In the background i have new bookshelves, so we switched out the bookshelves i used to have down here, which these were these beautiful wood. Dark brown shelves that really like kind of closed in the room down here like our living room space, so we switched to the bellies just to be. You know basic im just really excited. So i have my manga im going to show you how it was set up right now and then lets talk about some options for how i might set them up. Im, not really sure. Currently, i guess its panting because he was just laying in the sun, but currently i just kind of have them organized a little funky, because i dont know what i want to do. So i thought why not do a video where we test different methods um all right. Let me show you these shelves, so i currently have just like random stuff ignore see who should not be named down there um my cookbooks and then my comic book collection, my um. What do you call it? My big books, like my omnibuses um, some pillows again, i have more shelf space than i do. Manga most of this from here on is all of my unread mangas, so not too bad um. Some series ive got some of my demon slayer stuff here. Some more series that i only have like one volume of um some unread is over here as well, because, like i have two through seven of an incurable case of love, but my volume one hasnt shipped yet so i just i stuck it over here because its Big um yonah, of course, and then we have blue flag.

So i feel like theres a lot of options on how you can organize a manga collection. First, up lets do by publisher and um size, so ill do the big ones and then the shorties uh after so lets do that Music with no Music. We distractions for Music, take my hand well make it somehow. We cant miss out Music all right. So here we have by publisher and just kind of in haphazard order, so we have shown and jump and the boys titles. Then we go into our shoujo beats, which we have a lot of, and then we come down here and we start on kodansha, which i also would be my second most that i own. Then we have some of the smaller imprints um. Whoever does pleasure and corruption. Then we have vertical comics, seven seas, which again another one that i have a lot of come down, and this is my yen press shelf and a random omnibus, but i dont like this so were gon na do something else. All right now were gon na. Try putting the ones ive read backwards to see if i like that or not Music Music friday getting closer to something. I like, i think this isnt, quite what i want. I did leave yona out to just like have some color, but i think this is a little too neutral for me. Music take my hand, well make it somehow Music all right, so i did come to a decision, its not perfect.

It will shift some in the interim um, but lets look so first here on the shelf. We have my unread tbr. This is not everything i havent read, but this is a majority of it. There are some series on the main shelf that i havent read yet, but i dont want to put them up here. Um, like i havent, read these yet but thats fine. Then we come over here. Weve got my legos. We have sweat and soap, which is one of my favorite series fire in his fingertips: sailor moon, some toys, empty cookbooks, um. Next up here we have some of my shonen titles. I dont have a lot of shonen titles um. I need to figure out what other ones i want to read, so i have more section to fill, but i wanted to put those together because ill have a few more as i read them um then i did a short cake cake up here, because i wanted Them all together for the little strawberries i may move them lower, so i can see the strawberries better, but for now this works, then we have our fantasy romancy shelf situations. I have all my yonas um, then i have nezuko and back here is the water, dragons bride and kings beast um, all shoujo beat fantasy, and then i just have some more shojo beats down here and then we start moving into other publishers like kodansha, 7cs, etc. This is half like just random red books that i will use to fill in space and then starting right here over is going to be my queer uh mangas, which im very excited to have like a full shelf and then some and then we come down here And we have, we have some finished series, slash like in progress but take forever to release so cutie and the beast.

My senpai is annoying um im gon na i have more like decor items to put out, but thats gon na take a little bit oops. I didnt turn this around. Then i have kind of a yen press shelf um, so this has all of the sacrificial princess and the king of beast volumes. Ive only read like two volumes of this, but i know i want to finish the series i know i havent finished it so its pretty easy for me to know to come back and then i meant chocolate hold on one second, so thats how ive landed for Now, to arrange my manga well, i probably move it about 10 more times between now and like next years. Manga collection, tour, yes, absolutely ill link, my original, like five minute manga collection, video for yall down below, but i would love to know. How do you organize your manga because im very curious im, still im kind of leaning like semi, chaotic and groups together, that makes sense in my brain? I do want to continue to have like that shelf. That is mostly my tbr books, because i want to know exactly what i havent read, but i dont want them on a cart because i have so much empty space now uh, but i cant wait. Im gon na get some halloween decorations to put on out here too uh yeah. So let me know how you organize your manga and if you dont want to do that – and you made it this far, you can leave me a cat emoji in the comments.