So before we begin, if you guys are interested in nordvpn, youll find all the links you need in terms of special deals and a full on review for more of an in depth. Look into nordvpn youll find that in the description down below so one of the main determining factors lets say for people to actually finally make that decision to get that vpn is to have a solid, no lock policy. But, of course, besides that and the security, you do need a good variety of vpns and it seems to me like a lot of the vpns today. Dont really have a lot of regions to cover, and if they do, they dont have enough servers for you to hop in back in between. They might even not give you the lets, say, freedom to choose which server based on load – and you know in nordvpns case. We do have quite a bit of countries now 60 countries is not too much, but also not too little. I think its sort of in between – because you know i think most vpns – have between 30 and 60 countries, so nordvpn here is actually a little bit over the average of the number of servers or number of covered countries actually and in terms of servers. This is quite a bit of servers. Most vpns have a little over a thousand or a little under a thousand, so this is quite a bit above average. Also 5 000, throughout over 5 300 servers thats a lot of servers and with regards to regions, they are covering quite a few regions, so here im just going to expand this a little bit more, so we can get a better look at the map.

So, as you can tell here, a very cool design, very intuitive youre able to zoom in with your scroll with your mouse scroll and just look at all the servers that you may or may want to connect to. Of course, lots of state servers which will help with streaming services and not just that when it comes to lets, say i want to connect to a certain state server, but i dont want just any server just a random server lets say i want to select it Myself so lets go ahead and just go with st louis, and this is where you know: youll see the uh over servers kind of demonstrated here, because just for saint louis youll notice or any other uh region really there are lots of servers available. So many servers and you can see the load on the right hand uh on the right side of each server here and you can youre free to pick of course, the one with the least load for better, possibly, i guess better uh connections. So its the same thing with lets say germany, i want to connect to frankfurt, but i also want to select the servers myself. Youll see youll notice that there are lots of servers to connect to which is really cool, uh and uh yeah thats, one of the really cool things about nord vpn and the ui itself is just very distinct. You know whenever you see it its just immediately, noticeable or recognizable that this is indeed nordvpn and really all the servers are actually ram disk.

They run in ram disk mode instead of hard drive mode which uh. What that means is that the servers dont really have a hard drive to store information on whatever minimal information is stored on these servers will actually be deleted with every machine reboot, because theres no hard drive in the first place and theres not much space on a Ram disk to store any kind of information and that information will be deleted with every reboot, which takes place quite a bit, occasionally not to mention that most of these servers are in fact, physical servers, especially the servers that are in european regions and american regions, which Will contribute to the very quick speeds and of course, if youre using nordvpn, you definitely want to be using the nord links protocol, which makes nordvpn the fastest vpn on the market. Today, you will barely notice any changes in your speed uh when connecting to nordvpn compared to your base, speed so yeah nor vpn is just one of those vpns theyre. Just super quick. It wasnt that quick before, but now with nord lynx, which is a true wire guard protocol, its become much better so thatll, be it for this. Video youve got plenty of servers to choose from 60 countries is a little bit over the average uh, so yeah nordvpn is doing great when it comes to server variety and country variety or region. Variety, so thatll be it for this video again, if you guys are interested in nordvpn, youll find links to special deals and discounts in the description down below, as well as a full on review.

Thatll give you more of an in depth look into the privacy policies.