I will be throwing down over labor day weekend that works best for me, because 10 to 14 days after labor day weekend is when my soil temperatures fall out of the 70 degree mark theres a really great cool tool out there, its called the green chaos tool. It calculates your soil temperatures, it has a current temperature, a five year average and a 10 year average. You want to go off of your five year average and basically go out five years. Take the five year average to when you hit your seven degree mark and then take that back 10 to 14 days and thats. When you really want to throw down your grass seed, alan hayne, he put out a really great free, uh c guide, um ill leave. A link below uh, so you guys can check that out. I highly recommend you check out that free sea guide that he put out um has a wealth of knowledge in there um from thrown down grass seed to pre emergent if thats, something that you do. I do not do that because i dont put herbicides in my lawn. I strictly just put down fertilizer and grass seed and water and buy stimulants and thats it, but i definitely check check out that guide. It will help you. It will answer a lot of questions as well that i dont answer here today. In my personal opinion, there are five things that you really need for a great fall, successful overseed and the first thing, of course, is grass seed.

So when your temperatures are falling to that 70 degree mark which is very key for a good germination, you want a good quality grass seed. I have two really great options right here, depending on what you like over here. We have a mountain view. Seed blend right here i got this at tuckahoe turf farms in hamilton, new jersey. They use this right in their side farm, which is really great, because you know theyre not going to put down cheap grassy theyre, going to put down quality grass seed in their sod form that theyre distributing out to the country. So this is a ninety percent tall. Fescue blend and a ten percent kentucky bluegrass its blue tag, certified um mountain view seed. They do very rigorous tests to get that blue tag certified. So you know that youre gon na have a great germination rate. Theres, zero percent wheat in here so theres no weed seeds in here, which is really great as well over. Here we have the baron brug rpr its a perennial rye grass, but its a regenerating perennial rye grass, meaning its like kentucky bluegrass, and it can spread through rhyme zones in the ground. So what im going to do is im going to put this in the main front of my house over here, the tall fescue blend and then over here with the rpr im going to be putting this in my backyard, my backyard is small. I dont have it irrigated, so i plan on just planting this out back there.

I usually keep it very short, so thats, what you know perennial ryegrass likes so were going to try this out this year by baron brook here. The rpr ive heard really great things about baron brook as a brand. Again they do a lot of testing as well with their grass seed, so were going to throw this down in the back and were going to see how it does this year. So the second thing that you will need for a good, successful overseed is obviously a good starter, fertilizer and thats. What i have here for you, this is the yard mastery brand. This is their version of their starter fertilizer, its a 12 12 12.. Obviously, that middle number – the 12 phosphorus thats, what we really need to drive deep roots with new grass seed and thats. What you have here, theres, also its also packed with a bunch of micronutrients in here as well um that also spiked with their bionite and bionite, is a bio, solid, its a malaria, nite version um, the malaga, obviously comes from milwaukee. Theirs comes from south florida, so thats spiked with that as well. So thats really cool about this fertilizer brand um. I love their brand. Its a diy first mentality, like a lot of us out there, are di wires so check out this ill leave a product link below for this starter fertilizer and also i did a cost comparison between their starter fertilizer and the big box store brands and the cost Per application, you cant beat it youre, getting a quality fertilizer youre, getting a great cost per application difference between a big box store and their brand ill leave a link above to the video that i did on that.

So go check out that video, so thats step number two, a good quality starter fertilizer, so the suns starting to come out now for step number three, so i had to throw my glasses on but step. Three is very important. I believe in getting good germination and getting good turf growth from your grassy that youll be throwing down so step. Three, for me, is a good bio stimulant to put down. I have a couple options here for you and how to put them down as well over. Here we have air 8. I highly recommend you put this down, especially if youre not going to do a mechanical aeration. Basically, what air 8 is is a liquid version of aeration thats, why its called air 8, obviously youre, going to be putting this down at 9 ounces per 1000. If theres been a lot of studies out there that showed that this works its not just a gimmick. It does work, ive used it out in my lawn and thats. Actually why? One of the reasons why im not doing a mechanical aeration this year, i did one last year, but what ive noticed is that my soil has been very hasnt, been as compacted as since ive been using this, so its great for water retention for that water. To go down into your soil, it breaks down those nutrients that youre going to be putting down on your soil, your starter fertilizer, so it really gets down into your soil, so go check this out ill leave a product link below for the area.

