Pbx software edition can be deployed on the cloud server to provide a single instance cloud telephony system. This video will explain how to deploy the yay star p service, pbx software edition on aws from step. One all right here we go. First of all, we offer 30 day trial license for free with no payment upfront. We can go to our website yeaster.com to find the application page fill in the required information and submit it. Then we will get into the. Thank you page here we can download the installation pack as well as technical guide. Then after the application is passed, we will receive our activation code for the p series, pbx software edition from yay star or the local dealer. We can use it to activate our system. After installation, in the configuration wizard on our interface now we need to create a virtual private cloud or vpc for the pbx to do that, we need to go to the amazon, vpc console and in the right up corner, choose a suitable server location. Please make sure to stay working in the region before finish. The installation task, then, in the left, sidebar find your vpcs and click on create vpc. Then in the popup window name the vpc, so we can identify. It then specify ipv4 cidr block for the vpc and a ipv6 cidr block choose no ipv6 cidr block and set tennessee, as default once were down. Click create vpc. We need to further configuration the vpc we just created step.

One is to create a subnet so that we can launch tasks and services in a subnet on the left, sidebar click on subnet and then create subnet then set up the subnet parameters. First of all, in vpc id select the vpc we just created, then name the subnet, then in availability zone select zone in which our subnet will reside or leave the default. No preferences to let aws choose a zone for us here. We choose no preference. For the last step we put in the ipv4 cidr block, please note it has matched our configuration in previous steps. After this, we need to set up gateway to guarantee access between the vpc and internet. First go to internet gateways, page and click on, create internet gateway. Then, in the pop up window named the gateway now to move on, we need to attach this gateway to the vpc we created so in the actions select attach to vpc and select the vpc we created in last step for the p service pbx software edition click On attach internet gateway to continue, we should create a route table so that network traffic from the subnet can be directed here. We click on create route table and then in the pop up table, name the route and select our vpc. Now we click on create route table and then in actions, choose added routes and set destinations as 0 and set target to the gateway we created. When we finish click on save, then click concept, net associations choose add a subnet associations and select the subnet.

We created, if were down, click on save associations. Now we have finished the vpc settings. We can start install the pbx log into our amazon. Ec2 console then go to instances and launch instances and in the pop up window, choose community emis and put in yeast software edition in search bar to find this ami and click on select then go to choose the instance type here. We need to assign resource on the aws. According to our pbx capacity. We can set up the memory and cpu according to this table for the next step in configuration instance, details page, we further configured the instance. First, a network can accept that choose, select the p service, pbx software edition and the subnet we created for it, then in auto, assign public ip choose enable for the rest of the setting. We can configure as we need or just keep the default. Then click on add storage. We need to allocate at least 50 gigs for the instance here for the next step. In add text page we can set key value here. If its necessary, we can add our tags or we can just leave the default setting and move to the next page. Now we enter configuration security group page here we set file rules that control the traffic of our instance. First of all, we create a new security group and then in type we choose our traffic and in resource select custom and put in 0.

0.0.0 0 to define our resources when were finished. Click on review and launch for the final step select proceed without a key pair in the pop up window, select the checkout box of the acknowledgement and then click launch instances. Now that we have finished all configurations, we can go to instances list. The status shows two by two checks passed and in public ipv4. We see the ip address. This means that the pbx is successfully deployed. We can log into the a star p series pbx software edition with this ip address. Okay, that was how to deploy the yay star p series pbx software edition on aws hope. You guys enjoyed this video and if you want to learn more about yay, star, p series pbx system, please visit yaystar.