It has a 3.8 liter flat. Six twin turbo puts out 650 horsepower 800 newton meters of torque, its got an eight speed automatic dual clutch gearbox with launch control. Four wheel drive still the lightest car 1640 kilos and its quite expensive around 160 000 pounds for one of these base price, really that bike its cheaper 31 000 pounds. But then its only got two wheels. I guess and uh 1000 cc engine puts out 212 horsepower and 113 newton meters of torque its quite light 192 kilos. It has got a man sat on it, which probably add in about like 70 to 80 kilos. His name is peter hickman. Now his five time isle of man tt winner – and he actually holds the world record for the fastest lap around the tt course at 135 miles an hour so hes clearly slightly deranged, because you have to be to be able to do that. I mean ive got so much respect for the guy anyway. Finally, we come to the formula one car. It has a 2.4 liter natural aspirated v8, which revs to 18 000 rpm, and it puts out around 700 800 horsepower weighs in at just below 700 kilos turns the price. So the season budget for 2011 was about 250 million, so divide that by four, because they had four cars were talking about 62 million pounds for that car, its being driven by someone who knows how to drive formula one cards david called hard, well see what happens Before we do, please make sure you subscribe to this channel and hit the bell icon to turn your notifications on that way.

You wont miss any of these amazing drag races. Also, why dont you follow me on instagram, matt watson, cars and car wow on instagram, as well loads of behind the scenes. Footage youll get an idea of what were doing before we release the videos. Oh yeah anyway, lets get on with this buying a new car. Then, head to car wow and my team will help you find your next car at a fair price car wow, your one one stop car buying comparison site now before we race lets. Do the obligatory car wire sound check so im going to rev up this porsche Music yeah soft limiters, all right, thats, not great lets get peter to rev up his bike. Go on rev up your bike. That sounds better than this doesnt. It now lets have a listen to the formula one car i think its going to make my ears bleed, but lets do it anyway go on rev up the formula one car thats enough for that lets crack on Music. Here we go come on no pressure. Matt come on porsche, we can do this. Music come on. Come on. Come on. Here comes the formula one car. Now, oh god, and here comes the bike – come on dc one in his formula. One car im not sure about peter that was so close. That was victory for you. There dc quite clear yeah initial getaway, wasnt, very good um message to tony and the team the engine has cut has stopped at the end of the one mile.

So you need to come down with the two vehicle or the starter. No obvious times of any reason: um, so no small, no feeling within the mechanical right just cut out no horrible noises. Can you store them? Can you store them yeah, not at seven gear, though Laughter. If you want to just wait there for a bit ill, go get you some help, hows it looking yeah its just a little software glitch. Well, just give it a tweak and then itll be right there. Just software yeah cant, you just turn it off and on again thats. Basically what were doing were you a bit worried at first? Did you think i could have you, but you saw me take off like that. I wasnt, i could see it got away well and be honest that wasnt my best start. Okay, the next race will be interesting, well be doing the rolling race, because i think that i mean unless you want to do another drag for me, you look good. The start looks pretty even yeah. Okay, well, leave it at that now, Music. So then, what exactly happened? Well, the formula one car one completing the standing quarter mile in 9.6 seconds, the bike and the porsche both took 10.2 seconds, but the bike was ahead just slightly at the line. Now we have a rolling race from around 40 mile an hour were all gon na, be in second gear im. Gon na call it in here we go, get level dc come on get level three two one go.

Oh i hit the limiter. I hit the bloody limiter cancel abort i hit the limiter okay, david were gon na, try again so back to the start. Yeah sorry about that. I i totally forgot to change gear like amateur hour over here. Ive got two professionals. You two guys. Think me. Sorry, apologies lets do again, so here we go get level guys come on im, gon na count it in here we go three two one go thats it come on. Music now were hoping to catch them up on the other side. I know that formula one car has just destroyed me and says the bike: can the bike catch the car? Can i catch anyone before the mile im just a spectator right now? This guy is so quick im like 180 miles an hour thats the mile, hey dc. How was that, for you? Did you win to the mile yeah? Just the bike comes back strong, it doesnt have to be, but its certainly got some top speed. Yeah hes doing some little wheelies now to show off. Okay dc now were going to have a rolling race in third gear. Youve got to be in third gear im, going to try and give myself an advantage. Here we go im going to count it in three. Two one go come on porsche Music, pointless Music. It didnt pick up so quick that time, but its gone can the bike catch. Him is the point gon na come fast.

That is so close, and here i come now. Okay, now we can have a break test from 100 miles an hour when we reach the line full emergency. Stop all right. Lets get 200 miles an hour, come on guys, get level right whenever its just light. Full emergency stop whats going to happen. Im glad im not on that bike. Here we go heres a light. Oh my god, just looked at his front wheels at least i didnt lose that yes looks like you locked up your wheels there. What happened you broke your car did well that time again. Applause! Oh wow, i definitely beat the bike if you can hear me now, if you want to check out some more videos with motorbikes, you need to go to the bennetts bike. Channel ill, put a link to it in the description below big. Thank you to peter for being very brave and riding and to david cortard for driving as well and, of course, red bull for goodness use their formula, one car, as ever, if you havent, subscribed to our time already, please make sure you do. Weve got some more amazing, drag races coming and hit that bell icon to turn notifications on that way, you wont miss a single upload Music. I hope you all enjoyed the video. If you did, please give it a like if you want to watch more videos. Click on those windows there, and if you click on that box, there you can check out the kawaii drag race leaderboard to see how these vehicles compared to all the cars weve drag raced in the past.