So the next thing that i highly recommend that you put down is rgs. Basically, what rgs is is a root growth stimulant um. It helps drive those deep roots when you first put down grass seed and just grass and put in your grass and throughout the season. As well, i put this down last year, i saw great results, good germination, so i highly recommend you get this as well. The recommended rate is three ounces per 1000 when seating um. This is a one gallon jug um. This will cover up to over 40 000 square feet, so one gallon jug should last you a very long time so thats the rgs in the air. Eight, like i said air eight nine ounces per 1000, is what youre gon na put down at the seating time and three ounces per 1000 for the rgs um. Your mastery also sells a blend here as well. Its called spoon juice and essentially what spoon juice is, is its our rgs and humic 12 combined. Obviously, air 8 and rgs has humic in it, but if youre looking for a little bit of a combination of rgs and humic, which is great for your soil as well great for germination, you can get this as well. This is really great ive been using this throughout the year. It combines obviously rgs, like i said in humic 12., so if thats, something that youre looking at check out, the spoon juice ill leave a link below as well to where you can purchase this one of the cool things this year is i teamed up with easy Flow easy flow sells a device here, its a fertigation system.

Basically, what it does is you can fill up their device here with any kind of liquid fertilizer that you would like and it can be sprayed out in your guard via a hose or your sprinklers. Even and thats what i will be doing, i will probably be filling this up with rgs um. It has a slow release, so it will slowly filter through my sprinkler system and spray out onto my yard. I did a video on this uh in depth. Video of the easy flow device so ill leave a link above and in the video description as well. So i highly check recommend you check this out as a really cool device. Its a quality really great made in the usa device um its really cool to go check out that video. So obviously, if youre going to be spraying out these liquid fertilizers, these bio stimulants right here youre going to need something to spray them out with. I have really two great options right here. Obviously, right here is your typical hose end version uh your hose end sprayer. This is made by ortho. These work, really great ive been using them since ive started, my lawn care journey and ive had some problems with them. Ive had some good things with them, but with the great thing about them are, is theyre ready, readily available in home depot and lowes um. You can get them on amazon, even as well um. If you dont want to go to the store, you can get them delivered to your house on their cheap um, but they they do work uh pretty, i would say, fairly fairly well um, but if you want to upgrade to something uh, this backpack sprayer right here By spray mate, this is their four gallon version, um its a its a really great diy, friendly backpack sprayer.

I did a comparison, video between another sprayer and their sprayer um, so ill leave a link above and below in the video description to that video. So go check that out um its a four gallon backpack sprayer, like i said, um the price point right now. I think its a hundred and fifty dollars on their website so its a very affordable backpack sprayer for the uh average uh diy or the homeowner. So if you are looking to upgrade check this out but, like i said you cant go wrong with the hose end: sprayers um, you know like, like i said home depot lowes, probably even menard – sells them in amazon. Of course um. So you cant go wrong with either option to spray out these liquid fertilizers in your yard. Step four is a very important part if you want just a little bit of an insurance policy when you put down that grass seed um that grass seed, you know a lot of quality grass seed out. There is not cheap um, the grassy that ill be using especially the mountain view. I believe its at a price point of like about 130 435 dollars, so thats a good decent amount and thats for a 50 pound bag. I only need 50 pounds for my yard, but if you need more um, what i highly recommend is – and this is step number four – is put down a peat moss top dressing and why i say to put down a peat moss top dressing is because it holds Moisture in the ground so, like i said, peat moss is a great insurance policy.

