Sarah is my brother, okay, scotts, fine, his vitals are strong, but the revival procedure was interrupted. I dont like the sound of that dont worry. It just means the process could take a bit longer than usual sam. My connection to scotts implant was suspended. However, his pulse respiration and brain activity are all normal to be on the safe side. Well need to keep him in a low level coma for a while. Then let his body regain consciousness naturally hell be fine. Glad to hear it. Thanks, lexi keep us. You ready, whats wrong, hey im! Here we have to balance the power loader, it can explode, but we dont know where the fault is rider could find it. She has a scanner, quick rider, use it to locate the fault on it, ill, try to get readings on the second conduit ill, override the safeties theres. No indication of a relay 2c shows damage from a temperature spike found it bad relay ryder. Can you go reset? It there its reset the grids, recovery, good job ryder. Now we can get to the that was close, barely an andromeda and were already scrambling. The adventure begins, not sure your dad will see it that way, go ahead and take us to the bridge. Helm control report were drifting flight controls arent responding first priority is stopping these outages. Mainline powers been knocked out were on reserves. Captain they wont last whats our position unknown. We lost telemetry sam.

We need eyes out there attempting to adjust sensor array. Alec, please, you may be pathfinder, but this is my ship captain. The protocol is clear in the absence of communication with the nexus or the other arcs we proceed to our appointed golden world solid ground. If its even out there, nobody said anything about running into an energy cloud and thats, just a wild guess what we hit alec, i need to assess the damage. Stop the bleeding weve got 20 000 people asleep on this ship lets, give them a chance to wake up. Can you blame her? She is the captain. I think she gets the final word. Well, he might this isnt about having the final word. Yes, sir, were coming through. My god is that our golden world thats habitat, seven new earth. If were lucky, all of our long range scans, told us. It was in the green zone perfect for human settlement. It doesnt even look the same shes right. It looks pretty dicey from here. We sure about those scans, its a good question. Things can change its been 600 years. Sam, the energy from the phenomenon is dumping. Our senses, planetary conditions are unknown, were maroon. Twenty thousand souls that drift at sea when the power runs out and stays out. We need to know if thats, safe, harbor and if its, not as pathfinder itll, be my job to find an alternative its what we trained for. But if this goes well, we are already home all right, just make it quick harper.

The rest of the team should be awake. By now. Have them spin up? Two shuttles planet fallen 30.. Yes, sir, a stubborn one isnt he no one ever said. Dad was a diplomat people. Skills were never his strong suit, just as long as he knows what hes doing its, not like the cavalrys coming to save the day. I need an eta on our sensor. Repairs were blind out here, my brothers, going to hate that he missed. This are all the writers, adrenaline junkies, i guess its in our blood. I was born a minute ahead of him. I never let him forget it. Dont worry, im, sure scott will pull through yeah and when he does hell want to hear stories so lets get out there and find him one right. Youll want to get your helmet and maybe stop at the good luck rock before we go the what its an old superstition of your dads got it that should do it. The pathfinder is now requiring sidearms ive opened the armaments locker. We expecting trouble sam, a precaution. Please arm yourself rhoda better safe than sorry. You never know now lets get to the shuttles, dr carlisle, with everything going on. I think the ark needs you more than we do. Pathfinder wants a medic on hand, and if that is home down there im happy to knock on the door its. What we hope it is itll be one for the history books. You got a quote ready one small step im, pretty sure your dad will handle that honor all right team button it up.

We leave in five, sir. We broke out the weapons as requested. Anything we should know about seem prudent, given the situation well be down a man with scott out. I heard what happened your brothers strong hell, make it you better 600 year nap and he oversleeps. You know him. Never was an early riser, just dont. Let it get to you, i need you sharp. Yes, sir, your mom would have been proud of both of you. Okay team. Listen up. I chose each of you for the pathfinder team, not just because youre, talented and passionate, but because youre dreamers. Like me, we dream of exploring the unknown finding the edge of the map and then discovering what lies beyond. When people look back on this and they will theyll remember, we didnt give up that. We kept dreaming that our first few faltering steps in andromeda were the beginning of everything. They know we only get one chance to be first, so lets go. Make history ive been waiting 600 years for this Music. Good luck, pathfinder team, Music! Stop the hyperion in its traps. It appears to be an unstable mass of dark energy. If you say so stay clear. My stomach would appreciate that were clear, accelerating to cruising speed. Raider we didnt have a chance to meet back in the milky way names liam costa security and response specialist good to meet you liam, not to believe, were finally doing this sure beats reading the brochures beginning our deceleration here we go copy that doesnt look like a Golden world from here ionization levels are rising, stay on course to the landing zone.

Oxygen levels are below minimum human requirements. Is this the right planet, but we have this all worked out. Keep it tight shuttle uh, the mountains, are floating weve got evidence of an alien civilization. Has anyone seen us what, if theyre not friendly, we stick to contact protocol no use of deadly force unless hostile intent is clear. Music acceleration increasing, no kidding your jaw. Jack is malfunctioning, get it working approaching terminal velocity same oh uh, Music. This is ryder, come in hyperion, sam anyone there save your breath, ryder sams, offline, calmlys, trashed, im surprised we are too. Did we really do that or are we dead and dont know it? Well, we found hell. I can tell you that much yeah no way this is home, looks like were gon na, find some high ground see if anyone else is alive.