Okay, welcome back guys if you havent been here before i am matt and we are delving into a brand new product which has just been released by milwaukee and it looks like its australia only for a change who would have thought we always get all the gear. A year behind the us and the uk, canada, all that, and so i thought i would show you ive already posted about it on my instagram. So if you want to be up to date with what im doing and what im finding quicker head over to instagram thats, definitely the first place im posting, but what were really going to be doing is delving into these. Having a look, i havent even opened these up yet, and i will be talking about the controversy behind these in relation to some of the other brands that have been around for quite a while now have already made these, and it looks like milwaukee wanted a piece Of that cake – and they have basically copied word for word piece for peace most of this so lets have a look. Alright, so well start with the m18. It does come in two pieces, as you can see nothing too different from what weve seen from any of the other brands so well open it up. This will be my first time actually having a look at it. So there you go comes in. One piece looks like they just slot in here: weve got this little attachment.

Does that fall out, yep so thats? What holds it in yep all right? So i have a look at the actual item itself once again, nothing too different. If you havent seen these before you just screw them onto whatever surface, whether its in your van on your walls anywhere really, if we now compare that to the original, this is from 48 tools. Youll know how much i love these brackets. Ive got them everywhere, including my pack out on my walls. They go everywhere. I go every side, i go. They come with me same sort of thing, a couple of screws onto the wall piece of cake, and so, if we put it on top so straight up, youre looking a little bit narrower whats. That 50 lets go 58, mil its actually a little bit. More looks like you can add extras onto the side im, not really sure why you would want that, as you are screwing it onto the wall, so its a little bit strange, but it is what it is. So the 48 tools is a little bit narrower lets. Go depth wise, fairly, close ill, get a good shot of it. Maybe a couple of mils okay from there, looking at about 25 mil thats about 29 mil so youre. Looking almost four mil there, the main difference im seeing with the length the depth is also where theyve put the actual holders theyre a lot more further away, as you can see, they get further and further.

So for myself, when youre buying these battery holders youre wanting to save space and organize your gear, the best that you can so you dont want bigger gear. Thats. How i see it anyway, especially if its unnecessary so well, have a look. I have got some photos which ill show up now, and these photos are from vandoswoodshop on instagram, so make sure to check him out. Hes got some awesome woodwork material on there, but he has a lot of the 48 tools gear. This is an old photo from him and, as you can see, he has 12 amp hour batteries, three of them all in a row and theres no problems whatsoever. So im not sure why milwaukee have spread these apart. So much well throw a couple of batteries on and have a look if we chuck these onto here. First, this is just a five amp. Unfortunately, i dont have any twelves. This is an eight but theyre not really much wider than the eights from the photo. You can actually see that they fit quite nicely, but right here, youve got a massive gap which is really unnecessary because all you need to get to is these, so i dont know if thats why theyve done it to have a little bit more gap. But for me, youre not utilizing the space accordingly so well. Take that off! Well, try a couple of batteries! Well, do the three amp hour! This is one of the slimmer, slimmer ones, red lithium.

It does clip in there nicely so theres no problems with that. Take that up feels like its going to break, so it does clip in there slip that into there, and it does fit into the 48 tools one, even though they dont have that little bit there. So i dont know if that makes a difference with any batteries, but the 12 amp hour batteries fit. This is a very new three amp hour. It all fits in there. So if we have a look at the gap here, what have we got? 20? 24 mil? I dont know: can you see that there yeah 24 mil got about 16 mil, maybe even less hold on lets, get closer its actually about 14, mil right there 14 to 15 mil? But let me know what you think so far guys well take these off. So next up we have the m12 ones so well open that up. If you havent seen 48 tools do make the m12 battery holders. As you can see here, they actually come as an extra. So if you already have the m18 thats them there, nice little bracket, its all one piece and it just slots straight in clips in and they are not falling out so well grab this one out so once again comes in two pieces and well have a look At the sizing of these, so there you go guys once again, i dont know if you can see that lets go this one put these together once again, a little bit shorter or the milwaukee is longer sorry if we line them up and we are looking at 56Mm longer for the milwaukee, so next up lets see it sits out quite a lot more.

