Aaron here for Zollotech and today apple released iOS 15 beta 7.. This is available to developers and soon to public beta testers., Generally apple has been releasing it the next day for public beta testers.. So if youre not seeing it by the time of this video, I would expect it tomorrow.. Now. This came in at 659.3, megabytes. Thats on my iPhone 12 pro max, and it was similarly sized around 600 megabytes on the iPhone 11 and iPhone six S plus, along with this apple, also released iPadOS 15 beta 7 that I have on my 12.9 inch iPad pro From 2021. They also released tvOS 15 beta 7 and watch OS8 beta 7.. However, they did not yet release macOS Monterrey, beta six or beta seven.. For some reason we still dont have updates for that., So were waiting for those.. Now lets go ahead and take a look at the build number and talk about whats new. So well. Go to settings then well go to general, then about now you can see the build is 19A5337a. And with the a at the end, it means were getting closer to a final release.. Now that does not mean we cant have additional releases with an a at the end or changing the letter. But generally, as we see an a it means were closer to the final version, and this should be much more stable., So Im looking forward to that. Now as far as new features or changes, the first thing is theres no new modem update.

. So if you were having connectivity issues in beta six, unfortunately it will probably be the same.. However, going from beta five to beta six, it fixed a lot of the connectivity issues. I was having. And so far its been great with beta six, and hopefully it will be the same with beta seven., So there should be no new modem update, at least on the 12 series phones.. Now, as far as new features and changes, I did want to make you aware of one thing, since this isnt specific to this update, but for those of you looking for YouTube picture and picture its now available.. If you want to sign up for it and youre a premium subscriber, I showed it in a previous video and I do have it. And some other people have had it on their phones. But if youre not seeing it, you can go to youtube.comnew and then activate it.. Now I believe this may be only the U S, but some other people around the world have been saying its working for them as well.. So you can turn on experimental features or new features such as picture in picture, and then it will activate in your app if youre not seeing it already. So thats a great thing.. I just wanted to make you aware of that. Now as the as far as the first new changes in the features. If we go into settings and then we go to display and brightness the first thing, theyve changed is the wallpaper.

Theyve now updated it for iOS 15 in the in the settings under display and brightness.. Prior to this, you can see, in my left hand, is beta. Six and the right is beta seven.. It actually showed iOS 14 wallpaper., So they updated it in this version.. Unfortunately, they have not brought any new wallpaper into iOS in general., So theres no new changes as far as that. Yet. Maybe well see that with future releases.. So thats the first thing: theyve changed.. Also, if you go into settings and then you go down to clips., So if youve had an app clip open within 30 days, youll see this option here.. If you do not have it. If you havent opened an app clip in 30 days, you will not have this option., But if you go into app clips and youll see, I have one for Shizam under Shizam theres. Now a cellular data option.. This was not there in beta five.. So if we look at beta five again, if we go down youll see under clips here under app clips under Shizam, there is no cellular data options.. So now you can allow Shizam to access cellular data or app clips in general., So thats something else new as well.. Now something thats kind of surprising that they did in the previous update is they removed SharePlay.? Now, all of the mentions of SharePlay have been removed throughout the OS on the back end code., Thanks to my friend Steve, for pointing some of those out as he was searching through the code and looking for more things.

, So that is gone for now.. Hopefully it will be back with iOS 15.1, but another thing, theyve, removed or sort of put into beta now is private relay.. So if you go under your name and settings and once you tap on iCloud youll have private relay., Youll see.. Now it says beta and its off by default.. Prior to this, I would actually turn this off, because it seemed to be quite buggy. So now its in beta and people can try it out and provide feedback, and it will be in beta for a while.. I think this is a good idea, since it was very slow and buggy at times other times it worked fine, but now having it invaded to fix those issues and hear from feedback seems to make more sense., So Im glad theyre doing that. So thats something theyve Updated as well. Now another thing theyve updated is, if you go into the watch app, and this is fairly small and you go into your focus mode for watch under focus mode. If you turn off the mirror, my iPhone option, it now says turning on a face for iPhone will not affect your apple watch before or prior to this, it would actually say turning off mirror. My iPhone will require you to set up and enable focus for apple watch separately, including sleep focus., So theyve changed the wording just made it a little simpler. Once you turn it on its basically the same thing.

