Andromeda im really excited to show you guys this without further ado lets get right into it. I started off my mass effect andromeda adventure. By choosing my character, i chose the female protagonist whose name is sarah ryder. After some exposition we arrive in the you will never believe it andromeda galaxy. I then am woken up right as im about to kiss my crush this time, its not from a creepy old man. After that we get to see what our new home looks like turns out. It was just one of those pesky ads after that ad. I get one of those annoying pop ups turns out its just a computer hooked up to my brain, even better. It turns out the pilots of the ship were drinking while flying. I would be proud of them if they didnt just put me in danger and the 27 other people on board. Mainly me, though, the gravity got disabled. However, this girl, with a stupid haircut, turned it back on it. Wasnt all bad, a twin brother, whose name is scott, is now in a coma, which means i get unlimited time on the xbox. I just wanted to say real quickly that i decided to play as a girl simply for the voice acting not for any inappropriate reason. You might be thinking of now that thats cleared up. I went to go talk to my dad, who was currently in a disagreement with the captain of our ship.

I took the captains side since im, not dom toronto and family means nothing to me. It turns out that the planet we were going to settle is not habitable, so we make the smart decision to go to explore it as im sure you can imagine. This goes quite poorly liam and, more importantly, me fall out of the ship because we werent wearing our seat belts once on the ground. I find liam and he proceeds to make a prequel reference looks like were gon na, find some high ground once liam is done. Quoting the revenge of the assist, we start trying to find my dad. What we actually find is the natives to the galaxy, so we shoot them, because this is our land. Now, after we took care of the natives, we find some of my crew. He cant walk because he has a broken leg. What a wimp! We then find another member of the crew. This time the natives shoot him in the head im a bit upset because unnecessary killing is my job and without it i dont have an identity. After im done feeling sorry for myself, we find a dog it attacks us, so we have to put it down my day is officially ruined again. I then accidentally fall down this hole. Luckily, its idiot proof. We then found another member of my crew. The natives were going to kill him, so i third partied, because no one kills my crewmates, except for me after i got done saving my crew member, i shot some more natives and found some more incompetent crewmates who couldnt save themselves this time, theres three of them.

The local aliens decided to attack again, so i kicked their butt for the gazillions time after i got finished with that, the rock started floating just like they do normally on a wednesday afternoon. Lightning was then about to kill my crewmates. Luckily cora is a biotic aka, a space wizard and she saved them. Thank goodness i did not want to get any more kills stolen. Once that was done. My dad facetimed me and he said, help me said a writer youre. My only hope he standed in danger. So i decided to take my time getting to him once i found my dad, he explained to us that the tower controlled the atmosphere here and that we were going to try and capture it four soldiers against an entire fortress of enemies. What could possibly go wrong? We fought our way through the tower and only role played as a stepsister once im, pretty proud of myself. After that, we found this strange alien room, so naturally we decided to touch all the machines, so we had no idea what they did. It went as well as you can expect my helmet broke and i would have died. However, i said to my dad im the main character. I cant die this early. He said oh shoot, youre right and sacrifice his life for me. Once i woke up, i found out that my dad put the pop up from earlier into my head. He could see my thoughts and all my memories.

I honestly felt bad for him. I was also the pathfinder now which was cool. I guess we also found out the main villain of the game in mass effect, 1. We had seren and sovereign in mass effect 2. We had a mysterious bug like race that kidnapped millions of people and performed brutal experiments on them in mass effect, 3. We had giant sentient spaceships that could destroy entire fleets in mass effect andromeda. We have this guy who looks like he goes to bed by eight, because his wifes boyfriend tells him to. We then arrive at the nexus once there we found another pop up. We found this guy who was pretending to do work and then a taurian shows up and tells us to follow him. We ignore stranger, danger and comply. He then wants us to get into a car with him im a bit reluctant at first, but he says he has a min conditioned lego, star wars, republic, gunship, so i get in without hesitation. After the car ride. I had a meeting with the leadership of the initiative, so, like all empowering meetings i have irl, i slept through it after i woke up from my nap. I went to talk to director tan and then went back to the hyperion. There. Sam told me that he had hidden memories that my father had hid from me, what a douche so as revenge. I went and put my greasy fingers on all of his belongings.

