It is time for a themed, vlog um. I had been wanting to do this one for a while. I was gon na. Do it before neon gods came out just didnt work out on timing, but here we are im doing it im going to read a bunch of hades and persephone retellings, so i have four lined up. I may burn out after three, though, were gon na, be honest here, uh, im filming this after im done and i did burn out after three but the four i plan to read. I still wanted to share because i think theyre worthy of your attention. I currently have a dog between my legs, so this is very fun: um, im just waiting for a clip of me like falling, because i tripped over at him but uh anyways. So we have a touch of darkness by scarlett, saint claire. We have hot hades by alicia rye and we have promises and pomegranates by sav r miller anyways. I am going to try and read these for spoiler alert. I only read three ive got time stamps down below for you. If you want to skip around, there will be spoiler markers in those time stamp. Chapter markers for you um, but yeah lets get right to it. This is going to be a journey, so i am already 40 through my first book, which was a touch of darkness by scarlett, saint claire. I keep wanting to call her by every other name, but her name and im really enjoying this so far.

I like the fact that this has like so like obviously neon godz is like one of my favorite hades and persephone books as is learn my lesson, but theyre very different than the other hades and persephone books out there so im. Obviously, in this vlog i want to explore some other options, and i think the standout thing for me right now with the touch of darkness is it has like the toucher and you die vibes uh going on. It also has a hades that is actually like old and, unlike neon gods, isnt like a title thats inherited, which i find very enjoyable, um yeah, and i really like that they have like non human presentations. I think thats really interesting so far, im really really liking. It at 40 – i know its a trilogy, so i know that im going to finish this and want to read the rest of it. Probably in pretty quick succession, which is fine, i mean ive already gotten through four and a half hours of it today and i am exhausted uh. I dont know the last time ive been this tired, but i have a certain dog that is not very cooperative about sleep right now, so ive been sleeping on the couch a lot i have been not getting a lot of sleep basically so well see what we Can manage tonight with them uh, hopefully more sleep, but if not, i guess ill get a lot of listening time in because uh im enjoying this, i think the audio narration is pretty damn good for an indie also, which can be hit and miss um and im Enjoying it so yeah, i am excited to see.

Oh, i got peace here, im excited to see how this all plays out uh, but you know, hades is basically one of my favorite architects of a character right, hes, always grumpy. He is always protective and hes kind of an and i live for it. I live for it its one of my faves, so i will update yall in the morning when i have more thoughts, slash and further along in this one. Okay, hi hello, im back and i am done with not done done. No im 70 through a touch of darkness by scarlett sinclair now, and i feel like i have an opinion, and that is that if i had never read neon gods or id read this first, i would love this series. I love her hades. I really like the world she has set up but im bored and i prefer persephone, who is a little more sure of herself, a little more confident which i think we saw in neon gods a lot, and that was part of the appeal to me. So yeah ive got just over an hour and some change on audio left im listening to it at 2.5 speed, not quite three, so it has taken me a little longer to finish but im, not mad uh. I may continue this series right now. We are truly looking at a three star read. It is exactly that it is just okay uh, do i see the appeal and do i understand why it was so popular? Yes, dont think its that smutty or spicy like theres, some good sex in this book? Do you not get me wrong, but it is not.

You know what i mean like its not up here with neon guts, its like in the middle um, which i dont dislike im, not saying thats a bad thing. I just think its a really interesting thing: uh to contrast to but yeah im enjoying it. I of course love hate. I always love haiti so like that is never not a thing in my life um, your girls got problems its fine, its fine um, but yeah. So thats really fun and yeah ill finish that up really soon, and i will let you know my full thoughts when i finish and ill have thoughts on some more of these im very excited hi did i finish? How does no did i finish? I took a darkness, yes, i did um. I will continue the series im gon na wait a little bit until the next, the last audiobook for the trilogy drops. So that way, i can listen to uh the next two and then i will probably try hades perspective ones, its not a bad three star um. I just think the execution on this, its the pet peeve. I have that everything doesnt need to be a trilogy. Everything doesnt need to be a series. Um like it doesnt need to be a duet. I just like it was not bad by any means it was not bad um, but it wasnt as amazing as i was hoping for. This is definitely not my favorite archetype of persephone.

