Now, if youre not sure what next cloud is. Basically, it is a free and open source web platform that allows you to self host a lot of these services that you turn to either google or microsoft for such as things like cloud storage, online office, suites teams, applications and things like that now over the last Couple weeks, ive been using a lot of these nexcloud applications to completely ditch either google services, microsoft services or even the desktop applications that i would usually use and for me, its awesome because im somebody who jumps a lot between different ecosystems, different computers, things like that And all i need to do is go to my next cloud domain and i already have a ton of different things set up, such as email, clients notes a bunch of different office stuff. It really makes life easy and speaking of easy next cloud is actually really easy to set up on lenode the sponsor of this video. The node is the largest independent cloud provider on the internet and it really does give you a lot of options to completely create your own personal space on the internet at the moment, im using the node for this specific nexcloud instance and to run a minecraft server. But the options dont limit you there, you can use leno to host various projects, websites, game servers, basically anything that you can run on linux. You can run through a lyfnode instance and speaking of options.

One of the things i found really fascinating is the amount of options they give you when youre choosing your distribution when youre creating a lenode you choose between alma linux alpine, you have arch linux, centos, debian fedora. You could even do gentoo rocky linux, slackware, ubuntu and open souza. Another thing, even if youre new, to doing things like this, their support is absolutely fantastic. I was having an issue with a email, client port that i needed to open up, and they replied to my issue quicker than any other service that i have ever used in the past. In addition to being independently owned and operated, they were founded on a love for linux, open source technologies and the community that surrounds them and theyve actually shown this numerous times in their direct support for linux. Projects such as kabantu and many more speaking of love for the community. If you use the link in the description, you could go ahead and try lenode today with a 100.60 day credit, so just go to forward, slash techcut, go ahead and claim your credit today and you go ahead and watch my other video where i went ahead And set up next cloud through lenode, and then you could follow this video and get some wonderful applications to go ahead and run on your very own instance. So, with all that said, lets go ahead and jump onto our system and run through the seven next cloud.

Applications that ive been using on a daily basis, all right, so we are on the computer now and i would like to know before we start that im still in the process of migrating, my data from my local next cloud instance to this the node instance. So its not completely organized – and i dont – have everything yet but were going to go ahead and get started with the first application on this list, and that is called forms. Forms is awesome because it allows you to create your own forms or surveys that are hosted on your own instance, so you dont need to rely on some other premium service. Google forms or anything like that to go ahead and host this, for example, the one instance that ive been using this for is a moderator application for the techcut discord server, which you can join if youre interested the link will be in the description, but overall, this Application is awesome, its really easy to go ahead and create these. So if i want to add a question, i would just go ahead. Add question. It gives me options for check boxes, drop down short answer date, time date and things like that. So, for example, if i want to add something like time zone, i would just do short answer and lets see. What is your time zone question mark and then over here i could go and make that a required input for whoevers filling that out and its as simple as that dragging questions around is really easy.

This overall is a great little tool to go ahead and use on your next cloud. Instant and sharing. This is pretty easy with this. You can send this to. Basically anybody and you dont need them to have an account on your next cloud. So if i just go, share link open up a new tab, paste it in there. This is what they will see. They wont see this top bar right here that wont show, but it will show everything else. That is the first application on our list and next were going to go over to mail now. I cant flip around too much, because this is my actual business email. So i just opened up one that doesnt really have too much critical information here, but this is really nice because i use this to manage my brandon at tech cut email and it works like any other mail client, except for you log into this through next cloud And it stays logged in so i could open up my domain here on any device any website anywhere and have quick access to my email accounts over here. You have all the typical folders youd expect. You can compose a new message here and reload your messages over here. Under this actual email, i could go ahead and click this to edit tags mark it as spam mark on red favorite, any basic functions that youd expect out of an email client you can get in here, and i could also reply to emails through here.

So right here is where i would go ahead and type out whatever i wanted to send, and additionally, i can add attachments, so i can add attachments directly from nexcloud or i can upload attachments. If i would like to – or i could share a direct link from files, if i didnt want to actually send the attachment through email, so for me this is a game changer theres also settings down here. If i go ahead and click on that, you have some other options, including the ability to add more accounts. This is how i manage my email now other than the application on my phone. I dont even like i have thunderbird here, but i havent even really used it, because ive been using this instead and from there that takes us to the third application, and that is going to be news. This is essentially an rss application. We could go ahead and add sources and get news. You can see the main sources for my linux news here. I have omg ubuntu its foss manjaro announcements, front page linux and i have nine to five here. So you can see. I can see all the different headlines if something interests me, i could go ahead and give it a click and then it will open up that specific article and overall theres, some pretty good organization options. You can see. I have uh linux news and local news at the moment. Additionally, i can see that my unread articles, my start articles.