After watching this video, i would recommend going out and getting it now. It goes very quickly, especially in my area, during the fall overseas time, it was very hard to find. I only needed a couple more bags last year and i had to go around to like four or five different lows in home depot to find a couple more bags of peat moss last year over labor day weekend last year. So i highly recommend you go, get it its a great organic matter to put into your soil as well its omri listed, which means its organic. Its a great top dressing, like i said, itll hold that moisture in the ground, so its a great insurance policy. So please go check out the pmos in your area and get it if thats, something that you would like to put down for an insurance policy as well. So, as you can see here, i purchased this myself im not paid to say i did purchase this device myself. This is the lansing peat moss, spreader um. It is 250 dollars. It is a little bit of it. You know its a pretty high uh price point, but i believe it is a good investment if youre going to be doing over seeds every year or some kind of top dressing uh as well on your lawn throughout the year. Um so, like. I said 250 dollars, but its made very nice. It is power coated whats, really, nice is that this cage here um it holds those big clumps, those big you know rooted clumps that you can get out of peat moss and it keeps it in here and then you can just toss it away and also.

I did do a video on how many bags of peat moss you would need uh with the 24 inch peat moss, spreader right here to put out in your yard i calculated. I would need 15 bags with the 24 inch peat moss spreader right here, that put out in my yard, so in short, that calculation turned out to be 2.3 bags of the three cubic feet bag. This is what this bag is here. Three cubic feet: bag, so 2.31, three cubic feet bags equals about a thousand square feet in the 24 inch peak, most spreader um but, like i said ill leave a link below in the video description and above to that video as well. So go check that out. If you will be purchasing the lansing peat moss spreader, it will make your life a lot easier on knowing how many bags of peat moss you will need and step number five is a simple one. I have nothing on the table here, its one simple thing: water. You need water for good germination and when i say water, you need to water frequently you need to keep that soil moist until you get a germination in your grass like, as you can see on my shirt grass, its always greener, if you water it. So please, if youre, going to invest all this time and money and effort make sure you water and you keep your soil moist its so important, especially if we do, if you get some heat, spells throughout your fall overseas time, when you throw your grassy down, you Need to keep that soil moist, so those seeds can germinate.

So that is the five things that i will be doing for my fall overseas and that i encourage you at home to do as well again lets recap the five things uh number one. Obviously, you want a good quality grass seed. I gave you two great options here today, so go check them out in the video description below number two. You want a good quality starter fertilizer. I gave you a great option here today by your master, either. 12. 12. 12 theyre blend you cant go wrong with their brand, so number three! You want good bio stimulants to put down as well. I gave you good options here today on what bio, stimulants you should put down and also how to spray them down as well, so again check out those product links below for those options. Number four, peat moss. I highly recommend you put that down. On top of your grass seed, like i said its just a little bit of insurance policy, so that youre going to get good germination in your grass and number five water, i cant harp on it enough, but you need to water. You dont want to put down all that money and effort into your grass seed, your starter fertilizers and everything and not water, and i recommend you water three to four times per day. Until you see germination in your grass, you dont want to waste all that money and effort. I keep saying it, but you dont want to waste your money and your effort and not water, its very important, especially if you go through heat, spells.

You got to keep that soil moist and believe me, if you water enough youre, going to get good, germination and youre going to get a good lawn at the end of the day. If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please comment below, and i will get back to you. Everything that i did here today is a recommendation. You do not have to do exactly what im doing this is just what im doing. This is what i recommend that a lot of people at home do its just my recommendation. My opinion, everyone believe me: everyone has a different budget out there. I know everyone can afford everything um. So if you can, if you can budget for everything that i showed you here today, thats great, but believe me, you dont have to do exactly what i do. Ive had great results in my past from what ive done so thats. Why i want to show you what i have done so please, like i said its a recommendation, its my opinion, but i highly recommend you check out the different products. I showed you today if you want a good quality lawn in the fall overseas. If you found todays content helpful make sure you smash that like button, it helps out with the youtube algorithm, so other people can find my channel.