Some of these strategies and tips are vital for your success. So pay attention for more pathfinder content make sure to hit that subscribe. Button links to my twitter and my discord server will be below lets jump right in Music number one turn based mode now. I know that not everyone is going to want to do this and you absolutely do not have to, but i do highly recommend toggling on turn based combat mode for at least the earlier parts of your playthrough. Some of you may just prefer turn based mode in general. Others may only think about using it in certain fights and some just flat out dont like it, but none of that really matters in relation to this particular combat tip. The reason why turning on turn based mode can be so valuable is that it allows you to learn and understand the combat system in real time with pause as a beginner 75 of your combat encounters, you probably dont even have a clue as to whats going on And youre going to make a hell of a lot of mistakes, but the worst part about that is that you likely wont be learning from many of those mistakes. You probably wont be catching all the attacks of opportunities that can occur, and you definitely wont be taking advantage of everything that your characters are capable of doing within the span of the time that it takes to finish a round in turn based mode.

You always control every action of each of your party members, which not only familiarizes yourself with the combat system in a much quicker fashion, but it also allows you to really take in and practice using the spells and abilities that you acquire. When you make a mistake, you will see it clear as day well, most of the time, even in the insanely easy combat encounters where turn based feels painful, because of how much unnecessary time that feels like its taking youre still likely taking in and absorbing much more Pathfinder knowledge, which is very important in this game. So, regardless of whether or not you like turn based mode, consider turning it on as it can be a very valuable mode to be in, while in the learning stage of your playthrough number two party formation in pathfinder. One of the most important aspects for combat success is the formation of your party and how you use it to your advantage. I think its fairly obvious that the tanks should be up front and the spell casters most of the healers and ranged damage. Dealers, who generally have less survivability, should be, at the very least behind the tanks. If you struggle thinking about what the best formation is for. Your party comp pathfinder, does have an optimal auto formation button that you can simply click on which, most of the time it seems to do an acceptable formation. As you can see here, though, i put my monk archer in the front in my paladin in the back.

So make sure to double check. You can, of course, do your own custom formation, which is best when you actually understand all of your characters and their abilities. A quick example is ill put my sword and board paladin at the very front tip of the formation. My two handed fighter is also in the front but slightly behind the pally, so the pally will likely take on more aggro. I have one of my healers in the middle and not the back, because he has a lot of aoe heals and they have a radius that needs to reach everyone. And if the healers in the back, it wont, reach the tanks. And then you got my wizard and archer, which are of course way in the back before entering new areas and rooms. Make sure that your party is already in the formation that you have set prior to pushing forward because it is easy to get them temporarily. Out of formation, when youre out exploring and doing u turns in circles, etc. Number three party boss, pathfinder, is a game of buffs and you absolutely want to make sure that youre using them as much as possible. Many of these buffs last a significant amount of time giving you the opportunity to cast them before combat begins. So the first tip here is taking your time and learning the spells and abilities that you get and keeping a keen eye out for the party buffs buffs, like mage armor last an hour of in game time.

So get yourself in the habit of casting mage armor. Are ones that act similarly immediately after each rest? For the most part, you should never have to cast spells like mage armor in combat itself, which is basically wasting time in actions buffs like bless, which give you and your party a plus one to attack roles and saving throws when dealing with fear effects lasts. One minute it doesnt sound like a lot of time, but its plenty of time in a game with real time with paws and turn based modes. If you know theres going to be enemies or suspect, it cast bless then pause the game to plan out your next move, so bless doesnt, tick away and then, when youre ready enter the room and begin combat with the buff already active theres, a ton of spells In this game that can buff your party so pay attention to what you acquire and make sure to take advantage of pre buffing your party before as many combat, encounters as possible, its truly a game changer in this game and while on the subject of buffs, you Should also look at what debuffs you might get, that you can apply to the enemy and perhaps even more importantly, pay attention to what negative status effects that enemies might give you and your party members and really take the time for learning how you can counteract these Negative effects with spells such as restoration spells, i really cant stress the significance of starting to learn this stuff earlier on in your playthroughs itll make the game much less stressful number four focus fire in almost every game that involves multiple party members and numerous amounts of Enemies focus fire can be one of the most potent tactics out there and its also one of the easiest things to ensure that you do while not every single combat situation requires all of your party members to whack on just one opponent.

Generally speaking, though, having the majority, or at the very least, a couple of your party members focusing on the same enemy, will make all the difference. This is very easy to do in real time with paws and, of course, also easy to do in turn, based ensuring that you actually take out enemies quickly reduces the total incoming damage to your party at first. It might feel messy and you may want to just attack everyone, but as the combat encounter goes on and enemies actually die, your party will start to have a significant advantage. An enemy with one hit point is still an enemy that can cast fireball on your party. If you focus on eliminating one or possibly even two opponents at a time, its going to make a huge difference in the scope of the battle number five use, doorways choke points to your advantage. Many times the best way to handle a fight is to initially run away and get your party out of a room. This, in turn, in most cases, will force the enemies to follow you and therefore pile up in the doorway to the room that you just ran out of this can work in many situations that involve a choke point of some sort. Doors are just a common occurrence in this game, forcing enemies into a choke point. Not only helps you focus fire, because only so many enemies can come through a door at one time, but it also allows you to prevent many of the enemies from even being able to engage in the fight if your tanks are holding the doorway most of the Enemies in the room, cant even see your other party members.

