, simplicity and longevity were two requirements when compiling this list, which means apps that take A little while to set up and apps that do not last very long in the app store will not be on this list. These apps are in no particular order, and i will have direct links to all of them in the description below. Having said that, lets get right into it, Music, all right guys, so i am going to go over these apps super fast. I do not want to spend a lot of time on each one, because i dont want this video to be very long. Not only that, i have made individual videos on each of these apps. So if you do want a more in depth, review just go ahead and go on the channel and check those videos out anyways starting off at number one, and that is the best ad blocker. You can get for iphone in my opinion, and that is a plakata, its super easy to set up, which is why its one of my favorites uh and obviously it blocks ads most ads on an iphone. So, as you saw, all i had did, was click that one button and it is now turned on and activated. You can tell its active or not active by just checking the status right here at the top. Now, when you do set it up. For the first time, you will have to allow the vpn, which just takes an extra 15 seconds or so anyways moving on to app number two, and that is dofu sports.

If you like sports, you need this app on your ios device. Uh. The only downfall to say is that it does take a while for it to open up, but just be patient its definitely one of the best sports app you can get for your device once youre in youll see all the sports they have to offer at the Top, unfortunately, they do not have boxing mma or soccer, but besides those they do have amazing features on this app. For example, im going to show you guys the content they have for mob, so you will see a lot of information about the games if one is live its very easy to go ahead and view the content youll see red buttons right here on the bottom of The content just go ahead and hit ok. When you get that pop up and then it will redirect you and then youll be able to go ahead and view that content, just like so very, very awesome app for any sports um person, and you can also go an airplay to the big screen on your Tv, if youd like to do so so that is dofu sports highly recommended this app moving on to app number three, and this is for all my anime people out there. It is jp anime lets, go ahead and open that right up and just show you guys a quick example on how this works were gon na, go ahead and search up our favorite anime and then well put the check mark on the top right corner of the Screen and then youll see everything available uh for what we just go ahead and search.

Then you can go ahead and choose whichever episode you want and then youll get an option to go ahead and hit the link, and then your content will go ahead and load right up just like so so it does work perfectly fine. So that is a jp anime, an amazing anime, app for your ios device and moving on it to number four, and that is a video plus. I just recently made a video on this app its freaking awesome. Video plus allows you to down arrow your favorite content for offline viewing, which is awesome, no other app. That ive found has allowed you to do this. All you have to do is click on the video you want to down arrow and then hit the three dots on the top right corner of the screen, hit, find video sources and then youll see all the qualities show right up so im going to show you Guys that well go 1080p and then it will go ahead and down arrow, as you see there now well go to our videos and youll see the content right over here now. If we slide to the left, youll see a mores option, go ahead and click on that next youre going to want to go file sharing and then youre going to click on, save video, and then you will see it show up right in your camera roll just Like so and there it is, and it does work perfectly fine, so that is a vita plus and now moving on to app number five, which is the last app on this video, and that is aurora.

Now, with this app, you will have to go ahead and check out my video on it. I do not want to show the setup process. It doesnt take very long, but still a little bit too long for my liking on this video, but it is an awesome. Emulator app and it is fairly simple – to set up a lot quicker than alternate emulators such as eclipse, but it does work very, very good and its definitely probably one of my favorite emulators for sure just because how simple it is to set up. Let me just show you guys that it does work the volume works as well, but that basically sums up my top five lists for best iphone apps as of right now. August 2021. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. If you enjoyed the video, please smash the like button. It really does help out a lot subscribe.