I feel like we see a lot of flux in her character in all books. Around the fact of, like her being more or less uh flighty, i guess just not as sure of herself and i really enjoy a more strong willed heroine, because, though uh persephone in neon gods is definitely like. Unsure of herself shes also like very sure of the choice that, like she will not marry that man, because she knows its a bad idea, and this persephone was very much just like. Oh no im making mistakes. What do i do and oh no adonis is bad news. Why and then, like its just, i dont know didnt love it in some ways. Also, i want to say this has weird like parallels to like laura olympus somewhat. I feel like not completely. I dont know just something about this: like tingled, my lore olympus brain um, not in a bad way, not in like a. I feel like this, like kind of way, just in a weird way, so yeah three stars im curious enough to continue, but i definitely dont think this is like one thats going in my favorite and persevere retelling list on to the next one. I dont know what that will be, so i will update you when i get there. Um yeah lets go im gon na go figure that out okay hi, so i am exactly like halfway through hottest, hades by alicia rye um, im, really enjoying it its a very good little short hades and persephone novella and my cat is pieces behind the window.

Blind um up there, she comes uh, anyways im really really liking it, and i definitely plan to lay down tonight and finish it so thatll be two done. No yeah two done two more to go, so we will be wrapping this up very quickly here, but yeah. This one has been great its very snappy to the plot. I really enjoy the fact that we have like a zeus in this one: thats, not a total um. It was like trying to help persephone, and that was kind of fun, because i often feel like zeus is always i mean casseus is but its beyond the point. Um yeah so ive enjoyed that a lot, and i am just excited to lay down and read the rest of this book im very, very tired. I was up way too early this morning and im ready for bed so ill. Lay down read as much as i can, and i will be back in the morning to tell you what i thought of it and well go from there hello. So i finished how does hades early this morning when i woke up four stars great little novella. I really really loved it highly recommend this one definitely worth your time worth a read, really enjoyed this. This follows persephone, who is uh brown shes? I would assume supposed to be uh southeast asian, and it was just really really cute and i loved the way it resolved. It was really really nicely steamy.

So i also also liked that part about it and yeah. I really liked this one. I am very happy. I finally read it and i started the prequel slash finish: the prequel for sav r millers, a book which the prequel is called sweet as sen and holy im excited. This is going to be a very dark loosely based, persephone and hades retelling. This is not like a full blown retelling situation. This prequel is dark as um. If you check out the book on ku, you can get a link to get it for free ill see if she has it linked anywhere else, and i will put it in the description for you. I would read the prequel before you dive into the book, probably because it is a lot uh a whole lot, but i liked it a lot like it hit my it hit my its like for dark romance uh, just very up straight out uh, and this is Definitely like the loosest retelling so far that im reading, i think hes, nicknamed hades hes, like the the killer for her dads uh, the dad who is like the dawn of the family and her name. Elena is um arranged to be married to this really shitty guy, who is not nice to her or good to her in any way, pease is oh, my god, okay, it was not nice to her in any way and we uh. We see that in the pre.

In the little prequel thats like a 30 minute, read of that so check that out first, if youre not sure if you want to read a dark romance like this uh, but i will let you know full content warnings once im done with the book. Im very excited to dive in though so i will be back in a little bit when i finish that and then ill have one more to go. So im very excited i um, so i basically have spent all morning just like listening to promises and pomegranates and like screaming. This is a dark, ass, romance okay, so im gon na give like full content warnings when im done with this book, because i was looking at some of the reviews on goodreads like people did not realize that they were getting into and i feel bad um im Liking it a lot, i kind of cant stop im, probably going to take a shower and a minute and eat lunch, but, like i literally, cannot stop reading it im very engaged. This is definitely the loosest of the hades and persephone retellings situation, its really more just kind of hes, a very bad man and shes cut protected by her family uh, but holy crapola, yall uh, im gon na go ahead and blow through this, probably pretty quickly. This afternoon, and then i will finish dragging me up by our virtues and thatll, be it for this vlog and ill like do my face and outro, and but i dont want to stop.

