The china, aerospace, science and technology corporation case successfully launched three communication technology test satellites atop the long march 2c yz 1s rocket from the duchenne satellite launch center in northwestern china. This was chinas 30th orbital launch of the year casc targets more than 40 space launches in 2021, the launch was carried out by the three stage: long watch 2c rocket with a yenjiang 1s upper stage. Yen zhong, which means expedition, uses the yf engine, has a thrust of 6.5 kilo newton and has a life of 70 minutes for this launch. China used for the very first time a 4.2 meter diameter fairing, approximately 10.5 meters high to allow more room for larger and multiple satellites in various configurations. With this launch, china plans to rival, spacex and oneweb, by creating its own constellation of space, owned satellites to provide broadband and low latency internet services for china and perhaps the world. Moreover, its believed that this constellation would also serve to collect data and images which could be used by the chinese government, domestic aerospace, companies and agencies involved in urban planning, roads, agriculture and other developments. The long march 2c is a chinese liquid, fueled launch vehicle of the long march family. The vehicle is 43 meter tall and 3.35 meter wide and is capable of placing nearly 4 000 kilograms of payload into a low earth orbit the china, aerospace, science and technology corporation casc is the main contractor for the chinese space program.

Music. The second launch of the day was chinas 31st orbital launch of the year, taking off barely four hours after the 30th auction march. That happened earlier today. This time it was a long march 3b carrier rocket carrying communications technology, test satellites that blasted off from the xi jiang satellite launch center in southwest chinas sichuan province. The launch successfully sent the tjsws communication technology experiment satellite into a planned orbit. The casc declared the launch mission a complete success once in orbit, the tjsw7 will perform several high bandwidth data transfer communication test missions. It was launched atop the 56 meter long march 3b booster, which is an expandable three stage, medium left rocket with an optional fourth stage. The long march 3b series features multiple sections, including side, boosters first stage, second stage third stage and an optional fourth stage. The first stage has yf 21c engines, which produces 2960 kilonewton of thrust at sea level. The first stage measures 3.35 meter in diameter and 24.76 in height. The second stage is powered by a single yf 22e engine and is 3.35 meter in diameter and about 13 meter tall. The long marsh 3bs third stage is 12.4 meter long and is powered by two yf 75 engines. Unlike the other stages, this stage is high energy and high efficiency stage powered by liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen.