If you want to know my top two personal guesses with evidence of what the new building and job are going to be so lets backtrack and go to twitter to see how it all started in a tweet by prc, the roblox roleplay community, we can read the Following have you found the update, teaser and erlc go check out the construction area in the city, as it will bring a new job in the update this week, followed by a construction crane emoji before we move on lets dissect this emoji, because its inducing people to Believe that this in itself is a teaser or a hint, many many comments are suggesting that the job coming to erlc is the job of a construction worker and, to be honest, i think theyre completely off the mark. I suspect that the use of the construction crane emoji was simply to reiterate or emphasize that construction is underway in liberty county. I could be wrong myself, but deep down inside i dont think i am a construction job. Just wouldnt make sense in liberty county right now, not to mention it would be short lived like what would you construct and what would you build and even if you did have something to build, what would be the point of it and what would be the next Job once youre done, does that make sense to give you a different perspective on this. A construction job wouldnt, live in the world of erlc indefinitely and systematically take the post office worker or the mail delivery driver job whatever you want to call it as an example.

Each time you deliver packages and go pick up more at the post office, you are essentially telling the system you are starting the job all over again. Therefore, the game knows to give you more packages and off you go to do it all over again. The same can be said about the firefighter team, where fires are automatically triggered in every mini game cycle, which, if i recall correctly, i timed to be approximately four and a half minutes. And if you have no idea what im talking about this is also the frequency at which you are given a paycheck. That window is your mini game window, but anyway this means that every four and a half minutes and if conditions are met, a fire, will be announced through central dispatch. The exact same concept can be applied to the department of transportation and the rate at which street lights break down and need to be repaired. This is sort of a long, winded explanation, but some insight on why a construction job just wouldnt make sense in an environment controlled by repeating sequences. Lets talk about the theory of a grocery store. This is a strong contender and possibility the idea of having a grocery store where normal civilians can enter and exit and perhaps even interact briefly with it is not completely out of this world. This would enable the introduction of jobs like stocking items, counting inventory or perhaps even be a cashier, and all of these jobs would likely fit perfectly into the mini game concept.

However, i still dont think thats what we should be expecting. Another interesting theory that i ran into just by reading through the comments was the idea of a restaurant. I dont think this is too far fetched at all either. The only thing that prevents me from agreeing that this could be a restaurant is a location. Look at the real estate space available lets also analyze its overall location for a second. This is prime real estate. It is in the smack center of liberty, county and right through two very heavily trafficked streets in liberty, county Music. Nothing more needs to be said here, except that i dont believe for a second that this prime space of real estate would be wasted on the restaurant. I hope im not putting my foot in my mouth right now, but no seriously developers dont put a restaurant here before i get into the juicy theory and guesses and my personal belief of whats coming lets. Talk about some honorable mentions fbi or state police also make the list, but the truth is: do we really need more law enforcement than the servers, and even if we did, would we really need another building and not something that can be included in the existing law Enforcement facilities, another guest out there was a mall. I dont have an argument against or for a mall, and if this is to be a mall, i dont think i would be upset ive been asking for more buildings that we can enter and interact with for a long time.

But the only question is: what would be the job mall cop store clerk? I dont know im having a hard time thinking that this could be a mall, but again i wouldnt be mad if it is and finally another honorable mention is that this could be a dispatch center for delivery, trucks or city workers such as garbage trucks. Thats. Not the worst guess out there. My only argument against this is: why wouldnt, they just add it to the department of transportation, building and job assignments. Let me know your thoughts about the honorable mentions in the comments below i know that was my final honorable mention, but as i was making this video and compiling all of my videos and evidence, another really good idea came to me one that i havent seen anywhere In the comments and thats, the job of room keeper and the building would be none other than liberty, county hotel lets. Think about this one for a second as well. We already have the ability to rent houses, albeit at an exorbitant amount, but what about being able to rent rooms at a lesser price with that would come the room keeper job to simply go around pick up, trash, towels, etc, and it would be a combination of Tasks that already exists in the department of transportation and the other existing ability, which is to rent and enter homes. I really like this idea and had i thought about it a little bit earlier, it probably would have replaced one of the following okay time for my top two theories of what might be coming to liberty, county ill start with.

My second guess, as i still feel this gas has some holes in it, although probable and thats car dealership and car salesman, if you look at all the similar games out there, every single one of them, for the most part, has an actual building where you must Walk in interact with a static, avatar and purchase your car for the games that dont have that option. They actually give us the player the opportunity to make our own car dealership and be the salesman so that other players may purchase a vehicle. The only holes in this theory, however, are what happens when every player has a car. What becomes your job after that? How would earning money work if youre, technically selling, something you already own? Would it simply be an open, ended role playing job? Just like the farmer and the doctor jobs? I dont know this ones definitely up in the air. My top guess on what this update will bring and what the new job and building will be is none other than liberty. County bank lets talk about this. A bank would fit perfectly into this. Prime piece of real estate lets also talk about the fact that every other game, similar to this all have a bank that is essentially the prominent building in the game. Not to mention that, if it did come with the possibility of being able to conduct heist, those could be written into the mini game cycles that we spoke about earlier, something like every 9 or 13 minutes.

A heist can be carried out and you can make away with some serious loot im, not confident that well get the ability to conduct heist with this weeks update, but i do think the job in the building are coming and when it comes to the job. I sadly think this is gon na be another open, ended role playing job, just like the farmer and the doctor, where you basically have the title, the tools and the uniform, but you cant actually do anything interactive with any of them and no being able to equip Tools and stand there, aimlessly raking air is not interacting with the environment or other players. I hate to break it to you Music. Finally, and perhaps what i believe to be a true hint of whats coming is a preliminary layout of the building. Lets. Take a look at it, real quick. We can see what can possibly be a front teller area. This is where the customers will enter and roam freely, and then we also have the rest of the back area where perhaps the money in safe boxes, private offices and even the safe will be at this layout is very very telling. If you ask me, lets also briefly talk about the impact that a bank would have on role playing if youve played erlc for even five minutes. You know that one of the most go to scenarios is to be part of a group or a gang and go around looting and thieving thats just the way.

The cookie crumbles for most players so think about a group of wrongdoing, players and a group of well intended players trying to stop each other by the use of all means and resources and at the focal point of all this or the point of friction. Being the newly developed liberty county bank, it seriously gets me excited just thinking about it. The only drawback to this is that having the ability to rob the bank would be essential for all of these new awesome role playing scenarios to take place, and even if we cant fully rob the bank or conduct full scale, pre planned heist just having a room. Full of saves, or perhaps a teller window with an atm that would dispense more money than the average atm upon successful break in, would be more than enough incentive for someone like me to be part of some of these role playing scenarios and let them be carried Out what do you guys think i dont know zanys, we could all be wrong and this could just end up being nothing more than a museum with a museum curator to show us and tell us the history of emergency response liberty, county wouldnt, that be so.