Dont want to stop thats, just the truth about i just like thats all. I wan na like sit on the couch or lay on the bed and read this book until im done with it. I need to know where its going yeah, i dont know i feel like. If it intrigues, you give it a go and read the prequel novella thing, because thatll definitely tell you if you like it or not, but its a lot, its real good, its real good smut, real good sex scenes, im, loving it, but again real up real up. So theres that just a little behind the scenes of where angus went to sleep so now i got to figure out how to set up my tripod so im not standing over him. I just finished promises and pomegranates by savarn miller. I know i gave some updates holy. First of all, i want to give some content warnings. Now, before i wrap up my thoughts. There is gore murder blood play kidnapping, some consent, non consent happening um body modification, uh, yeah, theres, a lot theres a lot. Cancer is talked about in this book: uh death of a parent, um, traumatic, childhood, all the things all the things this is. This is a dark romance for my friends who want that dark romance. You know what im talking about. You know who you are um. This is definitely up on the list of some of the darker books. Ive read, but i loved this book so much yall gave it four stars.

Solid. Four star read, cannot wait to read the next book in the series. Its just gon na be a companion novel. We have callum, who is a a very dark hero. Is this? Oh, this is also age gap hes like 20 years older than her um, and we have some reveals around him and his background. That are a lot, and i can definitely see why the the um i can see why the reviews were very polarizing when i read them, but i feel like this is the loosest of the retellings um. He calls her his persephone and her mom refers to him as hades, so you know its not really a retelling, its just like kind of the archetype of those characters, a little bit implanted onto the characters, our female main character. Elena is the mafia, princess and shes being married after this terrible man, and he is not great to her uh and callum helps her out takes care of him and then shes forced to get married to calum uh and its a lot. I honestly, like i dont, want to tell you too much, but i literally like was texting to me. While i was reading this book, and i was like youve got to read this one i was like. I know you dont love greek stuff, but, like you will like this book, this book is up in all the ways that she enjoys. So i was like i think, youre gon na really enjoy this um, because i really enjoyed this so highly recommend to all my friends who really like that kind of stuff um.

I think my biggest takeaway after reading three books is that i was ambitious to go into this thinking. I could read four first of all and the fourth book was going to be drag me up by rm virtues which im still going to read at some point, but i realized that if i picked it up now, i would probably rate it pretty low because im Burnt out on the trope right now uh, it is one of my favorites, but i still burn out on. I can burn out on beauty and the beast all of them, and i think that this one was really interesting, because i do think neon gods in some ways has spoiled me in the worst way for all of these retellings, because neon gods was so good uh. For me that i dont know how it can be topped necessarily so i need it to be different, which i did feel like hottest, hades and promises and pomegranates was very different, whereas a touch of darkness, though, to come out before neon gods, has very similar vibes To neon gods, so i didnt love it as much, but i still do plan to continue that series. When that third audiobook drops, i will probably marathon the rest of that series to get through it so yeah. I want to know um if you made it this far in the video, what your favorite, hades and persephone retelling is, and if you dont want to do that, you can leave me an emoji that is a fire emoji because hades hell, you know the bad place, Not really, i mean its just the underworld like its, not necessarily good or bad, but yeah.

I really had fun with this and i am just so excited. I did it but yeah. Let me know your favorite drop, a fire emoji. You find links to all the books down there in that description box, as well as links to be my friend anywhere on the internet, and if you want early access to videos, i have a patreon now and a youtube membership that gets you access to both those Things, i will see you all in just a few days: Music, the world bye action, what we can be life with no distractions. This is what we waited for.