so every 30 seconds.

A new pokemon thats around 120 pokemon give or take off incense that lasts an hour if youre standing still pokemon will spawn around every 50 seconds. That is a little faster than the original rate we had, which was 60 seconds aka one minute. So those are the new instant spawn rates with the season of mischief, so super great and definitely recommend popping incense. During this event, if you have a couple extra ones, because these rates are amazing – and this is an incense focused event – so definitely a chance to catch a lot of pokemon. However, there is a small incense trick and if you havent heard of it called the incense refresh trick, because when you are using incense, sometimes the incense spawns dont actually refresh faster than they actually should. Im not sure why this happened so theres a way to trigger that refresh check out a video right now on how to get faster, incense spawns. So usually, when youre opening an incense box, the actual spawn rate of the pokemon is a lot faster than the refresh rate of the incense. To show you that new pokemon, let me show you how to speed it up. First lets look at a regular incense spawn here, after catching the last pokemon, it disappears, and then i have to wait several seconds before the next pokemon appears between those two spawns quick way to fix. This is if, when the first pokemon disappears, go into your friends list, load your friends list and then leave it and itll instantly refresh the game and spawn in your new pokemon.

This way you can get more spawns off your incense, so yeah with that trick, you can probably get up to like 120 incense spawns in the hour, which you know over five hours thats, i think around, like 700 spawns from incense during this event, so definitely worth If youre gon na be running incense this day, use that incense trick because you can get faster, incense spawns so definitely a chance to get more stabilized or uh caravanas or whatever pokemon you want to catch during this event, moving on to my next tip lets talk About what pokemon you can go ahead and mega evolve to get more candy. If you dont know, when you mega evolve a pokemon any pokemon, you catch thats, the same type of that mega pokemon, you will be getting one bonus candy each time. What i want you guys to do is take a look at all these pokemon spawning figure out. What pokemon you want the most candy for. Is it beldum? Is it sableye? Is it driftloom? Is it carvana? What pokemon do you want the most and then take a look at what type that pokemon is if youre trying to get more psychic type candy? So, for example, pokemon on beldum you can mega evolve. Slow, bro slowbro is the mega that you will get one bonus. Candy for if youre trying to get more ghost type candy so, for example, pokemon like duskul drift, flume sable lie, you can go ahead and mega evolve, a gengar that is a mega ghost type pokemon and then, if youre, trying to get more dark type candy for Pokemon, like carvana pokemon, like sableye as well pujiana lola rattata, you can mega evolve, gyarados or hound doom.

Those pokemon will get you more candy, so those are megas. You can megavolve slowbro, gengar, houndoom or gyarados, and if theres any that im missing. Please comment them below. Now the bonus for the event is gon na be two times transfer candy. So what i recommend doing here is actually taking advantage of this bonus. What i do to maximize my time during two times, transfer candy event is come into the game here. Im gon na go ahead and start selecting the pokemon that ive already gone through, and i want to go ahead and transfer. For example, lets say you know these 16 pokemon i want to transfer, probably is gon na be more, but you can click tag here. Click create new tag, you can click transfer, give it a you know, color or whatever, and then click it there. So now all these pokemon have the tag transfer. So when the event does start 11 a.m. Local time i can come to the game here, swipe to the left, scroll down, come to transfer long, press click select all and then at the bottom. Here i can click transfer so thats a little trick for you guys if you are trying to save time – and you want to take advantage of two time – transfer candy but not have to go through all the pokemon during the event, just tag them now. Once the event does start go ahead, click that transfer button – and you can start actually grinding pokemon.

My last two tips here it says: complete event: exclusive field, research task to earn rare, candies and variety of pokeballs. Once the event does start im going to leave in the pin comments below all the field, research tasks, what the tasks are and what rewards they get as the event hasnt started in australia and new zealand. So we dont know what the tasks are yet. But here, if you are a free to play player and you need to get rare candies as rare candies – are really hard to grind as a free to play player since you cant do a lot of raids, make sure you take advantage of these field. Roosters tasks to earn rare candies, they might be hard, but they might be like something like hatchery psychic type pokemon for two rare candies. That might be a really good task to go ahead and grind. So take advantage of that again check the pin comments below for the field resource house and my final tips make sure you have pokeballs prepped, make sure you have some storage ready, so you dont have to go ahead and delete pokemon during the event. If you are trying to grind it and then finally dont catch pokemon before 11am, local time or before the event starts as any pokemon you catch, there could have transferred into event spawns, which could be shinies, which could be pokemon that give you extra status and then Also dont do any field research tasks at any of the pokestops before 11, because all those tasks will change when the event starts into event, field research tasks, so you can get those rare candies like we talked about in the pokeballs.

With that being said, guys thats all my tips for the event, if i miss any tips id love for you guys to comment below, let me know what i missed out on. This was a pretty packed video as theres a lot of tips. For this event, this event is not to be slept on, as not only will it be fun but theres actually a lot of great spawns going down.