, So it says it will also turn it on. For apple watch. Now it will not affect your apple watch., So thats, something that theyve changed. Its very minor, but it is something theyve updated.. Now, if we go back to settings now within settings, if we go to general under general, if we go down to VPN and device management tap on that tap on sign into work or school, account. Youll see that some of the wording has changed here as well.. So at the bottom it says, learn, more. And it says email address on beta six. It looked a little bit different., It just said email and then had additional wording at the bottom.. So this has been updated, just refined as apple continues to refine iOS 15.. Now another thing I didnt mention in previous updates that was in beta six as well is, if you go into photos and you take a live photo prior to this, you would swipe up. And what it would do is give you some options for live photos.. Instead, theyve moved it to the upper left where you can tap on this and then change it to live loop, bounce or long exposure.. So you can change it and it will update and change accordingly. So see its a long exposure., So everythings blurry.. We can make it bounce, give it just a moment and it will create, create a bounce or sort of just to bounce back and forth for social media and then a loop.

. So it will just continually play in a loop.. So those have been updated and brought to the upper left very simple, but something thats newer within the last couple of betas.. Now, as far as everything new in iOS 15 beta, seven thats, it theres not a whole lot. More. Theres some wording and health thats changed around around cycle tracking, but nothing specific as far as features or additional updates.. That means theyve continued to refine this more and more., And the same is true with iPadOS. Within iPadOS 15 beta. Seven, all of the same features are there all of the same refinements, but no mention of universal control.. Ive showed you before, where you can go into settings under general, go to airplay in handoff. And if you turn a handoff off and back on, you get options for cursor and keyboard control. Similar to that you would get with universal control.. However, maybe thats why we havent seen macOS Monterey, beta, six or beta seven, yet because theyre trying to get this right.. Hopefully they keep this in the final version of iOS 15 as its something many people want and a huge feature for macOS in general, with Monterrey.. So were waiting for that, so far. Theres, nothing new there. And it seems like its a very minor update this time around, but a huge refinement. In fact, theres a bunch of resolved issues as well. Theres, seven resolved issues in this update. And some of those have To do with overlapping texts that people were seeing throughout the S, so some people were seeing overlapping taxed here and there.

Thats now, resolved. VPN apps should now work, properly. And even the bay bridge will scale correctly at high zoom levels.. That means within maps. And so within maps. If we go to the golden gate bridge some of the scaling wasnt working right as you scaled in it wouldnt show properly. Thats been fixed in this update, quite a few small refinements and updates as well.. So some of that has been fixed.. There is no mention of green tint., However theres, not a single person that told me they have green tint yet.. So if you were having that issue with green tint or another issue with raised blacks again, I havent heard from anyone that theres an issue with that.. It does not mean that there still isnt an issue, but I just havent heard from anyone yet.. As far as that goes now. There was a Twitter app bug where you would open up Twitter and it would sort of crash and reload that was fixed initially, but now its happening again.. So when you open it, it sort of flashes on the screen and then crashes and reloads. That has still happened to me on beta seven.. It didnt at first, but it is now also banking. Apps do seem to be working a little bit better if youre using banking apps, but that does not mean theyre all working., Mostly German banks still seem to be having issues., So that continues to be an issue as well as CarPlay.

