Lessons in nature how a new rewinding center could help push biodiversity around the uk and the unexpected climate benefits of volcanoes Music, hello and welcome to the uks. Only daily climate news show madagascar is facing the worlds first, climate change, famine with the united nations warning that four years without enough rain, has devastated isolated farming communities. The island is the only conflict free country in the world experiencing catastrophic levels of hunger. Well, in a moment, ill be speaking to unicefs deputy representative for madagascar about what can be done to help those starving because of climate instead of conflict, but first heres more on whats happening Music, Music, Music, Music. Well joining me now is jean benoit madagascar, deputy representative. For unicef, welcome to you, first of all, just how serious is the situation there thanks man, its pretty serious, because we consider that up to one million people can be affected out, of which five hundred thousand children – and i mean there – are several droughts in the south. But what makes this drought special is the scale, of course, the fact that third drought in a row the fact that, in addition, the country has been weakened by kovid and theres growing insecurity. Economic crisis, which makes the support more complex than usual. And is it clear that climate change is responsible and if so, is there a sense of sense of frustration there at all at the worlds biggest polluters whove contributed the most to global warming, its a mix? Of course, you do have a climate change which makes doubt more frequent, more intense and happening in places where it didnt take place before, but theres also a local environmental degradation uh, which accelerates and aggravates the situation.

So i would say that theres a definitive frustration, but we also need to work on the local routes and how concerned, are you that if climate change is responsible, there are going to be more events like this taking place in future? There are going to be more events, there are already more events, i mean we have more cyclones, we have cycle on this place where there used to be no cyclones were more floods and we have more droughts with uh aggravated impact, uh sand, wind and so on, And so forth, so so its already there and um, i think, whats worrying us is that local communities have no choice but aggravating the situation by copying with a little resource. They do have cutting trees over using water and thats a kind of vicious cycle that will not basically find any easy solution, at least in the short term, tell us a bit more about what is happening as a result of climate change. What weather events is it producing? I would say that, right now, in omegas, car is attacked on all sides, and you have some even indirect events like the rise of pandemics, because we do have regular plagues epidemics and plague is caused by rodents. We are living which are living forest because of deforestation, so i would say its a you know and its a good way to do it. Its a perfect storm right now, where uh, an island which is already poor, which is already vulnerable, is going to be more poor and vulnerable more vulnerable um with, i would say, a little direct responsibility into it because uh well, we are little producers of uh.

Of course, um co2 jean born noir manis thanks very much indeed welcome. In todays other climate news, a study has found fire weather. The combination of hot and dry conditions, with the potential to spark massive wildfires, has become more common in western america. Over the past 50 years, sacramento in california has seen the number of fire weather days almost triple. It comes as ten communities in the sierra nevada region are under evacuation orders due to the growing french fire there. More than a quarter of cars produced in the uk in july were either electric or hybrid electric uk car factories made more than 126 000. Alternatively, fueled cars last month, the highest share on record thats, despite overall uk car production falling to its lowest july level in 65 years and indonesia may experience more natural disasters in the coming months. According to the countrys meteorological agency, the countrys monsoon season is expected to start earlier and be more severe this year as a result of climate change, disasters linked to the weather conditions could include, hail, lightning and tornadoes. Now, when you think of the english countryside, an adidas image of green rolling hills might come to mind, but diversifying how our landscape looks through rewilding could play a crucial role in tackling the climate crisis. It involves letting nature, take care of itself, repairing damaged ecosystems and restoring degraded landscapes, and now a new center is being launched to help landowners learn about the practice.

So why is it needed? Well, at the moment, less than one percent of england is part of active re, wilding programs. Now that compares to approximately 70 percent of uk land thats around 17 million hectares, which is used for agricultural purposes. According to rewilding britain, restoring six million hectares of natural habitats such as woodlands, peatlands, grasslands and wetlands would store and capture more than 10 percent of all britains greenhouse gas emissions and a fifth of britains species could be saved from decline or extinction by increasing the scale Quality and connections between habitats around the country – well, fraser hugill runs a mixed farm of livestock and crops and has been improving biodiversity through hedgerows and wildflowers, but he says a specific center isnt, necessarily the answer to help farmers rewild. I think its quite a challenge around venues in terms of you know how how will people travel and and often landowners and farms are quite busy, so i think theres a im, not saying theres, not a role for it, but i think if we want it to Be more widely spread its you know, what can we do in in within locality? Contractor ground control is behind the wildfell center for environmental recovery, which is being launched, and their director is kim morish who joins me now welcome to you how important is rewilding and how much of a challenge is it in a country that has so large a proportion Of its land devoted to farming, how important is rewilding, it vitally important and, as you mentioned earlier, just allowing the land to do nothing and have a chance for nature to recover is what so many of us should and could be doing when we purchased the graze Farm which weve renamed the wild fell center for environmental recovery.

Most of it was used for for pasture and for farming of crops, many of which were used to feed livestock were going to be moving to rewilding, to setting up some woodland creation by planting native broadleaf trees and its just. You know its everything that we can do to restore nature and give it a chance to recover and clearly theres an environmental benefit to producing food locally. Is it possible to achieve a balance where that carries on at the same time as rewiring enough of the country as necessary? Thats? A great point, of course, its its vitally important that we allow food to be produced in the in the most efficient ways and especially close to home. Much of this land is already degraded and is not the most productive for for direct human consumption food sources. So we will, we will be picking and choosing the land that we use for wilding and tree planting and the rest. We will look for more ecological ways to farm and its a center. The best way forward. How practical is it for landowners up and down the country to travel to your site? Well, its not necessarily a center for people to travel to its a center, where we can do research, evidence based approaches to rewilding and carbon sequestration through tree planting and then share that as a roadmap. So, while its wonderful to see it its more getting the knowledge and the learning that we can share with anyone who has property, whether thats 20 square meters or 2 000 hectares, thats, whats missing, is opportunities for learning, and so whether thats live or just through knowledge.

Based sharing thats what were hoping to achieve kim morish thanks very much indeed, volcanoes are responsible for both emitting and removing co2 from the atmosphere stabilizing temperatures at the earths surface, thats. According to research, which looked at their impact over the last 400 million years and found that they act as a safety valve for the earths, long term, climate and while volcanoes wont solve the human induced climate crisis, they might be able to play a small part in Helping address global warming so heres how Music Applause, Music, Music, Music and finally, thousands of spider crabs have been spotted in knee deep water, just a few metres from a popular cornish beach. The crustaceans gather every year between the late summer and early autumn to protect themselves from predators during the malting process. Populations of spider crabs are thought to have thrived in recent years as a direct result of climate change and warming ocean temperatures. Well, thats. Everything from us for today coming up next time as bags are packed and tents assembled ahead of reading and leads this weekend were looking at the climate impact of festivals.