Hopefully get a bit more than like a one step worth of research, but i wont hold my breath. Im gon na run around as well and try and grab a few quick um poke, stop spins to see if we get some event tasks as well. Before i head back home, cant stay up that long. Also, some of you very observant eggies may have noticed the new, the new merch uh in my last video, this good egg shirt and like a little pocket. Uh version are now available up on crabmate.com forward. Slash zoe, two dots link will be in the description and weve got a spicy little sale happening uh all weekend, so it is a time to kind of like sale so get in getting quicker because im gon na be live for like another day and a bit As of this being up so go and peep click, the link grab yourself, a nice little discount on any of the merch and yeah new new match. Okie dokie. So first thing uh not really seeing any necessarily crazy different spawns im supposed to be like psychic. For the first hour, i think um hoovers, arrival collection challenge, okay hoopers in there, so i must be getting it today. Uh ends in seven hours, 55 minutes, so weve got dusk girl, rats, naruto, spoink, rydo and from spinning these stops um catch pokemon as the only kind of event tasks so far, its gone very fresh as well.

It was very nice and sunny the last few days, and now today, todays gon na be our first lets, go for a little uh trek through the uh wetlands bit here and see if we get a few different spawns happening. Okie dokie lets take through this bit. Here of claim up that bit of status from the professor, and what does he have to say, hey, theres, always good to see you have you managed to spot hoopa anywhere, although something of hoopa is a mischievous troublemaker? Really all it wants to do is to have fun. I mean girls just want to have fun. I can relate professor im glad you understand. Speaking of fun, it seems hoopa had a blast filling up my mobile lab with pine nut berries. Maybe it spotted me happily digging into some during my lunch break and decided, i could use a few more oh good, to know that our planet berries are consumable by humans as well thats good to know its a bit of a surprise when i opened the lab Door and piles of pineapple berries poured out. It took a while to clean everything up, but my lab did smell amazing afterwards, so it wasnt all bad its nice to have an excuse to clean, not to mention. I have enough pineapples to last me for days. I might even make some jam anyway. Hooper sure seems a lot friendlier these days hasnt it. I think its been having lots of fun interacting with us, maybe thats, why its our its been bringing all sorts of surprises into our world.

Who knows, you might even be able to catch it? Now cool beans, okay, make five: curveball throws catch 10 different species of pokemon earn 5 000 stardust, not too bad. So 5000 stardust whats that if were just going for base 100 dust per thingy whats that far wait. I cant do maths here. It is on the screen how many catches for that um? Not a lot of world spawns. Yet, once again, i i would love if i could get wild spawns in. You know nice nature areas like this, as opposed to like going to a woolworths parking lot car park and um. You know that being where all the spawns are at come on. Niantic, encourage me to explore were out here were stepping. Where are my spawns join a bit of nature. Thank you for your song bird catch fire, okay, so the catch event, tasks so far, im mostly just rewarding poke balls by the looks of it, but well see. If this one appears anything different, the bats also say good morning: lovelies got a 2k going up as well. That did just pop up and count towards count towards my stardust as well. That was a pretty good chunk of dust, so 724 dust just from that which is nice plus. I guess if you do any like pvp like go battle league stuff as well, that will kind of chip that, along a lot faster than just catching the pokemon get 100.

I mean look, i could we just claim this quest actually and have it done, but i wont do that im going to save that one ive got a star piece on one day and kind of like maximize that claim that for now and look theres literally like Nothing spawning here so im thinking when we get to half past 11, i might drop an incense. Sorry, i might drop drop an incense yeah, my drop in incense at half past. So i can get kind of the psychic spawns uh from the psychic hour and then itll half go into the the ghost tower as well, but ill, try and see if we can just track down like nothing on the nearby is matching up with um with whats. On the required you know the required reading list. Oh nice ness weve got some some spinarak and and a gulpin its really really great love that, for me, um lets just grab actually im going to not quit catch. The golpen could be a ditto. You never know. Um and i dont want to look be the one thing i dont quite catch, if i remember which things actually spawn into ditto that uh, i would like to see if it transformed you know, see that animation so congrats to anyone who has caught a shiny ditto. So far in the new season give that a spinny spin. What do we got for the reset yeah? Okay, just yeah, it seems like the event.

Tasks are purely bowls, so if you cant get out and youre playing from home and all that kind of jazz i mean were not gon na have like youre, not missing out dont stress like theres, no like cool spicy, quests um, so thats thats that i guess Uh, oh wow, and were already were already there were already there. Is this, like a nice fun place to catch, we can find a cooler place to catch hooper if thats. What this encounter is lets just um claim that claim that well see what it is. Stardust. Some xp and a mysterious pokemon its super nice 1406 cp, no idea if thats, good or not um cute welcome, im going to run away from you im. So sorry lets find a cooler spot to catch you. It is freezing outside, though its freezing freezing cant. Believe you caught him, professor, are you paying attention mate normally id say were done with our research, but i wouldnt be surprised if hooper continued to cause mischief seems theres still much for us to learn about this pokemon. By the way ive noticed some psychic type. Pokemon have been appearing around my lap. Could hoopas presence be the cause, perhaps well be able to use this as an opportunity to research, psychic type pokemon, including hooper? I have to investigate this phenomenon further ill. Let you know when ive learned more until now, are you gon na youre gon na time game? I really thought i was gon na.

