Everyone knows this and the franchises struggles with transitioning its blistering quick, 2d platforming gameplay into 3d, while retaining the design principles that made the original games beloved and, still being you know, good have been well documented. Sonics misfires in the 3d space have been so spectacular and delivered among the worst games ever made so consistently that people often forget just how great the series could be when it was firing on all cylinders. That has never happened with a 3d sonic game, but some have come closer to achieving greatness than others. None have come closer than sonic colors did when this unassuming title launched exclusively on the wii over a decade ago. So it makes sense that in celebration of segas mascots 30th anniversary this one sonic game comes the closest to distilling. The essence of sonic at the peak of his powers and realizing them in a 3d game would be the one that they would turn to. But so we get sonic colors ultimate 10 years later. Its still mostly holds up thats. What happens when the core game design was actually good, rather than relying on g whiz gimmickry. That wont stand the test of time, while sonic callers always had issues and those issues are exacerbated with the passage of time, so they do stick out more in ultimate its still a fundamentally good time and an engaging game. You know how it goes this time. Another convoluted and contrived scheme by dr eggman and another attempt by sonic to take eggman down in this specific instance.

Eggman has set up an amusement park in low earth orbit, which appears to be a front for a sinister scheme in which he is leveraging. The power of alien creatures, known as wisps to further his plans for world domination, its a silly premise, but, unlike so many other sonic games, colors, knows to largely keep it out of the way, rather than providing overwrought context for the players and making the game buckle Under the weight of its own unnecessary story, sonic colors is pretty lightweight as far as storytelling goes, which works to its benefit. The few cutscenes we do get are pretty snappy and quick with some cute humor that will endear the game and characters to younger players, especially unlike so many modern sonic games. This adventure is a solo outing in that you only play as sonic. None of the menagerie of creatures that form up his ever expanding group of friends is along for the ride, though. Tails is in the game too, and youre never controlling anyone other than sonic, though, of course, sonic does end up imbibing the character with a lot of the wisps that he is saving. All of this works greatly to the games benefit. The controls, moveset and levels are all designed around one baseline set of abilities, meaning that, rather than having to balance everything for a smattering of half developed characters with her barely fleshed out distinct playstyles, everything is designed around sonic how he is controlled and the abilities he Has with or without wisps, this leads to an unusually strong, showing in terms of level design, boss fights and the like for a 3d sonic game.

Remember even the fan favorite sonic adventure games suffered from having to design around multiple characters. Colors is a look at how this series can benefit from having a leaner focus. We get some of the strongest level design and mechanics. We have seen in a 3d sonic game as a result. Of course, sonic colors did stand out at the time because it was among the first showings of what would go on to be referred to as the boost formula, and as mentioned, it was a pretty strong showing at that the novelty of getting an actually good sonic Game in 3d, after so long plus, one that was distinctly differently structured from the adventure template the 3d games had followed through to then did help raise the profile of the discourse and reputation the game enjoyed more than 10 years later, weve had several 3d sonic games. Following this same formula with the last one, sonic forces being among the low lights in a series with some incredible low lights, so that shine has worn off and people also find themselves itching for a return to the adventure style. While this does remove one of the factors that made color so well received at the time, it nonetheless does not change that. The game itself is fundamentally well designed, in fact, arguably at its core, its better designed than any 3d sonic game that followed, including generations, because it is not juggling multiple play. Styles between modern and classic sonic.

This has helped sonic colors hold up pretty. Well, though, i would argue that the fundamental problems that lie at the core of every sonic game do manifest in colors too, and do hold it back at times, and this includes the 2d games too mind. You, though i do feel sad. Problems are significantly worse in the 3d games than the 2d ones, which can work around them better. Most notably, were looking at two fundamentally contradictory game design principles at play in sonic, building, speed and momentum and precision platforming precision platforming obviously requires the player to slow down and consider things first before then traversing the hazards they are presented with building momentum and speed require You to run run run without stopping sonic, does expect you to memorize levels and run them again and again the better to be able to imbibe and reconcile both of these principles. But during your first run through any course, it can often be a tug of war between the two, of course, like i said, sonic colors does manage to turn even this into a strength finishing a course and getting slapped with a c or a d grade, often Acts as all the incentive you need to go back and run that course again and again and again until youve memorized it so well youre effortlessly, getting the highest possible marks each time. Some expertly hidden collectibles also add further to the replay ability to each course. A lot of the attention of the ultimate upgrade for sonic colors has focused on the visual side of it, which makes sense.

The original was a wii title, which means its a standard definition game remastered for hd for the very first time. On the whole, i would argue that the visual update is clean and reasonable, if not astounding, or worth the whole re release. In and of itself, though, there are certain complaints i can foresee coming in from some quarters as an example, the updates have very definitely changed the look and aesthetic of a lot of areas due to the differences in lighting and color saturation, and i can easily see Many preferring how the original game looked as a result, but on the whole, i think the new aesthetic in those areas, isnt worse its just different, the remaster, is very clearly nowhere close to the more thorough facelifts we have seen in other similar platform re releases. For example, this is nowhere close to the overhaul that crash or spyro saw with the insane or reignited trilogy releases. The games, wii roots, are especially clear and apparent in cut scenes. However, the art style is strong and that, along with a bump up to 60 fps for the frame rate, helps keeping the game looking pleasant. While its undeniable, it could have looked even better its still a pretty good looking game that passes, muster and scrutiny, if not as triumphantly as it otherwise could have thats really the case with sonic colors as a whole. While its reputation may lead you to expect an all time, great platform, its really not that it is very good mind you and its compelling and engaging, and probably the most smartly designed 3d sonic game weve ever received.

All of that alone makes it worthy of playing, particularly since colors is without question. The best implementation of the so called boost formula as well. The stumbles and blemishes that come along the way, well, theyre, just part and parcel of being a sonic fan at this point. Embrace them and enjoy dr eggmans wild ride. So what are your thoughts on this go ahead and share them in the comments below and if you liked this video please subscribe to the channel and enable all notifications by clicking the bell icon to get new video updates.