Each bold leap forward was achieved by those willing to do anything to attain it. We are all of us leaving behind families, homes, the very birthplace of our species, some for discovery to see the unknown others for a new start Music. But today, whatever our reasons, we take the first steps toward a new future for humanity. Today we begin to make our dream reality: Music, Music, Music, Music, Music. So we made it deep, breaths, youre gon na want to take it easy ive been taking it easy for 600 years, ryder. Sarah recon specialist pathfinder mission team, pathfinder teammate the ones finding us at home. Can you make it somewhere tropical nice warm ocean summer year round? How about we get her a cup of coffee? First, the selection process saw the andromeda initiative, evaluate thousands of potential habitable planets within the galaxy sarah ryder lets get. You checked out. Look here after discovering an unusually high ratio of potential candidates or golden worlds. The helios cluster was selected as our destination. Now you are a part of the first wave of arks arriving in andromeda. Our new home for humanity makes it sound, so easy doesnt it even if it isnt well be ready. I hope so. You know something. Word came down. The pathfinder wants you all mission ready within the hour. Look this way why the rush he didnt say, but somethings up, okay, everything checks out. Just one more thing before i send you on your way, lets test your salmon plant sam.

Are you monitoring sam? Are you online? Yes, dr tepero, good morning, sarah? Are you feeling well im ready to get to it? Readings confirmed i detect an increased level of adrenaline in your system. The neural implant is functioning properly. Cant explore space without my coffee, youre all done lets get you on your way, though you may want to hang around. While we revive your brother, it always helps to see a familiar effect. I dont like the sound of that whats happening. It broke free. Just hang on engineering report. Try to brace yourself brevity cryoba is offline. Im almost inside hold on this is cora im at the cryo bay brace for a reset everyone. Okay, i think so what happened were not sure. Sensors are scrambled, but its good to see youre up. It feels like centuries since we spoke. This is the pathfinder mission teams continue preparations, cora riders report to the bridge. You heard him uh.