I then checked all of his personal messages talked to sam again, and then i went back to my fathers room to get all the birthday money he took for me as a kid for quote: unquote, safe keeping after i got my money, i went to go get My ship, this guy, tried to stop us by telling us that we couldnt just take the entire station supply of alcohol. I explained to him that i had this guy named liam on board. He then told me he understands and even gave us some pills to mix with the drinks. Now that that was taken. Care of we could finally get on our way. I finally got control of the ship, and the first thing that i decided to do was try to fly into a black hole after i got done doing that, i went to the desert planet of eos once on the ground. We tried to get into this building. However, it was locked and we needed to find a passcode. The password was on a sticky note in a different building. After that i found this guy who just took me at my word. When i told him that i was a pathfinder after i was done giving that guy false hope, i activated this tower, killed some more colonists who thought they stood a chance against me and saw amazons new delivery system. I also got a car. I dont have my license, however, im pretty sure thats optional.

I drove my brand new whip to this monolith scanned some glyphs and then i was about to activate the structure and this purple lady tackles me and sits on me. I was so disgusted by this. I only watched the replay 27 times after that was done. We got ambushed by some robots, so i killed them just like they were. The natives ive been slaughtering. So far, once i had inserted my dominance on those robots, i drove to the second monolith once there. I took out some more robots and solved this puzzle with my amazing puzzle: solving skills, aka, google. I then went to the third and final monolith once there i committed vehicle manslaughter on these cat and gunned down their friends after that was done. I disabled his energy bubble and this krogan charged it into the room like a drunk dad whose favorite football team just lost. He and voucher talk, and then he leaves because i wasnt cool enough for him. That really hurt my feelings, but i still activate the monolith. While holding back tears anyways all the monoliths were activated, so we drive to this lake that has an underground bunker beneath it. We find this messed up hole inside. So i, of course, do the only logical thing and jump down it. I surprisingly dont die. If you see a really deep pole in real life, jump down, it im sure youll be perfectly fine. Once im in the hole i fight, some robots killed another group of robots and then i massacred some more robots after i was done committing robot genocide.

I hit this button that would transform eos into a habitable planet, which was cool. I guess, but not nearly as cool as running from this dust cloud. That would kill everything it touches. While we were running for our lives, vetra gave me the best advice i have ever heard: dont, let it catch us after we outran the cigarette smoke. We looked at this map and decided that we would go to this planet that we knew literally nothing about. I was headed in at first, but i then considered it could have a new alien species that i could eradicate. So i was in before i left the planet. I found drake killing some cat. I of course joined in because who doesnt like killing aliens that stand? No chance against you, he then decided that i was cool enough, so he joined my ship. I was then given the choice of setting up a military outpost or a science outpost. I picked science because its important to try and learn the new galaxy were in im. Just kidding, i obviously chose military after i had finished with that. I left eos and we had a team meeting there liam showed us his hulk guide observation skills and why hes a valuable member of the team and didnt get killed once again did not get killed once team bonding was finished, i faced time the taurean from earlier. It turns out he was the head of security. He was giving me full control of all of his forces.

He told me to be careful. However, i plan to send all of them on suicide missions. They had no chance of returning from when i finished sacrificing lives unnecessarily. I scanned the planet and went back to the nexus, which was the giant space station from earlier. Once i arrived there, i was greeted by my fan club, or so i thought it turns out that they were there for child support. Once that was taken care of. I talked to this reporter. I talked to addison and then i talked to director tan. It turns out he dedicated this entire room to me. I didnt think my ego could get any bigger feeling more full of myself than ever before. I left that meeting and got some armor. That makes me look less. I come in peace and more, i will slaughter you and your children without hesitation, thats, going to the end of this video. If you enjoyed the video leave a like to show me that you, like the video, if you enjoy my content, you should subscribe.