Enjoy this whole, like spaced out like research throughout them like the whole season. This is gon na. This research goes until like november. This is gon na annoy the hell out of me like give us like five steps per thing, even if its just little filler stuff like catch 10. Like i dont, know, man, i dont know. I just kind of i want to do things not just be like. Oh okay well ill check back later for more more details. Thanks professor oh jinx thats on the thats on the list of things right. She is wheres this jinx at jinx, where you at how about you across the ocean yep. When i say ocean, i mean channel what about you that one is up there same same spot pretty much! Well, i mean its 11 40., so i might as well chuck on the incense and well see um because well last, over across into the ghosty hour as well, which might keep me out of trouble its because the wild spawns dont seem to be super psychic theres. A little theres a few sprinklings here and there, which is fine, naruto thats, one of the ones i did also see just before. I i totally just missed clicking on it as well. I think it despawned like right as i got to it its a wild gallerian pony tar, wild gallery and pony tar um so definitely keep your papers out. For that i dont know if its going to be on the incense as well.

I hope it is. I was not like a mistake: um thats, really cool the wild glaring ponyta on the map was really really cute. I saw it as well before yeah theres a free box in the shop. Oh incense there you go theres one free incense as well. For this event, so ive just recouped my my incense, okay, less salt, less salt go plus the espeon. What the hell okay go, plus the very chunky, espeon 2004, far out. Okay, thank you. Go plus appreciate it. Oh giraffe rig hello. Giraffe rig this one. Actually, this has a really cool shiny id love if um, if that got dropped or something its like. A wild chinese hunt thats a really cool shiny okay, so it seems like, for you know, in terms of just being effective and to the point, dropping an incense is going to be the best bet, plus there is that free one in the shop, so good soup. I guess if you want to be really cheeky like what im doing um start the incense at half past the hour, so you get like half uh, psychic, half ghost sort of stuff happening, cool beans lets go find a better spot to catch hoopa. I dont think i think hooper deserves a bit more than um me, hiding in my car from the wind. Okay, lets snag this jinx with about six minutes before our we tick over into the the ghosty hour im wondering if this year is this year the year that i will finally get my shiny dust skull.

That thing was released as a shiny when it came out and i still dont have the bloody thing. So maybe maybe this oh go plus no. Maybe this is the year. Maybe i mean we have to wait till halloween. Knowing my luck lets be totally honest. Um espeon in the wild, though, is pretty nice thats, going to definitely chip your your stardust along, if you dont, know, evolved forms of pokemon, whether it be second stage or third stage um or poster. However, you want to define it like the non base form youll, get more stardust for those, so um nice little chunk there, 300 dust. Oh my gosh, go plus settle you calm your farm, my dude! There you go get in there. Spinny spin and lets see any new questies uh catch fight, yeah, honestly, im gon na maybe just stick to the non event ones and see. If i can pick up some regular whats wrong winner. Eight is my while uh. Otherwise, honestly, i think im gon na be sticking to like the um, some of the easy catching ones theres, nothing too crazy for me personally in the quests um this month, at least in, like the regular quests lets, see what have we got rubbish more jinx. Incredibly, windy weather, oh yeah, yo, this weather, okay, um. Can i jump into any. I need to get some coins, maybe no its full. Okay, oh hello, hello, hello! Can i please tap on that scraggy on the incense thats nice, its greggy in a hot second, since ive seen one of these lads do we have? Is it only ever been like wild for special events right otherwise, its been like pvp, yeah, yeah yeah, so ive got a couple of ghosties in the house and a couple i mean all of them spawning in on the incense as well.

I did find one spicy. You know kind of spicy quest cash, 50, pokemon, two rare candy uh, almost every other pokey stop. I spun was one of the um heres, some pokeballs, so this is the only one that ive seen that isnt that i dont imagine its a super common quest, though so, unless youre like someone who lives in a pretty you know densely pokey stop city, you might Not find that and again, if its, not safe for you to be playing outside dont do so play from home um. The the incense is pulling in everything that you need so far, ive seen on the incense, everything for the psychic types that was on the on the checklist and im just currently missing the rat, the alola rat, its also started raining out and the wind is stupid Outside so um, sadly, it seems like hoop is going to be hanging indoors social distance, hooper, lock down hooper getting caught inside. It would seem so thats what were working with rolling with it were gon na just hes gon na roll with it. This is our. This is our existence for the foreseeable future. Ish so were getting there. What is the uh whats? The rocket balloon got also like was the confetti on the screen, the whole time or was the confetti just started. I feel like im im blind to this buff physique. Ah, no im good kind of like purple and yellow. I was like hoopa colored confetti just kind of cute.

