With so many beautiful locations and breath taking sights that this world has to offer. What most people dont realize is that there are also tons of places where your life is in danger. The minute you step in. From violent gangs to lethally high temperatures if youre fond of travelling heres a list of top 10 of the most dangerous places in the world that are definitely not for the faint hearted. 1. Snake Island, Brazil. Now Brazil is one of the most iconic tourist locations in the whole world.. The country has some of the most beautiful beaches and forests, along with its colourful culture that makes it a top destination for international travellers, where they can take a few days to escape from the rest of the world.. But dont be fooled Because, as beautiful as Brazil may be, the country definitely isnt all that safe.. In fact, Snake Island, thats, hidden off of the coast of Brazil, is regarded as one of the most dangerous places to visit in the whole world, where tourists cant even step foot without being bitten by a poisonous snake.. According to Brazilian locals, every five square meter of the Island is covered with snakes, making it impossible for people to come out alive if they ever dare to go. Inside., The locals also believe that all of these snakes were actually left on the island by pirates who wanted to protect their gold thousands of years ago., And if that wasnt enough, the Island is also home to the Bothrops Atrox.

A snake thats notorious for being extremely poisonous and killing humans with just one bite.. Considering all of this, the Brazilian Government has officially made it illegal for the locals and tourists to ever go to Snake Island And lets just say that the decision comes with good reason.. 2., Mount Washington, USA Mountain climbing is a pretty famous activity for tourists and locals all over the world. Theres, just something so thrilling about conquering a peak that reaches into the sky. But at the same time its important to remember that not every peak is made to Be conquered, especially when it comes to Mount Washington in the USA. But heres the funny part Mount Washington is actually pretty meek when you compare it to other mountains in the world., But despite its small height of just 6288 feet, the strong winds and freezing temperatures on The peak make it impossible for anyone to stay there for more than a few minutes.. The highest wind velocity ever recorded at any surface weather station, was logged here on April 12, 1934.. Almost 150 fatalities have occurred on the mountain since 1849, and almost all of them have occurred due to hypothermia even in the summer, And if that doesnt tell you how cold and fatal Mount Washington is, I dont know what will. 3. Lake Natron Tanzania Feel like taking A dip in the lake Well make sure that the Lake isnt called Natron Lake Natron in Tanzania is one of the most inhospitable places in the whole world.

. But why I mean how dangerous can a Lake actually be right? Well lets just say that for humans, Lake Natron is nothing less than a pit of fire that can melt your entire body into absolutely nothing.. True to its name. The lake contains high levels of Natron or sodium carbonate, dihydrate, which is corrosive to human skin and eyes., And not only does the lake feel like a fire pit. It also looks like one because of its red hue thats present, due to tons of cyanobacteria, which are the only living organisms that can actually bear all the chemicals that are present in this toxic lake. 4.. North Yungas Road, Bolivia, The North Yungas, is definitely a road. Less travelled., Why? Well only because it has the ability to kill anyone who dares to cross it. And no Im, not talking about some witchs curse.. The reason why this road connecting Bolivias capital, La Paz to Corico, has taken the lives of so many travellers is because of the fact that its home to fog, landslides, cascades and cliffs, that drop 2000 feet at every turn, which obviously makes crossing this road. A pretty hard job. This, combined with the fact that the road is no wider than 10 feet.. The entire length of the road is full of crosses to commemorate the countless people that have died during their journeys.. Even today, workers and backpackers lose their lives every year. Trying to take on the North Yungas.

, 5. Oymyakon Village, Russia Oymyakon, is a small village tucked away in Russia.. However, I would strongly advise you not to pick this as a tourist spot, because the climate in Oymyakon is enough to make even the strongest of men suffer in agony.. The small town has a population of only about 500 people.. It is widely regarded as the coldest inhabited town in the world.. The temperature in this icy town has been recorded to go as low as 58 degrees celsius, which no human has ever known to survive. During the winter. There can be no light in this town for upto 21 hours and, if that wasnt bad enough, theres, always the constant threat of frostbite or your eyelashes freezing off., Which is why not even the most daring of travellers can ever stay in this place. For long All. Thanks to the villages extreme temperature., However, 500 brave people have still managed to make this place their home, but their lives are hardly enjoyable, considering the fact that the land is too cold for phones to work or for any kind of crops to grow. Here. 6. Danakil Desert Ethiopia, Even though the Danakil desert is a huge tourist attraction due to its almost Martian landscape. This huge volcanic wasteland is one of the most lifeless places on earth.. The Danakil desert is one of the most uninhabitable places on earth to the point where you cant spend more than a few minutes, here. From its lakes, full of sulfuric, acid and oil and its toxic air.

