Alright, in todays video we are going to look at how to hack android apps. Yes, we are going to hack, android apps. Believe me, you know what some apps you need to pay for before you can access their vip session or before you can access the other parts to understand thats the pro version of the app or the premium version of the app you understand how to pay before You can use that app or before you can use that part of the app. So in todays video we are going to look at how to hack those apps or how to use them for free without paying any money or anything. Okay. So without talking much um id like to jump into the tutorial, but before that please hit on the subscribe button, make sure you hit on the bell icon as well, so that you get notified whenever you post a new and a fresh video all right. And then you become part of our family understand a big family um. You can check in the description of this video. You can get the app that we are going to use for this um tutorial, okay and then, in the same description of this video you get my social media handles get my um whatsapp group, join it and then be part of this family. Okay. So this is your boy, black okay, so we are going to use an app called lucky patcher. Yes, lucky butter.

Okay, the app is not available on play store. Yes, you know get it on play store, but um you can check in the description of this video. You will get a day, you get a link, there, click on the link, it will take you to where you can get the app and then you download it and um. You are good to go, please, you know, get the app on play store, yes, but you still have to go to play, store to do one or two settings before we can proceed and then download our video sorry download our app okay. So lets go to presto. All right, when you come here, then you tap on this one. They see over here or you click here. Then you come here. Free click protect okay! Then you come here the settings here. Okay, you click on. It then make sure you turn this one off this one make sure you turn it off. Okay, so you click on it and then and you click turn off. Yes all right now, you are good to go thats all okay. So now you open your browser im using google chrome, yes, but you can use any browser that you have okay, so you open your browser box type, lucky, okay, let me search for it. Okay. This is the official website for lucky. Patcher make sure you click on this, the first one. Okay, so make sure you come here, download, lucky patcher, installer, okay, click on this one, all right, then you come here download the latest version all right, so it will take you here this place when you click on the link in the description, it will take you Here street, so that you can download your what your app all i have to do is to just click on this one, this arrow here and then you get your app okay, all right! So click on this arrow.

Have you seen it here? You want to download installer, yes, click on download, so it is downloading from here. Yes, so it has finished downloading all right, so you click on it and then you click on install all right. Then click on open click on allow! Yes, click here. Yes, click on this one settings, then click on this one allow. Okay, then you go back then click on install okay, then click open. This one. Allow click on this one, all right. Okay, do you want to uninstall this app? Yes, okay, please make sure you follow the steps carefully. Yes, alright! Now we are done with how to install the app now lets proceed to how to hack the app thats, the main content, all right. Now you are going to hack this app, this particular app. Alright. So lets try some of the um the fruit template here. Okay, so have you seen you can edit it very cool one? Yes, lets go back, okay, so weve come to the premium version this place, thats. The pro. Have you seen the proof here? Okay now lets um lets choose the number three here. Have you seen? He said you have to buy it. Nine series, yes have you seen, have to add empty and move billing or credit card or debit card or anything. Okay. You are going to use or you are going to hack this particular app. All right lets launch our app the lucky patcher.

Okay, so weve opened the app. Now we have to search for the app that we want to hack. That is business. You have to click on the app and then, when you click on it, you come here menu of what pages. Then you come here, apk rebuilds for in app ive, using this one click on it and then make sure you take the first one. Take this one: okay, then come here down here: reboot it up. Click! Ok, please its waste time its waste time. Yes, so you have to wait for it, but for the purpose of this video i will skip it. I dont want to prolong this video. I dont want to make it very long, so ill skip this place, all right, all right. So when it comes like this, you have to come here. Go too far. This place go too far. Then you click on uninstall and install yes all right, yes and click on yes and click on install okay, so you are installing the app boom we are done. Weve hacked the app now lets open it and see. Okay, now lets go to the premium parts. Okay, then lets choose the number three. This one. Have you seen the proof version? Yes, all right, they are now saying it is one dollar. Have you seen dont mind them? Click on buy click here. Yes, the app is working here. All right, then click here. Okay, then click on yes upgrade to premium now weve upgraded to premium yes, so now we are good to go.

We can use anything in this app. Okay, now lets use the number three for you to see. Yes, so have you seen it is working weve hacked the app. These are the pro version. Yes, the proof have you seen nice, nice templates, nice, nice ones now lets use this one. The number 10 pro version have you seen, lets click on it and see. Yes, you have anything yes, so we cannot do everything here. Have you seen? Yes, so thats, all? Yes, thats! All you up! Thank you! Thank you. You can use this app to also um hack apps, that you see when sometimes when youre playing game, you see that they will be showing a lot of us advert and then a whole lot. Yes, so when you hack the app, it is also going to stop showing all those apps all those adverts. Yes, so and a whole lot. You can use this app to also purchase coins. You see some games, you have to buy coins. You have to buy weapons. You have to buy new cars, you have to buy a lot of things. Yes, you can use the same app to hack it, and then you get all those things for free all right, so you can hack most of the apps, but not all of the android apps. Thank you. This is your boy brad khaled make sure you join our subgroup too, so that we help you there. Okay, please share comment like this video all right and then so that you list our subscribers and uh viewers all the time, so that will bring you more powerful videos all right subscribe to this channel.