Was it because i finished the um the questy bit, i dont know i wasnt paying attention to be honest: rat acquired and thats uh thats pretty much. It lets catch hoopa um! It is just almost 20 past 12, so done in an hour and 20 pretty much hoopa lets go. Let me go with the silver pineapp um. I would recommend doing that if you want to get more candies for this thing, if you use a silver pineapple youre going to get extra candy uh, you can almost actually could stack this up if you wanted to for a double candy catch day. But then you wouldnt be able to complete the um collection challenge so thats up for you to decide, but the collection challenge has got 10 candy in it anyway. So wed better. Do that to be fair, youll get more from doing the challenge uh. What color see? I wish we had different colored balls, so we should have different color balls lets go with the regular red it cant run away its in quests, but like one of my favorite things in like main series games is pairing up like different colored, pokeballs or different styles. Of pokeballs, with particular pokemon like using a netball ill sorry, a dive, ball and stuff like that for blue pokemon, and you know, love ball or dream ball for uh purple and pink pokemon sort of thing id like that, just as like an aesthetic to have acquired.

So seven candy there if using the silver pineapple so it doubles, it plus gives you an extra one, would have normally just been three uh 3xl candy, which is nice um, a nice little chunk of xp as well beautiful hoopa registered to the pokey decks. I was never that massive on hoopers design, but um lets have a little rotate. Actually, you know what getting a full 360 of this its pretty cool. I, like the little like ring around the the waist, like the kind of skirt ring its pretty cool its a cheeky appraisal as well: im gon na guess: 12, 13, 12 thats, my guess on the ivs here. Oh i mean close 12. 11 40.. I mean its pretty classic for my my legendaries, my mythicals, that sort of vibe give it a star just in case welcome to the fam. Oh litwick, hello, thats, a nice one. What do you guys? What do you guys reckon were gon na get for our um october community day, i feel like litwick would be a great one for a halloween um com day. The shinys really cute its again a really simple, but nice color change, where its like liquid gets. The blue flame, um chandelier and lamp and get like a cool little like orange fire flame inside them, instead of like their purple flame, simple but cute, and we completed another collection challenge to add to our metal stack. Okay, so lets grab out of there uh xp 10 candy and a pose.

I think im curious to see how this pose is going to not work with any of the fashion items. Im really im curious, pokeball, lift okay lets see which of our outfits clip through this um, because it hasnt been like optimized im. You know well see what hilarit what hilarity ensues with this pose. Um lets have a squeeze. Let me change my body as well. Actually, pokeball lift well look so far. The camera sits around the the oh there we go the fingers clipping through fingers clipping through the overalls. We couldnt make it through one outfit before it before it clipped through something beautiful. You love to see it. Some pants. Okay were not clipping through those pants it just really. Oh no, we are, we are were clipping through flipping through the mirror. Pants kill well thats that im gon na change. The body, though, just to see what it looks like on um on the actual like character screen there you go, i mean not a bad pose, despite the uh, the clipping thing, but that is what it is. I guess what should we expect? If not, that lets see hoopers rival collection is complete. Oh, is this. This little question mark here new um kind of like defining the symbols. Okay, cash pokemon and raids featured pokemon rescue shadow pokemon evolved trade. None of those were required for todays collection challenge, but i dont know if thats new or not thats good, if, if so, okay, so i think the next um time locked thing for this will be tuesday when the psychic spooktacular commences, so otherwise im, probably gon na Catch up the last few things on this incense and um go about the rest of my sunday.

I guess theres not a lot to do for this event, so i guess dont stress too hard. Um worst case scenario is that you dont get to do this little collection challenge and you dont get 10 hooper candy. I i doubt youll like this bit, will all unlock and be fine. You can still catch your hoop and whatever else um. I believe the only thing you would miss out on is the the timed collection challenge uh, which you dont need in order to do hooper like hoopers its own special research thing so id say, dont fret too much over that so yeah. If you cant play it youre not missing out too much. If you can play it, go for gold if theres a shiny that youve been wanting to hunt out of these out of like the featured ones. Good luck, the world espionage ponytail is pretty cool. So hopefully i might be able to see a few more of those through the day, but if not, i cant really do anything about it and im stuck here so edies yds, i guess lets, do a quick check in on the go plus if the goplus snagged Anything well for us and s h. I n wait. No! Nothing since eb com day, so ive been on a bit of a shiny drought, but i also havent been grinding like a crazy, either yeah. I definitely feel like trying to hunt for certain things like executes and stuff, like that.

The spoiling theres plenty of those ive seen today, carvana unanna, keep your papers out and i hope that you grab whatever it is you desire, friendly reminder as well about the i cant fit my whole stuff in the frame new merch new merch uh and the sale Sale all weekend go and grab some of the merch and save yourself, some dollar dues, as well as always lovelies. Thank you so so much for watching. If you are new, please be sure to subscribe. Thank you to everyone who did leave a like as well and if youd like additional ways to support the channel links for patreon and the merch are in the description down below, i hope, youre having a, i hope, youre having a wonderful wonderful morning, noon night.