After diablo 2 resurrected was announced, fans were keen to see blizzards take on updating the graphics for audiences in 2021. Unfortunately, the character designs, instead of being a one for one rendition from the original collectively look like they were ordered from You had one job, just the one, namely the amazon, came under fire by the community. Whod taken it upon themselves to point out. She looked less legendary warrior and more like willem dafoe, but you cant do this to me. Yes, the backlash from the community was immense and the plea began for blizzard to stop with its own weird off road interpretation of the characters and to just follow the classics. Art you have to direction to my call sami. Please i beg you. In fact, the six class representatives were so collectively reviled by the community that blizzards community manager, pez radar, responded on blizzards official forums back in february and said hail. The team has most definitely seen the feedback over the last day. Regarding some of the new looks on the character models, there may be changes in the future, so we appreciate the feedback on this. In the end, the game is a lot of ways, your game and not just the house, so we want to make sure we get it right smiley face. So that was a fly when beta rolled around scrutiny of the character models was in an all time high, especially for the amazon who was the main concern of the community like a girl early 20s blonde.

I really cant stress blonde enough blonde. However, not all is lost, believe it or not, and i come with a message of hope due to blizzard refusing to honor the artists early visions for the characters the community has stepped in themselves and created multiple and i daresay superior faces to choose from for each Class thats right were gon na play character. Bingo today, so get out your markers and get ready to put your numbers in the comments below and get ready to, yell bingo. On a serious note, i say this from a place of genuine want for the community to be heard and ive said it before. If enough people voice their opinion, positive changes will happen just like the sonic movies, where the artist rectified their mistake and, if not well, this video is for posteritys sake of what should have been for future generations. So without further ado. Here is what diablo 2 resurrecteds characters could look like if blizzard listens to fans. This may be our darkest hour, but it will be your greatest moment. First off lets have a look at my favorite, the holy paladin. Now, what youre seeing is the original art of the paladin, which gives us a pretty good indicator of what his face should look like, albeit it is a little bit janky in some of the concept art due to the technical limitations of the time now. Imagine you showed these pictures to someone and asked them to draw it from memory, and they came up with this.

As a sketch, people would be uncomfortable lets just say you probably wouldnt still be on twitter by the end of the week, but the good news is blizzard will probably hire you on the spot. Why? Well, i present to you diablo 2 resurrecteds paladin. Now, if i had to pick from the bingo list using the art as a guide number one being resurrecteds take, i would say for me its between number three and four. But what do you think? Let me know in the comments below who your top pick is seriously. Ive said it before i love john witherspoon, but that aint it. I grab a bell. I took him and i i kicked the out of him and i you know all day thats my pleasure. Second up, we have the equally controversial assassin, so we may as well get this out of the way the assassin in d2 was later revealed to be named, natalya the trap clapping eastern european looking lady was originally known for a few things. One short hair, two intense blue eyes: three pasty thighs only one of those things has returned and resurrected now, im, not agreeing with fans from my previous videos comments that blizzard has some type of nefarious agenda just because of her awkward and unexplained appearance change. No sir. I deal with china, china, china, big league, china, so dont tell me about china. I know china drugs aside. If we are going for a one for one of the original im going to pick a5 for this round, see cosplayers get it.

The amazon of diablo 2 is a character steeped in rich lore. Her class description reads a master of the javelin and bow the amazon reacts to combat situations with superhuman agility. She relies on a magic prowess to enhance her significant martial abilities. However, blizzard decided somewhere between the original and the remake, the young and attractive amazon was off the board and we got lumped with this older grizzled rendition of the character. It looks like somebody just watched, wonder woman once when you know what i think i got this now night unrecognizable, the blonde itself is out and in his bleak brown hair that doesnt actually spring with the amazon step. Even a run cycle has been slowed to more of a trudge, and his spear is held limp instead of ready to be thrown its just a mess anyway. Staying true to the original design, aesthetic im gon na say that the fan renditions are remarkable and im going to pick z5 for the ideal amazons face. The druid is, admittedly, a little bit trickier to make realistic with his distinct cartoonish style and animal pelts are plenty. However, moving in a new direction, blizzard had opted to make him thicker and much more grizzled, no pun intended when asking around fellow creator, doomscream voiced his intense displeasure at this design and called resurrectors druid a hobo. My question is: how do you make a man draped in animal skin not look homeless? I have to be honest.

The new hair down look is something i dont mind, but im going to have to pick d4 as the closest take on the druid. The necromancer goes into my too hard basket, so i want to ask you the audience, because in diablo 2 the necro was more ghoul than man. Resurrected, however, have shied away from this and made him just plain creepy mine is the undead gaunt look now. If we look at d3, for example, as its the same character, they then turned him into some type of vampirish. Heartthrob resurrected fan, edits have said, screw that and made him corpsey again like really corpsey so kudos to them, hes just so hard to look at so im going to limp out of his zombified face and pick n5 for this one. The sorceress is a character who i genuinely enjoy her original design, shes unique and fun – and i swear im not saying this just because of the underboob in the remaster modest costume aside, her design is decent, save she again is heavier and older than an in game. Counterpart, its, like the characters have aged with the fanbase between the classic and the remake for authenticitys sake, im going to give my tick of approval to s4, but honestly, the artist who is linked below by the way, really nails this one. As we round the corner to the final contender, the barbarian lets be honest. He is a bit of a tough nut to remaster due to the originals tech limitations.

The barbarian really did have a potato head in the original, so interpretation was bound to happen and now yes, many fans have likened the new barbarians, looking resurrected to a certain wrestler, and rightly so. However, the fanata only slightly changed the face of the barbarian. Why you ask? Well: instead, they focused on the most egregious of sins of resurrected, and that is the fact they debulked him from looking jacked to being a more soft and less muscle bound version of himself. Its odd that the one guy who should be yoked got deflated anyway thats the end of the video. Let me know your thoughts on the characters in the comments below like and subscribe.