When i wanted to spend money on ganyu, i wanted to spend like a thousand dollars, but then, when i pulled her, i got her on the first pull. I wish i recorded it, but i couldn’t, like your mom chill with this game. Uh it’s a game about breath of the wild, but with anime wife, is that you can switch between now. This is the best waifu. Everyone keeps telling me. This is best wife, but i don’t understand why um this is a husbando and that’s a lolly. In fact, i have two lollies there anyway, it’s like just too much like maybe take a little bit off here, shorten the skirt a little bit get rid of these hand. Things cut this in like half so it’s. Just like a top. You know what i’m saying something like that, but she’s wearing like a full plate of armor, like what kind of like come on, what kind of female character wears a full plate of armor in 2021 that’s such as fun, apart from work. How many times do you go out of your home? In a week, um buy ramen, buy like snacks, um check my mail. I think that’s about it. Again. You was the first waifu banner, so we all won yeah. She pretty much is the first wife of banner heart because who else do we have who’s the last waifu banner venti? Woo? Music? Oh no yo. Did you guys see that face Music? Oh my god, hey what happened Music? What we got hit by lightning Music? Oh! They don’t call me the dream guy for teeny; nothing, yes, perfect, perfect, name, perfect, Music, subscriber, hey, hey, look! Look! Look at this Applause! Oh you’re, such a little brat! Here you want you want to! You, want to yell Music touch.

It check out this ganyu versus animation, okay, Music, what the heck, what the f was that? Can you it’s anyway, oh Music? No, let me wait. Why is it taking why i thought it was? I was protecting it pretty! Well! No, oh by me goodbye me goodbye me, oh i’m, supposed to break this. Oh my god all ears to new ideas and theories and uh. As long as you’ve got not on monster, so i’ll leeway, we go. Don’T fall through the floor again. My game’s not gon na break, come on don’t break dude. I jinxed it every time. Why do i jinx it every time? Every time i say this it breaks. Why are you breaking my game? I know you’re watching me. Hoyo, employee i’m, blaming this on you, Music fight tartalia. We will, we will farm. Oh ho, i’m gon na farm golems. We will farm gold i’m that desperate. I am that desperate. Now, let me show you what bennett can do now. Let me show you what bennett can do with tartalia. I don’t have my e Music. Are you me dude, just butthole raw, no lube, let’s go erection, seems good Music and there’s. Nothing here, Music! Wait. What do you mean? I missed it. I don’t see it yeah. There is nothing here: Music, ah, okay, uh, okay, ignore ignore that what’s going in dude, Music Music. I missed you killing the david, but i have been made aware and my elves will remember this.

We will be waiting also good morning envy in chat 10 hours, pee pee, boo boo, when never never sag, that’s, okay, i’ll, ask again: tomorrow’s smile, okay! Well, look it’s, really bad, like no cop it’s! Three, all right! I got around four six! Oh my god! Oh, my god, Music uh it’s, either c1 ganyu or the weapon. Why am i stuck hello? Luke it’s, not the switch. This is a perfect flower. I smell it. It’S in the air. Let’S go! Oh my god. I rolled the perfect flower – please god free me from my suffering, give me ammo’s bow complete the curse and let me be a free man. Music! Please nope! Oh, stop! Stop i’m, not good at math, but i i don’t think 100. Chance is 100. You know what i mean you had it. If you know what i mean, you know that way i don’t, are you kidding Applause Music? Indeed, when you stick this the deeper stick, this deeper, it is what the did he just say. I do not have any relevant documentation on that topic, oh well, that sucks Music, but there are so many things i still need to do. You could suck my dick subscribe to watch more videos like this turn on notifications and leave a like. It really helps the channel out.