We are going to do something different today through natural language processing. We are going to learn that how we can create our own virtual hospital through picture books, so lets get started to learn something new. So, as you can already see, i have already done the coding part, but i will explain you all the steps one by one. Now talking about the backdrop this laptop, i have applauded it on my own, its not from the gallery and also the sprite. The woman who is the doctor is also applauded by me through to my own sources, so its not from the gallery. So please dont try to send it over there. You will not get it. So what is natural language process? Basically, it is creating language and that helps in the software to understand our language. So from where do you get the natural language and process? So you have, you can get it from this option of add extension. So when you click on this button, a page will open and in that there are various things, and we also have done various things in our last videos. I had shown you about phase detection, object, detection and also about artificial intelligence, but today we are going to use natural language processing. So when you click on this option, you will get a set of functions which are dedicated to it, and there are three four functions which are dedicated to natural language processing. So what am i going to do? Basically, today is im going to create a virtual hospital that is in the time of when everybody is at home and when you need, when you have any medical emergency, you have somebody a doctor with you who will try to guide you about your daily health problems.

So we i have taken four health problems. Of course, it is the time when it is at peak everywhere, so this should be included as a problem, so how i created the data for this problem. So for that you have to go to my box and create your own book. I have created all the four blocks. Is this option, my blog? When i click on my blog, i can write the name of my blog, so i had already did it for three three diseases, but let me show you that you can write it like this straight up or thank you its that simple, okay. I am pressing the cross button because i have already done the program, but you can you have to press this okay button to make sure that you see that block over here. Okay, so i have four blocks already made up data for forward 19 data for banking data from diabetes and data from and along with that, i have also one more block that is created. So, after defining the data, you have to go back again to the language, natural language processing, and then you have to add this step. That is add your text as class. You have to add all the symptoms of over 19 inside the subject like dry fat food seems, state, tasteless, breathlessness and fatty. So, as in the column where you have to write the text, you have to write the sentence and in the column of class, you have to write the name of the pieces so similar things i have done with both all the three other messages which i mentioned.

As you can see on the screen, the same things have been done with malaria, dengue and also diabetes, now moving towards the second part. So what youre going to do? Is you have to train that how this data will move? So all the data need a text. Classifier, so you have to take the point. You have to always keep in mind that you have to take the text classifier. That is, recent text classifier again from natural language, language processing block – and you have to put it here under the defined link text. Train data is also one of the function that i made through this option of my box under it, you have to give all the blocks that you need yourself, that is, data for forward 19 data for dengue, data for diabetes and data from malaria. And again, you have to add one train text, classifier block now moving towards the third, and the most important part is where the doctor will diagnose your disease according to the symptoms and will tell what all things you should do to take care of yourself at home Itself, so here you have a set of symptoms, a set of symptoms that has to be identified and the treatment has to be given by the doctor. So, firstly, the doctor will say hello now say hello option. I had taken from the looks coding thing you have. The option here say hello so that the doctor will first say hello, welcome to the virtual hospital and when you want to ask any question, then doing that tag from the sensing option.

So you have the ask thing here, so you can bring the tab over here and fix it. Then you have to take the condition of. If, then, that has to be brought from control so in control, you have the condition of it. Then, earlier and after putting the condition, you have to always remember that you have to also insert a tab called answer inside the get class of condition of. If and and in then, when you are diagnosed with orbit 19 by the doctor, you will be given some methods or treatments or some advice by the doctor. As you can see in the program 19 case, the doctor will advise you to take rest and also your separate bathroom and stay in an isolated place, so similar precautions, similar medical treatment methods and little bit uh remedies that can be done at home. I have mentioned here so thats how the whole programming will work. Now, let me show you on the big screen, how it will look really and does it work or not. So let me start it from the beginning, so hello welcome to the virtual hospital. How are you feeling today, please tell me about your symptoms so after this writing you ready papaya, leaf juice and also rest as much as possible. Now let me try it out with any other disease. Let me write down something about im foreign breathlessness, so she has already mentioned. I have been infected with kobe 19.

as much as possible stay in isolated room if possible, use bathroom, separate, bathroom, okay, so thats. What shes suggesting me so thats all from my side regarding the usage of application of nlp, that is natural language processing, if you want to add a texture instead of text recognition, if you want to add the speech recognition type, then that tool can be brought down From the ad extension, you have different options and in that one of the option is recognition of speech extra speech. The new, so here is the option which makes your project talk. So when you say what will happen is when you add this option, you just have to say your symptoms, but you have to see it very clearly and very properly so that the natural languaging processing codings can understand what you are trying to say and then they Can provide you the guidance accordingly, so thats all from my side. I hope you have learned a lot about this natural language processing. Today i will meet you soon in the next new video till that time keep learning, keep growing and have a nice day.