Ok, so lets get started with the video at number. 5. Tcl55R635 tcl. 6 series tvs tend to offer a lot of bang for your buck and, if youre after a 55 inch model, the 55r 635 should be right up your alley. Its a very well priced tv with a lot of nice features, you would usually only see on higher end models, which is why its a great choice as far as the cheapest 120 hertz 4k tvs go. The panel itself is a 4k qled panel with a mini led backlight. The colors are very good, bright, vivid and vibrant, and the viewing angles are great too paired with dolby vision, hdr support, you wont, find any complaints about this panel. The 240 localized dimming zones make sure contrast is great and the image is well balanced. Whats nice about the 55r635 is the thx certified game mode, which reduces input lag to a minimum and deals with motion blur for an extremely smooth experience and overall, better gaming. At number 4 samsung qn55q70tafxza, even though a couple of years ago, this was only reserved for their higher end models, samsung slowly trickled down its qled panels to more affordable levels. The q70t is the perfect example of such a tv coming with a great panel plenty of extra functionality and a few nice things you wont, find elsewhere. Kicking things off with the panel youre. Looking at a q led panel with a 4k resolution and a 120 hertz refresh rate, not only are the colors beautiful, but the viewing angles are great too, and of course you have the quantum hdr support as well for even better image quality and an excellent dynamic Range, the q70t does really have it all.

The tv also works with amazons alexa, so you can use voice controls to change pretty much anything on it and, of course, we mustnt forget ambient mode plus, which allows the tv to display pieces of art at number. Three sony x900h sony has traditionally had some of the best mid range tvs out there and for people looking for the cheapest 120 hertz 4k tvs. Sony takes a piece of the cake again this time, its with the x900h, a brilliant tv that checks all the boxes. For a combination of an excellent tv set for movie watching and a great pick for console gaming, the panel itself is sonys triluminos display, which comes with their own color grading for a more realistic picture. The colors do look great, so we have no complaints in that regard and we have no complaints as far as upscaling goes either. Sonys 4k hdr, x1 processor does a brilliant job of upscaling, lower resolution content to 4 kelvins. Last but not least, the full array led with local dimming zones gets you a well balanced picture, something youll very much appreciate, given the support for dolby vision and netflix calibrated hdr at number two samsung qn55q80tafxza when it comes to samsungs tvs. If you go a bit higher up in the range, you start getting a lot more for your money. A prime example of this is the q80t, which is one of their qled tvs with a surprising amount of features, especially when you consider the price first things.

First, the qled panel is beautiful when you combine full array controlled, backlight, great viewing angles and quantum hdr 12x. You get some of the most vibrant lifelike colors. You can possibly find on a tv. Everything looks stunning on the tv and the quantum processor 4k. Also. Does a great job at upscaling any content that isnt natively 4 kelvins, which is great, then you have the sound samsung, gave the q80 ta quad speaker setup with two speakers at the top and two at the bottom and they adjust the sound to follow whats happening On the tv, if you dont intend on getting a sound bar or extra speakers, this is an excellent, sound experience at number. One lg49nan085una lg has a lot of nice tvs in their lineup, but if you arent keen on spending multiple hundreds of dollars, then the nano 85 is one of the best options. When it comes to a wallet friendly, 4k 120 hertz tv, it checks all the boxes. For a great experience and is one you can use for a variety of features from console gaming to tv show binge watching the panel itself, as the name indicates, is lgs 4k nanocell panel. Not only does it have very vivid and lifelike colors, but it is also pretty sharp too. The panel comes with local dimming zones for enhanced contrast and better balanced backlighting for an overall much better picture. If you dont have 4k content to work with the a7 general 3 processor 4k will automatically upscale any content to 4 kelvins and youll be able to enjoy the nano 85s full resolution paired with dolby vision, iq hdr and dolby atmos audio.

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