. Yes, the air here is almost unbreathable due to its lack of oxygen.. The air here is burnt and filled with poisonous gases, so people can only be in certain areas of the desert for a very short time without putting their lives at risk.. Many researchers believe that even a short stay at the danakil desert can have permanent effects on health and in worse cases, it might even end up killing you. And if that isnt enough to steer you clear of this place. Theres always the constant threat of volcanic eruptions to scare you away. 7., The Gates of Hell, Turkmenistan, The gates of hell or the Darvaza crater, is a fiery pit located in the Karakum desert.. This molten gas pit has been spewing fire for several decades and its safe to say that when you see it, it looks like something straight out of an Armageddon, movie. Heres how the story goes. In 1971, soviet geologists were drilling for oil when they accidentally hit a pocket of natural gas, creating a massive sinkhole.. In order to stop methane from leaking into the atmosphere and causing an environmental catastrophe, the scientists lit it on fire thinking. It would burn out the gas in a matter of weeks., But their calculations were far off since the pit is still burning in all its blazing glory to this day.. The surrounding area is constantly facing gas explosions. In addition to all the fire, which is why locals have started referring to the area as the door to hell.

, The tourists, however, find all of this fascinating and make their way to the pit of fire from all over the world.. The fire pit has been burning non stop for decades now, and scientists think that it will continue burning for many decades to come. 8. North Sentinel Island Andaman Islands. The Andaman Islands are pretty great for anyone who wants to escape the fast life of the city and take a break in front of the great blue ocean.. However, if theres one place, you should definitely avoid Its the North Sentinel Island, which is considered to be one of the most dangerous places in the world.. But the Island is also pretty fascinating to say the least.. The truth is that North Sentinel Island is located in a place, thats not really accessible to a lot of people., Which is why the Island has never been touched by any outsiders and the locals have never had any contact with the outside world.. They have their own customs and traditions that have never been affected by anything that goes on in the rest of the world., Which is why people believe that, if anyone ever steps foot into the island, the natives might see them as a threat and try to attack. Them. Another reason why the government discourages people from going to the Island is the fact that the natives have no immunity and are completely vulnerable to any diseases that visitors might carry. 9. Skeleton Coast. Namibia, The Skeleton Coast is as close to The End of The Earth as humans can get.

Located on the Northern half of Namibias coastline. The Skeleton Coast is home to well. You guessed it skeletons. While the land goes on for miles, the entire coast is completely uninhabited because of all the mystery that surrounds the land.. The entire coast is full of skeletons and dead bodies of animals that have gone there and died because of the lands extreme climate, the hot winds and the complete absence of water., The only humans that are present. There are violent gangs that increase the overall threat of going to this place, however beautiful it may look at first., 10. Bermuda Triangle, North Atlantic. The Bermuda triangle is a mystery that no one has been able to solve to this day. Spread across the North Atlantic ocean. The Bermuda triangle is an extremely specific area of land that lies between Florida, Bermuda and Puerto Rico, in the shape of a triangle.. This strange little triangular part of the ocean is infamous for all the boats and planes that have suddenly disappeared, while passing through it.. While no one really knows the cause of these mysterious disappearances. There are tons of theories ranging from the areas strong magnetic forces to the Illuminati and even aliens being responsible for everything that goes missing in the Bermuda Triangle.. However, even today what happens inside the triangle remains a mystery to everyone, mostly because nobody has ever willingly tried to enter it. After all of these strange incidents. Thats, all we have for The Top 10 Most Dangerous Places in the World.

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