What are you doing? Im a galaxy explorer flying through the galaxy yeah thats, great imagination, ryan? Oh, you know what i have a brand new galaxy themed toy. You want to play with it. Yeah all right lets go Music, so ryan. This is a brand new galaxy explorers themed ryans world toys. What do you think special effects added? Which one do you want to open? First, the mystery adventure playset okay lets see whats inside open the spaceship whoa, oh its a spaceship, whoa Music. What in the moves? Music? There are more surprise toys inside here? Okay, why dont you open them up? Okay, oh whoa and look: it comes with four figures: combo lets play heck, hi, william gus, hi, guys and me figures do not make sounds, and it also comes with a solar system. Now: Music, oh theres, the sun, theres mercury is the closest planet to the sun. Oh and theres earth where we live and theres saturn with so many rings and space stickers. Oh thats, really cool! Try it on me! Okay, here you go ooh nice love, it right! Galaxy explorers lets go on a mission who do we want to pick ryan or combo, tough choice, ryan or combo, which were gon na pick ryan? I wan na pick ryan. Now i got ryan and im gon na put him in the spaceship Music now hes in the spaceship Music. Music. Wait a second wow! Look! How big it is.

It could be an alien mission control did you say aliens? Oh, we got ta land shoe Music. Welcome! Back ryan wow, that was a fun space adventure now lets open up the galaxy one explorer 12 pack. Playset all right cool lets open up this rocket ship. Oh theres, another one right here: Music, whoa! So many wait a minute. I think i missed another layer. Yeah lets see the mystery figures, all right: you open, first, okay, Music astronaut, kate, cute and astronaut ryan, oh brother and sister, where and astronaut mommy what mommy too wow thats so exciting, wheres daddy is it? Is it my finger there all right, my turn? What is it Music, whoa thats me? Does it look like me, huh uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh yeah, all right, we completed family of five. Just oh, no, not yet were missing. One more person were missing. Emma all right lets see if i can get emma. What is this guys? This is ryan, but hes, glowing in yellow lets see through you see it. Yeah ryan has a power of sun. I think yeah right i put next to ryan. Oh, i got another astronaut ryan different version, so many ryans right here, okay, guys, were on a mission to find emma yeah. Where is she shes lost in space? Okay, all right lets see. Okay, so i got astronaut gill whoa, look at his body color its different.

I love it. Oh and i got astronaut pick nice what else? What else and i got astronauts emma? Oh yay, family, united, yeah theres, still more guys! Well, i get oh, i got another astronaut ryan, looking very cool ill, put next to a pig, little peck. Another kate, wow cute double the cuteness all right and, of course, one character was missing: combo wow love his helmet right boom. These are all the characters right now: yeah whoa Music. So it comes with another galaxy explorer map. All right guys im going to put the rocket ship back together, so we can launch it. Oh okay, there you go. I think this one was first all right like this, and this guy goes second yeah. Thank you, ryan. All right! Look how tall it is. Whos! Gon na be in here which character Music, son ryan, nice, okay, go in here, okay, im, assuming youre, hitting too song; okay, okay, make sure you airlock it. Okay, all right! Good! Three: two one now lets open up the galaxy explorers planet, ryan, ten pack, wow wow. This is your own planet, its got the ring nice okay, lets open it up, whoa whoa, so many blind bags, wow Music, lets see what galaxy figure explores. We get all right. What is it? We got alpha? Alexa? Oh yay, okay, your turn. Okay, give me something good something good Music. It is good one astronaut daddy its the best figure. Are you sure thats, a good one? I think the better one is astronaut ryan, its available all right, good times, Music.

Oh, i got astronaut gill, nice all right, my turn, Music! Is it? What is it girls friend, of course, its ryan right astronaut, ryan, ill? Put you next to you. There you go okay, im gon na open up all of mine and theres. Three more! Oh nice sure not mommy. I got alien ryan nice different version yeah. I like it Music, another version, but astronaut ryan love it another astronaut, ryan astronaut, combo lets see his eyes. Music, oh and, of course, Music, Applause, Music. It comes with lots of stickers and a galaxy explorer map Music, and now we have the galaxy explorer mystery micro figures. Did you know that emma and kate are rare and lightsweed ryan is ultra rare, all right ryan? We can both open one egg. Here you go. Heres, yours and mine all right lets see. I want some rare wait commander. Combo is glow in the dark. I want him, okay, see what did you get ryan? I got what i wanted commander combo, he glows in the dark i glow in the dark. I am commander combo what about me? What about me? Astral, ryan, look at him, so cute all right! Im, gon na put him next to combo, because theyre buddies parents you can find ryans world galaxy, explorer toys exclusively at walmart in the u.s in canada and asda. In the uk it is also available at target australia. Some items may vary. You can download the tag with ryan in the apple, app store or google play store to check out the new galaxy explorers, costumes vehicles and items.

There are many new vehicles like ryan and rover vehicle galaxy ryan in the spaceship and ryan in the ufo. Ah watch out ryan combo is going to tag. You theres also limited time: galaxy, explorer themes, keys and chess. With new item drops, can you run away from combo and tag with ryan? Thank you for watching my galaxy explorer. Video remember always be happy and rise up bye, Music.