You can subscribe to news sources, so you just put the rss link in here pick whatever folder you wanted to go to and then you could add credentials or auto discover the feed and down. Here we have some settings, so you can enable compact view, for example, which looks like this show all articles and a lot more so overall, instead of using a rss application on my actual computer ive just been using this and it is working great for me. Next up is collabora online and what this is is their office suite, and this basically works just like google docs, for example, before recent, when i started looking at this, the software wasnt really there and you had to use only office through this. But now this overall works great. So if i just open up a new document, for example, open it up in the text editor, you can see its a full office. Suite text editor here its fairly responsive to the things i type theres a little like a millisecond delay, but thats, because its also using the teamwork features and the auto saving features that something like a google docs would use. So you could actually go ahead and invite somebody to this document and edit it live with somebody else. So thats, really nice and of course it has everything. Youd expect you could add tables a bunch of text settings. You can insert images headers, footers, endnotes, hyperlinks, bookmarks, special characters, uh just anything, youd expect in a file or a office suite youre going to find in here.

Additionally, if i go back into files, real quick, we can do spreadsheets, so here we have a full, basically excel type application that we could go ahead and work with. And if i go over to my files, you we can see some of the other documents that we can create, such as a presentation. So they have basically a whole powerpoint suite in here that you could use as well just basic text documents and from there that takes us to deck now. Deck is a project organization tool. This is one of the things i havent completely synced over yet, but if i go over to my techhut board, this is basically a list of my video project. Ideas and adding new cards is really easy. We just go add card, you could type it out so lets say i wanted to make a card for the video im currently recording. So we just do next cloud apps hit enter and then here you can set due dates. You can assign attachments to it. Do comments assign specific users if you had multiple users in your next cloud instance, and more now over here under personal, you can see that i dont really have this set up properly yet, but eventually its going to look like this, you can see. I have to do doing and done so. If i go ahead add card, and then i could say like something, and this is where the project management comes in, so then you can assign this to people assign this to yourself, give it a due date.

If youre actively working on this project, you could move it over to doing and lets say we want to add a tag. It needs action now. So then well have that tag, and then, when its all done, you can go ahead and switch it to done. Go to finished no action needed, and then you have that task over here under done really nice for project organization. I was using this a lot before i migrated over and to set it up. What i would want to do is like change this, so i would edit the name of this, and i would call this to do and then i would just add a new list call it doing and then you can see now i have the ability to uh Move certain things over to the doing, and you could really add as much as you want youre, not not really limited to their predefined little setup here you can set this up any way, youd like to set it up and now one thing i really like is The twitter integration – this is my dashboard or the desktop area, and what i do is i set this as the home page for my web browser. So when i first open up my web browser, this is basically what i see and it gives me a quick rundown of my twitter notifications, which is very nice. If you want to go ahead and follow me over on twitter as well as any other things that i would find important and the cool thing about this, is you can go ahead and enable the twitter home headline? If i wanted to and just a general not related to this twitter app specifically, this dashboard is awesome.

You can move things around, configure things change the backgrounds, the wallpapers edit, your weather service, theres a lot that you could go ahead and do with this. So you saw i went ahead and added my twitter home timeline here, so i could go through if i click more its just going to take me to that twitter, home page and thats, just something im really enjoying using and last but not least, this really isnt, Like directly an application, its technically an app because you download it through the app center here – and that is breeze dark. This is nice because a lot of the times im in kde or i have dark themes running on my actual desktop environment and the breeze dark theme helps match that to next cloud. So then, i dont have this really washed out white. Looking next cloud instance. Instead, its matching the breeze dark theme – and you can see here even under the description, this breeze dark theme for nexcloud, based on the breeze dark theme made by the kde project. So when it comes to theming thats, just what i use. Of course, there are more options. Those are my seven main applications that im using every single day, but theres is a lot more on here. If i go under my apps, you can see everything i have installed here: theres the deck application contacts external sights. I was using, but its a really hit or miss because that uses iframing monitoring is pretty cool news we said is awesome.

You have pdf viewer photos theming right here, so the theming through this is just an easy way to change some colors. While the breeze theme adds transparency and things like that, we have user user status, weather video player, google integration, what im trying to get to work. So i can sync all my photos: a lot easier, otherwise, im gon na have to do it manually and rain loop thats, a email client that im kind of playing around with to see if i like it better, but those are the seven applications i use on A daily basis, of course, there are way more and, as i play around in the next cloud ecosystem im going to discover more, and i will definitely tell you all about it with all that said, i would like to thank our youtube members and patreon supporters. Thank you, mitchell, valentino, for being an executive level supporter. Additionally, thank you, teemo anthony, philmak and kyle. You guys are producer level supporters. Thank you so much and big. Thank you to our sponsor of the node for sponsoring this video and helping me show everybody how awesome nexcloud is so again if youre interested in that you can use the link in the description to get 100 credit or 60 days. So, basically, if youre not spending more than 30 buck or 50 bucks a month, you could get it for free for um two months, so thats cool with all of that said, uh information on all everything i talked about in this video will be down below.