So if youve got these in your car or a toolbox, or something like that where you need to close – and you need to utilize uh space once again, look how much more that sits out so lets go with 11 mil. So these milwaukees sit out 11 mil further and then once again where these line up well go about there further apart, so theyre, not really utilizing space yeah lets uh so well. Throw this into here lets see what weve got so ill, throw some bigger ones. This is a six and a four, so theyve got the bigger base. Look as you can see, youve got plenty of space to get in there. You just need to get into the base like that to the two clips, so thats thats sufficient youre not struggling to get in there and look theyre fully solid, all right, a lot of guys have them upside down. I actually like them upside down either upside down or sort of that way, but no worries there lets have a look. Thats got about 30 mil. What do you think 30 mil? Okay, so thats the first time i have clipped these in and not much pressure. They are not actually utilizing any sort of any form of clip, so whether thats a good thing, bad thing, theyve changed it up a little bit. But if you want certainty like, if you can hear that thats what weve all come to love with 48 tools, just how secure they are its very interesting that theyve, this actually clips in there im, actually very confused all right, so well throw two in its weird.

Not having that click, so they do stay in to a degree, depends how much uh how bumpy your ride gets so thats definitely fascinating. I i dont know how long that will last. Obviously, if this is made of the same, i think its nylon sort of material as the pack out might not have any worries, but over time lets have a look ill. Show you inside here. If we have a good look in here, im, not sure if you can see it its just a tiny little bump thats all theyre going with you – can already see theres a bit of wear and tear on that just from me pulling them in and out. I hope you can see that try to get in the right light, but its only a tiny looks like maybe one or two mil and thats all thats holding it in so whether that lasts over time and if youre driving around thats. The main worry, i guess, if youre driving around oh there, we go that uh. That does sound like eclipse im, not really pulling too hard. So maybe you like that, maybe you dont so before we got 30 mil apart from each other, thats, better 40 mil. So another 10 mil, but it also sits out a little bit further. Obviously that 11 mil so. Lastly, i dont know if i got the height, but the milwaukee ones are lets go. I have to go back to back see if we can get a good measurement here, so i dont know if you can see that, but were looking at roughly 13 mil higher.

So another thing to take into consideration guys is the milwaukee is going from 35 to 40, while the 48 tools is running for under 30.. So definitely think about that, so its higher its longer its deeper, very strange yeah. I dont know what to think guys. It is very strange ill give you my views on the sort of background of this. Obviously you guys know ive supported 48 tools. I love their gear. I only support gear that i absolutely love. 48 tools came out quite a few years ago. Hes been hustling hard and has made a perfect product and hes. Had all these new attachments hes got a lot more coming. He does the makita matabo hikoki hilti. What else have we got? Weve got heaps. He almost covers every single brand of these, so for milwaukee to come out years later and bring out this. I find it very strange. Let me know what you think about that guys, whether you support the 48 tools. Let me know if youve got the 48 tools gear, it is fantastic. The other thing he has got and you would have seen this, that is for the pack out, so it has got the back attachment for your pack out clips into there perfect away. You go. You can throw the m12 gear onto this brilliant, so yeah im just confused guys. I really want to hear what everyone else thinks. Why do you think milwaukee has done this? Do they just want a piece of the pie? They saw an avenue where theyre losing or not making certain money, and they would try to take on the little guy all right.

So wrapping this up. My final thoughts – and i want all you guys to comment about what you think about this – is that 48 tools has been around for a long time makes a better product. In my, in my opinion, it is more compact, more organized just smaller. I do like the clip better than the the m12 on the milwaukee im, not sure why they went with that. They have their own reasons like everything, but i think theyre, just trying to muscle in on a market that they didnt have before. I will be supporting 48 tools, i wont be buying any more of the milwaukee gear. This is just to show you guys that it is available what its like. So you can make your own decision on this and i dont want to sway. You either way make your own decision. Hopefully this has helped you, but 48 tools support the local guys. 48 tools is available worldwide, whether its amazon or all the other companies that are supporting all the other tool stores that are supporting the 48 tool brand.