, So some people will still have Issues with CarPlay, that seems to be manufacturer, dependent based on your car, whether that be Toyota, Honda or something else.. So that seems to be really related to them.. They may have to upgrade their car stereos as well, hopefully not. And hopefully it will be compatible all around, but it could be an issue in the future. Now as far as when to expect iOS 15 beta eight generally, at this point in time, well be at A week to week cycle throughout August., So on the 17th we had beta six.. Now on the 25th we have beta seven.. I would expect beta eight, either on the 31st first or 2nd of September. Thats generally, what apple tends to do.? So I would expect that maybe with a release candidate the following week and then a final version the week after that, sometime around when we expect the next apple event, where theyll show off the iPhone 13. Maybe a new apple watch and more maybe theyll, have some surprises as well., So maybe the week of the 13th or 12th well have an iOS update along with the new apple event., So thats really what Im expecting with that final release.. Now, as far as, if you should install iOS 15 beta seven on your phone, if youre on any of the previous betas, I would say absolutely thats sort of our duty to figure out whats going on and then report it in the feedback app.

. So if you havent done that already and youre having specific issues, youll want to report it in feedback., So the feedback app is provided., So you can do that. And then sometimes apple will get back to you and sort of work with you to get things resolved.. Now, if youre not on the beta, yet I would say this is a good time to try it out. As long as you have a backup and know that you cannot go back without using a windows or Mac computer., So youll need one of those two things In order to go back whether that be iTunes or finder, but as long as you have that or you can bring it to an apple store., If youre not able to do that, then I would recommend trying it out. Just make sure you have a backup first.. It seems to be much more stable at this point. Now as far as overall battery life, I wanted to share the battery from iOS 15 beta six, and it does take a few days to figure out what battery life is like once it installs. It takes some time to process everything in the background.. So if we take a look at my battery, my battery health is at 94.. The updates do not reduce battery health., They just recalculate it.. This is still at 94, even after installing.. It was at that prior to this well, look at the last 10 days.

And yesterday I had three hours and 43 minutes of screen on time. At three hours and 42 minutes of screen on off time. And youll see I used almost 75 of my battery.. It varies greatly from day to day. As far as overall usage, some people are getting 10 to 12 hours. Im getting about six to seven hours.. Hopefully it will improve in the future.. I have really sort of refined the apps., So hopefully they continue to do that.. So this uses less and less power, as we get closer to the final version and speaking of battery and overall heat, the phone is getting really hot on certain devices.. My iPhone success plus, for example, right now, is still warm. Its doing absolutely nothing and its still warm.. However, performance does seem to be quite smooth performance overall, just using it for the past hour or two has been really smooth on all of these devices, whether that be going into music.. This is the first time Ive loaded it on this.. Well, wait for it. Its using wifi., So it could take a moment, but it is warm. So its using quite a bit of power as well, but youll see. Oh there we go.. If we go to our library, it seems to be okay. And scrolling is okay. On the iPhone 11., Its not warm, nor is it warm on the iPhone 12 pro max, just the iPhone success plus for me for some reason.

. So that seems to be a little bit odd, but lets go ahead and take a look at the geek bench scores to give you a general idea of what to expect, as they seem to be. Okay.. So if we go over to geek bench, lets find that youll see on my iPhone 12 pro max. I scored a 1591 for single core 4122 for multi core., So thats pretty good.. I didnt run it a second time.. I just wanted to let it go. And youll see prior to that theres the week before that, on the 17th, its a little bit higher for a single corm and a little bit lower for multi core.. I would expect this to speed up. If I try it again. Now lets take a look at all of these devices from left to right.. I have the 12.9 inch iPad pro from 2021, then the iPhone success plus then the iPhone 11 and then the iPhone 12 pro max. Again. This is just to give you a general idea of what to expect from the oldest device to the newest. And so thats everything with iOS 15 beta seven. Im, looking forward to see what apple has with the release candidate and when to expect the final version. As I mentioned before., So I think well see it in a few weeks, along with hopefully a new apple event where well see iPhone 13 and maybe some surprises as well. Im really looking forward to that.

. Let me know what youre looking forward to most in the comments below., If youd like to get your hands on this wallpaper, of course, Ill link it in the description like I normally do., And if you havent subscribed already please subscribe. And if you enjoyed the video. Please give it a like as always. Thanks for watching..