We can talk through a little bit about it and once again, itll be s to f and left to right within the tiers for best skill down to worst, so this is kind of where we have it. This is my opinion, you might think slightly differently, but if you hear my explanations, maybe youll agree with it in some capacity or disagree to disagree. Thats fair, so the number one build in the game is very clearly for diablo 2 magic, finding the pitzerker barbarian. This is the berserk skill and basically the character can magic find faster than any other character in the game, just absolutely amazingly fast and strong, and the reason is because hes using find item, um jumps in house monsters, away. Zerks the boss uses find item on the body, goes to the next one, uh insanely strong, so best character in the game. After that i have the uh hammerton classic can clear out chaos in all sorts of places. Player. Seven very strong um does have a little bit of trouble in some of those like tighter areas, but you put them in the big areas and the nice thing is he can clear a ton of content, which is also good uh. After that, i have the lightning sorceress, while i think maybe like blizz, could move up a little bit there im actually gon na. Do this. I think lightning, sorceress goes here. Her speed is unmatched um. She is the fastest chaos killer, im pretty sure in the game and just overall is insanely fast, but she does sacrifice a little bit of magic find um, which is why i kind of moved her down a tiny bit.

The poison nova necro, which i moved over right here, is actually one of my favorite magic finding builds. Overall, he can clear players date: content like its nobodys business, just when fully geared jumps around murders, everything uh and can just keep going on, and not only do you kill the bosses, you kill all of the monsters as well, because poison nova goes everywhere. So very very, very strong character, love him so much um blitz source. I put right next to the lightning source, a little bit more magic find a little bit slower in the clear speed, but still asked here. Still very strong – and you know, can do many areas as well and then a lightning furys on uh. Once you get her, i mean even starting out her damage is just disgusting, shes, the fastest boss killer in the game um when you get to the very end. Her charge strike stabs are just stupidly, good uh and she can kill bail in like two shots and stuff, sometimes right like insane things. If you like, really have good gear on her um but uh once you get infinity for her, she can just step up her game completely, because otherwise you run like cows and some of those areas are running with groups and she does really well. But once you get an infinity, she can just murder, so many areas run around the world, stone, keep and everything, and it is so good, so good, um the frozen orb source and remember these skills are not representative of the skill itself, but the build overall uh.

The frozen orb source very strong, just a little bit worse than a blizzard sorceress, but still can clear plenty of areas still very good. I put her in the a tier right there elemental druid, i think as well. Extremely strong has the physical and cold damage, and you know usually a summoner or two with him and also can move around a lot of areas. So i really like him a fully specked out whirlwind barbarian uh can actually move pretty quickly and have very solid damage. So hes pretty much up here, just for dps, just getting out there and and crushing a lot of stuff, i think its actually a decent character for it, a little bit of small aoe with the uh whirlwind fire source, while a little bit more limited in the Areas due to hell just having more fire immunes um, if you get her in a couple of specific places, can actually be decently good for farming plus good for indarial and mephisto right. You can just meteor mephisto and then darios very bad fire res and then kind of same thing with a fire druid um. The number of places that youre gon na go farming is lower, but still very strong for matches they cant, kill, jumping into b tier bone necro damage, just kind of falls off. Some still a good character can still move around, but the damage just isnt, always quite as good. The aoe is not always quite as good with this character for really solid magic.

Finding um id prefer one of the characters above it uh a zeal. Paladin solid damage, um, you can tell a real quick kind between them. If you run an enigma or something and do like an enigma zealot to kind of magic find around not a build that ive run like much at all, but its a decent. You know you can actually do pretty good damage jill and be decent with it. This is just representative of like a multi shot physical boson um. They can, you know, get good clear on cows and other areas like that can be a little slower, but if stacked with very high gear can uh do very well right, there uh a frenzy, barb same sort of thing has good speed. Yes, its going to be single target for the most part, but very solid, and then a war cry barbarian just the singer. I kind of have them here as well for um gold finding right. So i know this is kind of like d2 magic find builds but hes, okay and then, if you get him with some gold finding stuff as well, you can go and like clear all the travenkol out really quickly and be very strong. So i like him for that reason: uh up in the b, you could maybe move into into the seat here. If you wanted low b, though, as you can see at the very end start of the seat here, ive got a a fire and cold um amazon.

Just because single element not going to be quite as strong overall going to have limited areas but still be okay damage. Smyter is s tier if youre purely farming for um, you know your your ubers right or whatnot. If youre sorry for like any torch, then move it to ester overall, though i think you know its not quite as quick and and strong for all of its damage, so i have it down in the seat here: um some in necro, same sort of idea, just Going to be a little bit slow to kind of get going there. This is representative of the whirlwind: chaos sin uh, more of a pvp, build fury, druid same sort of idea, just not enough stuff to hit a little bit slower and then traps in i actually have down here and thats, because theres a bug with traps where, when You lay traps in an area it ruins like the spawn of unique monsters in that area, so you actually get less monsters to magic find so that bug destroys this because otherwise itd probably be up in like 80 or something um double, throw just kind of a Weak skill overall, its okay, fully geared but the magic finds going to be a little bit lame uh kicks in just a little slow as well, and not quite a magic finding build, summon druid, not quite a magic finding build and vengeance same thing. Damage can be. Okay, once youre really geared um, but i mean maybe move it up a little bit in here or something, but still i think d2 is fair and then at the bottom, blades in just a rough character, if youre really trying to like magic find with that, i Would not recommend it.

Enchant sorceress um could actually probably be higher up, at least above this if youre like enchanting, a mercenary stacking magic, find and then teleporting the mercenary around and letting him kind of do some work. I think you could actually like maybe be okay with it and then a foden pvp build dont build this pvm. You will not have a uh a good time, so yeah chan and chance is probably it could probably go up like into the c tier honestly. Well, put it right there for now: well, move it around, but yeah thats gon na be my magic find build tier list uh.