You can try.. This works with any external USB hard drive that powers up and is not making any strange noises.. However, please watch the entire video before making any changes to your hard drive to avoid losing important data.. So when I plug in my device, naturally it would just show up.. I know. Currently I cant access this one. So here are some simple things to check.: Try plugging the drive into another USB port or computer.. If the hard drive doesnt show up, then try using different USB cable. For me, swapping out, USB cables has worked in the past., Even though I couldnt see any damage. One of the wires inside couldve been shorted out.. The fix actually could be as simple as changing the cable., But what, if your hard drive powers up but still wont, show up in Windows Explorer Heres? The next thing you should look at. Its possible that the drive hasnt been unassigned, a drive letter. Without it the computer knows the drive is there, but I cant access it.. So let me show you whats happening.. When I plug my drive into a USB port. I can hear the chime alert., But its not listed in the Devices and Drives sections here.. I do see another external drive here, which is the E drive., But the one I just plugged in cant be found.. What I need to do is right. Click on the Windows Start button and click on Disk Management.

In the next window. Itll show me a list of all the drives connected to this computer. In the bottom section. I know that Disk 0 and Disk 1 are the internal drives labelled as the C and D. But dont mess with these, especially the C drive. Disk 2 is the external USB drive labelled as the E drive, which is already connected with no problems., But Disk 3 Is the external drive I just plugged in. Notice, it has no letter assigned to it., But my computer knows its there, but its not letting me access it. Heres how to make it work. Right. Click on the drive and click Change, Drive Letter and Paths. In the next window. Click the Add button., Then make sure the circle is selected where it says, Assign the Following: Drive: Letter. And in the drop down menu, choose a letter. Ill select H. Then, as soon as I click. Ok, the contents of my drive pop up and now I can use it like normal., Also going back to Disk Management one more time. I can verify that Disk 3 is the H drive. And just so you know there is no risk of losing data on your external drive by changing drive letters., But the drive letter you choose could affect programs that have linked this hard drive under a different letter.. I hope that makes sense. One situation Ive run into before is connecting 2 drives that have been assigned the same letter.

. If this is the case, the 2nd hard drive will not show up., But following my instructions to change the drive letter will make the 2nd hard drive accessible again.. If nothing else works its possible that the drive is corrupted or malfunctioning., There may be no way to fix a drive that is suffering from mechanical malfunctions.. But if the data is corrupted, there is something you can try …, but it will also erase all your files. So I want to emphasize that the next step will delete everything on your hard drive, So only proceed if nothing else works Once again, Ive plugged in my external hard drive, but its not showing up in Windows, Explorer., Ill right, click on the Windows Start button and Click on Disk Management. Here Disk 3 is my problem. Drive.. It has no drive letter but its possible that if the drive is corrupted, it wont work even if a drive letter has been assigned.. So when Ive determined that I absolutely cant recover the files on my drive Im going to have to reformat it. To do this right, click on the problem drive and this time choose Format.. Here I can rename the drive and choose a type of formatting.. If you work on Windows, only then choose NTFS.. If you want the drive to work on both Windows and Mac, then choose exFAT. And when youre ready to delete everything. Click OK., Since my drive is working Im going to cancel out.

. But please remember once you click. Ok, everything on your hard drive will be deleted and theres no way to get it back. Ok and heres one last thing. Its possible that your drive has been formatted for Apple computers., So its worth plugging it into a Mac to see if the hard drive will show up there. A Mac. Formatted drive wont work on a Windows computer and it has to be reformatted. So Windows can read it.. If any of these tips work, I would immediately back up the drives to a working hard drive to avoid any loss later.. Hopefully, some of these tips help you get your hard drive working again.