One of the easiest ways to pull this off is by always sending a scout into a room first, while leaving your party set up outside of the room. This makes it much less of a cluster f when things hit the fan number six surprise round. This one is simple: if you know an enemy is coming up, be sure to be the one who attacks before they spot you, and this is done easiest just by simply shooting an enemy with a ranged attack before combat begins. If you do this in as many fights as possible, your enemies start off surprised, which means that your entire party gets to do a standard or move action in whats called the surprise round. During the surprise round, your opponents cant do anything so its basically free damage and a great way to get a fight started off in the right direction. Number six inspect your enemies. Inspecting your enemies is going to become vital for being effective in combat. If you dont know what an enemy is resistant or immune to or what kind of damage reduction it may have in some situations, you may find that youre dealing next to no damage to it. You can inspect a creature by clicking on the inspect button on the bottom left and then right clicking over an enemy or simply hit y, and then right. Click on the creature be sure to turn this off after youre done inspecting. Otherwise, it will get very annoying as it keeps popping up when attempting to inspect a creature.

For the first time, every party member makes a behind the scenes check of an appropriate lore or knowledge skill. The greatest check result will determine how much info you get on this creature. If the checks are unsuccessful, you get another chance to do these checks after the creature has been killed. In my experience most of the time, you will gain some valuable information when inspecting a creature for the first time and for a beginners guide, theres, really three things that you should focus on at first, and that is the creatures resistances immunities and their damage reduction. If you see that an enemy is highly resistant to fire, using fire attacks will make it a really hard fight for you. If an enemy is immune to electricity, damage using electricity will make it impossible to win. Therefore, you should just accordingly youre going to also see many enemies that have damage reduction with a number associated with it, and this basically means that the target is going to suck up that amount of damage before actually taking damage. Youll notice, though, that there are exceptions to the damage reduction, and this is what you want to focus on. For example, you can see damage reduction with the exception of cold iron. Some weapons in the game will have the cold iron property, while others will not so pay attention to the weapons that you pick up, and it may be smart to even keep a few on your character that have different properties.

Ive noticed that cold iron is probably the most important to have in your inventory, at least early on in the game. As you become more knowledgeable of the rules and mechanics, you can then start looking at the enemys ability, scores and defenses, and those stats will help you further determine what abilities and spells will work best number eight attacks of opportunity, spotting and understanding what attacks of opportunity Are is very important. This once again is something that will be much easier to recognize, while in turn based mode attacks of opportunity are additional attacks that are granted to an enemy or you and your party, but im going to focus on it from the enemys perspective. Here and they occur when youre within reach of an enemy melee combatant, and you do something that may distract you from fully defending yourself. The most common examples include drinking a potion casting a spell firing a ranged weapon or moving. So if you drink a potion, while in an enemys face, theyll get a free hit on you, if you do a ranged, attack or cast a spell with a melee enemy in your face, theyll get a free attack on you and, of course, if you move away From a melee enemy combatant, which is essentially turning your back to them, theyll get that extra free attack for that round, sometimes its actually worth taking the hit. But many times you dont want to give these attacks to your enemies, be aware of the common ones and do your best to avoid them number nine disabling enemies.

If you have abilities and spells in your arsenal that will take enemies out of a fight for a limited amount of time make sure to take advantage of these at the start of the combat encounter. One of the most common examples here is a sleep spell: if you have one of the sleep spells cast it on an enemy and if it works, that enemy will be sleeping for an extended period of time, and that allows you to get back to focus, firing And that enemy is going to be doing no damage at all, while in its disabled condition, theres many spells and abilities that can do things like this. So just pay attention as you progress, number 10 dont give up while playing pathfinder. You should expect to come across some combat encounters that just feel impossible, but theres always a solution to figuring out these problems. If you find yourself failing in a combat, encounter multiple times, take a step back, think about the fundamentals and then go back in and the fight will be more rewarding than ever. When you come out victorious so forget about the elitists in the community and just have fun and when you fail just know that youre definitely not alone, despite what some people might say in the comments section and thatll, be it for todays video. If you guys have anything to add, definitely put it below in the comments ill be looking and im sure others will be looking also dont get too stressed out guys.

This is a very hard game to grasp onto for many people, including myself. It just takes time and as long as you take it, slow and learn the fundamentals, the games going to get much much easier, the more that you keep playing if you guys ended up enjoying the video please like comment and subscribe, i really do appreciate it.