Be perfectly honest with you when ive started this news segment every week, i thought thered be a lot more upbeat stories, but week upon week upon week, i keep coming across real miserable stories that make me sad and unfortunately, this week aint much different to the first Story up this week is to do with changes to ss2 ssds two of the biggest names in ssd, wd and samsung have been changing some of their lineup and ill be honest, going about it slightly different ways. Now, if we look at samsung, samsung have changed the makeup of their samsung 970 evo plus series by changing the controller ever so slightly. Something have always been a little bit more secretive about whats going on inside their drives and a lot of the time, although in most recent revisions that control the the ellipsis that weve seen before has been largely made, you know readily available in public for testing latest Uh revisions of that series have started having the ssd being described as in house, and several websites have been sort of looking at these ssds and bench testing them and have seen that there has been slight differences in the output not too much there and the spec Sheets, and indeed the model ids of these ssds have been updated with toms hardware among many other websites, there running the tests comparing the spreadsheets and showing that just generally, there is some very small differences there and its actually not too much of an upheaval.

These strangers should be expected its not the first time this has happened over the years, but of course, in the case of now, when theres semiconductor shortages and the pandemic and more its becoming a little bit more mainstream for companies to do that. But at the other end of the spectrum, youve got wd and the changes theyve made to their more affordable nvme, the sn550, where that kind of budget class pcie gen 3 times 4 ssd has had changes made to the nand flash and not for the better generally Leading to being um over saturated and slowing down the performance noticeably now most day to day kind of sporadic users, arent really going to notice the difference there. But if youre a video editor, a video editor, a high res, a massive quality photo editor there or youre. Using tiered storage in your nas and youre taking advantage of sn550s in their most recent revision, you are going to notice a difference there of sustained performance and, on top of this, wd have been compelled to actually issue a statement on this saying they made these changes. In june 21 – and they did update some data sheets, but to be perfectly honest, they didnt do it especially loudly. There was already all of these public reviews out there for their drive in its previous revision, and although they have our data data sheet, this came about. In june 2021, and not a lot of people heard about it and once again, this isnt the first time that wd has been kind of brought into very sharp focus about them.

Making changes to their lineup and not exactly being forward uh being particularly loud in how they tell people about these changes. Next up it wouldnt be date and use of the week without a big old data breach. Would it and this time its 38 million people so not too many a microsoft data breach regarding the microsoft power portal application, its the development tool, the lot of small and medium and big businesses utilized to create their apps um has been kind of massively highlighted that There is kind of um a vulnerability built into the architecture of this platform. Around a thousand apps have been targeted, uh have been highlighted, i should say for this vulnerability and everything from names to security, numbers um addresses vaccination status and all this information is in a position where it could be made accessible and again. This is big companies like ford national airlines, american airlines, indeed, schools and more now. This was highlighted to microsoft by upgard that it was feasibly possible to get access to this data. If security settings were not set in a certain way and microsoft have been, you know drawn into comment by this by saying this isnt a vulnerability by their measure, and indeed this is part of the architecture of the platform they do make constant efforts to like highlight To their end, users and the people creating these to make sure these things are secure as possible, with constant kind of pushes and nods to say, you need to keep things secure and it comes down to the end users, not applying these.

Applying these security settings not creating their perfect data, protected oriented structure that this breach is there to be found. Now they are again, even though they say that their platform is still secure and theyre, saying how the the vulnerability thats been highlighted to them its actually the design of the platform. If it is not applied securely by the end user, they are still theyre, making a big effort to kind of highlight to end users of the portal platform to implement higher security guards than they currently have so again from what were reading, not technically a fault by Microsoft here, but are fought by the end users, not applying sufficient security sends which are there to start with next another absolute doozy of a breach here, and this involves real tech. This time – and i know a number of you just heard the word – real talk and went wait. What? Because a lot of us have devices that have real tech components in a number of forms, not just network attached storage, but our routers from isps even mobile devices. Have them now disregard the dos denial of service attack being applied? That um basically exploits a security flaw where bombardment to the device that features the rtl819xd module little component. There can be a dos to a point where control can be forced in or just force crashing and closure of the device. Now, right now, i know of no mainstream devices that i have talked about here on the channel from network attached storage to actually feature this realtek module.

But i will say: netgear belkin buffalo eddie mac zixel, over 65 brands have had their devices feature this component and the majority of them have been rushing out an update very quickly, pioneered by realtek themselves. To close this, but again, a lot of the devices were talking about are incredibly mainstream redundant, consumer quiet, small devices that no one updates. These are devices that should have forced, auto updates on them. In my opinion, and right now, if you do feature a real tech device in your home business environment, get that firmware updated to the latest. Its almost you know: theres a high possibility, youre not going to be utilizing. This particular real tech module youre, going to be using like the rtd 1296 or something later, but still nonetheless get on those firmware updates, because there is absolutely no guarantees that this is only related to that module and it could so easily be something thats more widespread. In the architecture of that platform, so get on your updates and finally wd again with the wd smr thing, thats been going on, which feels like years and years and years and finally, the malone and al versus western digital corp case has gone to a settlement and Wd have basically had to put aside 2.7 million dollars for compensation funding. Now we are going to make a complete, dedicated video on this in a few days – hopefully tuesday, wednesday of next week, as we put all the bits together and there will be myself and any of the web guide discussing this whole thing in greater detail.

But to summarize in brief here for data news um, this smr drive some of those arent aware wd red was kind of caught out um having a lot of their nas based hard drives, uh utilizing a single magnetic recording, rather than conventional, magnetic, recording or perpendicular magnetic Recording those two are largely the same, but smr is not really suitable for large, particularly business class raid utilization, especially in a nas thats 24 7, and there are lots of ways in which it can fail. You down the line in terms of raid rebuild and raid resync and stuff like that, but well talk about that later in the week now, wd have basically had to put their hands up. They applied these changes to drives without sufficient disclosure to end users, and basically a lot of people bought drives thinking. They were something else so with this, the settlements come down to. If you did purchase two or three tb drives um, you are um able to get a four dollar um refund on those drives and again it does scale its not black and white to that, based on the number of drives youve purchased, uh the age of the Drive theres lots of different variables, ive linked to all of these articles in the description, as always, it does scale in a number of ways up to different values and again, if you purchase the four or the six db drives its starting at seven dollars per drive And again, based on the number of drives and theres, lots of other variables do check the links.

But again youve got to have to be quick, because this goes on until the 27th of november. Currently, now, of course, that can always change theres other variables, and you know there is up for review, but still nonetheless, 27th of november. If you dont claim by then as it stands, you cant get a penny and you cant continue to pursue them on this. Within the confines of this settlement, so again not sure how i feel about that and were going to go into a lot more detail next week about that about this and what it means and how angry should people be or should they be? You know is this just what what is this in terms of a settlement? Is this wd putting their hands up or is it them basically saying? Look, we dont think weve done wrong, but we appreciate you might – and this is some middle ground for us again. Its all interpretive well go into more detail next week, but thank you so much for watching dating news of the week. As always, all the links to todays articles are in the description and again thank you so much for watching click like and subscribe.