This might not be the smart watches. Youre. Looking for hi welcome to z, gadget review, it is no secret that google, smart watches are not the most popular around and they are in a lot of companies actually making wireless smart watches one of the biggest brands that actually continues to make wear os pure wear Os smart watches is fosu. Fossil has actually been making google smart watches that use specifically only wear os for a few years now. The sixth generation of these smart watches has leaked and the reason why i said that this might not be the smart watches that youre looking for is due to the specs. This leaked information comes from wind future, so its a 1.28 inch oled display with a resolution of 416×416 is going to have the brand new qualcomm snapdragon, where 4100 plus processor is going to have 8 gigabits of storage. The battery life is that usually expected 24 hour battery life that all wear os watches have with about an hour until that watch is fully charged from when the watch is put on to charge. The watch is going to come in two sizes, 42 millimeters or 44 millimeter wide its going to be submergible in water up to 50 meters. It comes with all the tracking features. You expect these smart watches to come with, which is sleep, tracking, heart rate, tracking steps, tracking, obviously different types of workouts tracking, different workouts spo2 levels, and more now you will gravitate towards your smart watches if you dont want to be stuck on samsungs galaxy ecosystem with The new galaxy watch 4 that it was just announced samsung, is kind of moving towards keeping people within their galaxy ecosystem, which they kind of threw some digs at iphone for doing that, but thats literally the way theyre going.

For example, the galaxy watch for isnt going to work with ios and in order to have the best features with the galaxy watch 4, you need to have a samsung galaxy phone, so samsung is kind of going that way and if youre not a fan of that, Then the fossil watches usually have been the alternative for those people. Now. Why do i say that this might not be the smartwatch that youre looking for, even though the 4100 plus processor that qualcomm is going to include in these upcoming watches theyre still made with all 12 nanometer tech, so these watches most likely wont support the new wear Os that is being developed along with samsung, because the watch might not be powerful enough to do it and if it does support it, the watch might not support all the features that the new were always has. So you are going to have kind of a compromise with these watches, and this is one of the reasons why i believe that samsung or i guess google has partnered with samsung with the galaxy watches, because samsung makes their own silicon for their watches. So they can control better how the watch is going to work and experience on the watch versus google having to rely with third parties when it comes to the tech that goes into the smart watches. Also, this puts third party companies that use wireless to make their watches and kind of upper car is kind of non competitive place.

If you compare one of these upcoming watches with what a galaxy watch for, can do, theres really no competition, because youre going to have better features. Better experience with the galaxy watch im wondering when google is actually going to provide better tools to their third party developers. So the so the wireless platform is a more viable platform without necessarily going with a samsung galaxy watch, maybe never since theyre moving in with samsung – and you know – maybe it feels like. Maybe the third party developers are going to stay back in the lurch or theyre going to have to go into more of a um? What do you call it like economic type of smartwatch, where only thats the basic stuff like sleep, tracking and step tracking and basic heart rate monitoring, but it will have the rich features of fitness that a galaxy watch can give you again based on the tech that These watches are going to have so i guess well see how abueros develops as it go and moves forward with this samsung partnership. Win future also gives us an estimate of when they believe that the watch is going to come out for sale. They believe that the watch is going to be available for pre order or to order in september 27th, and that the pricing is going to be between the 350 and 400 range. Even though fossil can get away with higher prices. Because of all the designs that they have and they can put designer names to the product which obviously bumps up the price, so its a more of a, i would say, fashion statement piece than just a smartwatch: do you own a fossil smartwatch? Were you looking forward to the next generation of fossil smart watches? Are you thinking of maybe going with a galaxy watch instead of a fossil watch? Let me know in the comment section thats it for me: go ahead and subscribe.

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