Ive waited 15 years for psychonauts to the sequel, to one of my favorite games of all time psychonauts, i even told the story about how, when i was in college, going through my mysterious anime character phase, i thought itd be really cool to have the psychonauts disc. On a chain and then wear that chain around my neck, i thought itd be unique and be quirky. I thought people would love that, but eventually was talked out of it. Maybe i was right. Maybe that would have been the coolest thing of all time, but i didnt do it anyway. The point is psychonauts. Is a game thats always been near and dear to my boners. It has a special place in my heart, but i never thought wed ever see a sequel to it and im so happy that not only do we now have a psychonauts 2, but that its extremely good now theres something i want to address before getting into the Game itself, as always, i stream this game on twitch start to finish. I do that for every new release, but for psychonauts 2 i actually had access to the game two days early and thats, because jackson reached out to the company told them. I was a super fan and they gave us two early codes. The stream i did was not sponsored in any way. If the game blew, you would know it. Not only would i be heartbroken and inconsolable if it was bad, but i wouldnt have held anything back.

It was not a paid stream or anything like that. They were just nice enough to send us two codes early. So now lets spread these cheeks and really get into it. The game is beautiful. I love that they didnt go for some kind of upgraded hyper. Realistic. Look to the game, they stuck to the cartoony stylish roots of the first game, and i think that it really helps it. I love the aesthetic you dont see games that look like psychonauts, 2 anymore. You just dont its a game, thats, not afraid to get extremely colorful. Super trippy, like the sciking level, makes it feel, like you, just took two tabs of acid and going on a wacky wild trip, its a game that stands out from every other game released this year and in the last couple of years. The trend for modern games is being super dark and the only colors are different shades of gray and different saturation of blood. Psychonauts 2 is every color imaginable and then more. I just absolutely love the visuals in this game. Every mind is a completely different experience in psychonauts one. I always point out edgars mind in particular, because i really liked it a lot. I thought it was a truly beautiful environment to explore in and in psychonauts 2 theres, multiple levels. I feel that are just as good as edgars level visually, so i was just super happy with that. Also the world is much bigger.

The game is longer and theres a lot more to it. Theyve taken everything from psychonauts 1 and improved it across the board. Everything in psychonauts 2 is genuinely an improvement over the first game. The only thing i feel is a bit lackluster is combat. I didnt think psychonauts 1 combat was all that great and i still kind of feel the same way about this one, its not bad its serviceable, theres, nothing wrong with it, but its just definitely not a highlight of the game. Combat boils down to just spamming the attack button, a lot if you really want to rush through it, because just basic attacks do the most. You do have more options for how you approach combat. You can upgrade your psi abilities to have them do other things. For example, maxing outside blast, you get the chain the blast, so if you hit someone, it also change the people around it. So there are more options for approaching combat, but none of them really make it more fun, its always just kind of like theyre like yeah heres, some combat okay im through that im not upset about it. I wasnt bored, but it also wasnt like super fun either its just very simple, i guess is the right word for it and i dont think thats necessarily a bad thing, since the emphasis isnt on combat boss fights are a lot of fun but thats, because the Mechanics they introduce in the way you approach, the boss, fights, i think, are enjoyable, but just general mob control, and maybe mini bosses theyre, just not super fulfilling.

Even with the new additions they added to make combat more dynamic, theres. Another thing they added, which is these badges, that you can put on your abilities, thatll, give you bonuses like if you use cyblast, you do more damage to sensors and things like that which is fine. You know you buy these badges and it makes you stronger, but it just never really makes the combat more fun, thats, really the only big complaint i have about this game and its not even that big of a deal, because the emphasis again isnt on combat its On platforming, its on exploring its on its narrative thats, where this game shines, the platforming is of course enjoyable, as you would expect. It is a lot of fun. Exploring is super fun, theres, a lot of life to the world. The the world that you can explore is a lot bigger than the first one theres more characters. You can interact with theres, more side, quests and side missions. You can learn a lot more. The lore is deeper and i really found myself glued to the narrative of the game, its super satisfying to listen to the characters, talk to each other joke around with each other. The comedic writing is well done, of course, and its just a really fun adventure and youre always excited to get to the next cutscene or the next bit of dialogue. I just really loved everything about the narrative here and the characters in it.

The new characters they introduce, i think, are very strong. They do have some depth to them and i love what theyve done with the world. They brought in some familiar faces that we havent seen in 15 years. Well, unless you played rhombus of ruin, which i didnt, because i get too sick playing vr games, so i didnt actually play that one, which is pretty shameful. I am very upset that i never played it, but its just motion sickness that me up. So i couldnt play rhombus of rue and i just watched the the cutscenes and watched the playthrough, so i didnt actually experience that, so i havent personally been able to talk to these characters in a new way in 15 years now. So it was nice to be able to see some familiar faces and talk to them. Learn more about them, get more information on them joke around with them some more. I just had such a great time with this game. I think everything that this game tries to do. It does very, very well its a very bright colorful, fun universe. Every persons mind that you enter is always a different experience, full of different things, the mechanics and them change. For example, you go into one persons, mind and its a cooking show where youre trying to feed these gluttonous demons in order to defeat them, then you go into someone elses mind and youre in a bowling universe, where you travel around on a bowling ball constantly changing Constantly keeping it fresh and fun and its always enjoyable to progress the plot, because its a very well written narrative with some very enjoyable humorous moments in it.

I love the game id highly recommend it to anyone, thats looking for an old school fun, platformer and just a good time overall, plugging psychonauts too, into the moist meter. Ive got to give this bad boy a 90.. I had a smile on my face for most of the game. Ive been thinking about the game, a lot even after finishing it. I just had a great time with it. So yeah thats about it 15 years was worth the wait. Now lets talk about crunchyroll as ive mentioned multiple times now. Crunchyroll is where i go to for most of my anime. It has pretty much everything that i could imagine. Ive actually been watching. One piece on crunchyroll as ive, talked about im trying to go through one piece: im not super far yet only on episode 30 so were like halfway through one piece and im watching it on crunchyroll, because thats just the optimal choice for anime and with crunchyroll premium. You have unlimited manga and anime. New episodes are up as soon as an hour after they premiere in japan. Crisp 1080p hd quality, professional subtitles, so crunchyroll premium is just a absolutely great service if you like anime and if you havent, seen any anime and are curious as to what one to start with try demon slayer. I keep getting asked that question whats a good like starter anime, try demon slayer its on crunchyroll. So if youre interested in trying crunchyroll premium, you can go ahead and click the link in the description below or you can go to.

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