. Today we have a 5 TB, Backup Plus portable hard drive from Seagate.. We will do a quick unbox and run some tests., So without any further delay. Lets get started.. The Seagate Backup, Plus portable drive, gives you top storage space and fast performance at an affordable, price. Available in different colors. It has a capacity of 4 TB and 5 TB.. The 5TB variant costs around 160 USD.. It comes with adobe, creative cloud photography plan and Mylo create. Inside the box. We have the hard drive itself and USB Type A to Micro B cable.. It has a brushed aluminium finish with a black plastic enclosure.. Here is a comparison with an 8year old Seagate backup, plus 2TB drive., The 2 TB version looks sleeker, but we need to keep in mind of the higher speeds and storage capacity that the 5 TB drive offer. Now lets connect it to a PC and see how It performs in real life. Out of 5 Terabyte. Only 4.54 Terabyte is usable. To get more accurate speed test. I have filled the drive with 80 of its capacity.. Crystal disk info confirms that It runs at 5500rpm and the health of the hard drive is in good condition. On Crystal Disk mark. It gives 137 Megabytes per second SEQ read: speed and 132 Megabytes per second SEQ write spead.. While copying a large single file from the drive to PC. I was able to get an average of 125 Megabytes per second read speed.

. Now we will copy the same file back to the hard drive to see what is the write, speed? We are getting.. We will not be getting the same speed while copying multiple number of files., while copying 177 files with a total size of 7.5 GB from drive to PC. The read speed drops to 75 Megabytes per seconds. Lets copy the same files from PC to Seagate drive.. To my surprise, the write speed is higher than that of the read speed. Using the Seagate toolkit app. We can control multiple Seagate drives connected to the PC or MAC. Although it has no provision for password encryption.. Now we can easily back up a particular folder or drive on a PC or MAC using the toolkit. App. Select the folder or drive you want to back up then select the Seagate drive to which the backup needs to be run.. You can set to run the back up manually, monthly, weekly, hourly or continuously depending on your requirement.. In this example, I am backing up the folder Docs from the desktop. to restore the data. Just click restore in the toolkit app and select the backup you want to restore.. Another useful tool is the mirror option in the toolkit app.. You can duplicate certain folder or drive on your PC to the Seagate hard drive.. Once you modify the file on the PC folder, the same will be reflected on the drive also. After the file on PC is removed.

It will ask for confirmation to delete from seagate drive once you open the toolkit app..