I am the Creative Director for Owlcat Games and we are here to talk about mythics in Pathfinder. Wrath of the Righteous. Mythics is an enormous pillar of this game.. It changes the way you play your hero throughout the game and gives an enormous amount of choices., Both mechanical and story wise., And it also ties into the crusade. You will be leading your armies to Crusadeagainst demon forces and mythic. Allow you to choose which forces you will be leading into the battle., And it started quite a long ago when we were thinking what we will do. Next, after Pathfinder Kingmaker, we were playing several adventures and we were playing the tabletop Wrath of the Righteous of course. And mythics caught our attention., Its like a superclass for a character, for example, take an archmage., Its a very powerful mage that weight into the battlefield starts. Throwing spells everybody dying burning and then, when we talked about that, afterwardthe idea came to us. What if we will take this another step forward like what, if the most powerful mage or the lich powerful necromancer that goes into the battle with hordes of undead beating on their command? But we talked about lich whois, a powerful mage. But what will happen if iam playing say a fighter or a rogue, Its, not justa, prestige class, its a bigger feature that ties to any class? You can be playing.. If youre playing fighter, you will be gaining abilities tied to the undeath that helps you fight enemies.

. When lich travels, he can travel with his ordinary companions, but he also can find fallen heroes that could be risen and joined to his brigade of undead creatures. And, of course, its notonly about spells abilities mechanics. Its also about a story. As we go into the dark Magic, more and more, some of thecompanions start to argue about our decisions. And probably will even leave our side because they just cannot stand our decisions, our choices and our magic and our undead minions.. So the lich was the first idea, but who elsewill be fighting the demons? What other choicesplayers will have The most obvious one is the angel.Angels are great at fighting, demons. And angels are just a logical way for say paladin or somecleric to go into.. This mythic is all about two things: actually., The first one is supporting helping everybody around you. On a grand scale., Gaining a lot of powerful friends and goinginto battle with those friends by your side. Or on other hand angels could be avengeful.. They could be quite angry at demons and can go into the battle with sword, blazing destroying everybody, throwing them around cleansing the evil from the earth. From the ground of Sarkoris., And we implemented both sides of the angel. And its up to you to choose wether. You will be kind and merciful or vengeful and powerful. What other mythics do we have Azata. Azata is a less known, archetype. Theyre fighting for commonpeople. And not fighting for the grandcause of forces of good, but they want to help this person right here.

Right now.. They live in a placecalled Elysium, which is an epic version of ordinarynature., Have the biggest forest with huge trees. Enormous mountains stretching into the sky., But its not really a very safe place, because itsnature. And theyre well equipped to deal with that. Azatas. Also friends, with a lot of creatures and one of the types of creatures that live in Elysium, is havoc dragons. Havoc dragons are mischievousrather big dragons that also have the same viewof the world as those creatures.. So when wemake our first steps on Azata way, a smallhavoc dragon just joins our side.. She is cute very talkative., Like a lot of talking And very curious and also enjoys sweets.. As you grow inpower. She will be growing in power as well and by the end of the game, you will be going to the battle with a huge havoc dragon full of powers with powerful brass powerful spells helping you.. On the other hand, we have Aeon.. Aeon is a cosmic judgeof. Balance. They are about making everything right And was not just right, like following the law of some king over here., The right on the cosmic scale of things.. When somebody summon a demon to the Golarion they already committed. Acrime. Demons belong to the Abyss.. They do not belong to this world., So when you are becoming an Aeon, the first thing you will get isa special kind of gaze.. You will be seeing through the characters and understand that thosecharacters committed crimes.

, Some kind of crimes you dont know which, but you can go andtalk to them and understand if those crimes he knows are enough to be punished. And as time goes, your power grows, and you Can find out even deeper secrets and deeper crimes wherever you go. And your power is all about neutralizing the effects of powerful creatures.. You are very good at defense.. Another mythic that was not soobvious but is an interesting choice, is a demon.. How thecrusade will react to you becoming somethingthey, have to fight and theyre fighting for 100years And how demons would react to the new kind of enemy? So we tried to take this idea and go with it. And narratively demonis about rage.. Will you succumb to your inner rageand just do what it tells you Or will you try tosomehow control it and remain more stable? I will say – and the theme goes throughout the whole demon part of the story – how it will control himself how to find balance? How to find … Or probably balance is a bad thing, And probably we should just go all out and just destroy everything on our path And the last but not least, Trickster. Trickster comes out from the ideas that not everybody will take. The whole premise. Seriously. Just see it as a joke on a cosmic scale. And what is your part inthis joke? Are you the one who is telling this jokeor? Probably the one who is on the bad side of the joke? Trickster abilities are all about the breakingthe forth wall in different senses.

. At some point of time. The trickster understands that the world he isin governed by dice rolls. Everything there. And hes a trickster hes good with cheating. So he willcheat his way in this world.. When an attack misses because dice roles showing one it will becomea critical hit because the dice role becomes 20. And if you are talking about crusade troops for trickster, they are also quite strange.. For example, one of the troops we will be selecting is basedon very powerful, but quite insane builds made byour players., For example. You know we have a special build that is great, with fauchard. Quite an uncommon weapon. That is good at tripping enemies. And you can summon those guys, Because those guys are also very powerful, not very archetypical., But its not the way of trickster to go usual routes. And there are some more mythics. When we were doing a Kickstarter campaign. Locust and dragon were stretch goals and we reached them, and we are very grateful to our backers for that. And, of course, they implemented into the game, but theyre also integrated into the story ratherheavily, and it is very difficult to talkabout them without spoiling how they work. When they become available., I could just say that they also drastically change your experience. Ofthe game., Some of them even in more ways than we spoke recently, lich or demon or angel..