Let me ask you guys a question: what are your plans for the fall? Well personally, i think we should go leaf peeping. What do you think about that? Billy? Maybe have some pumpkin pie celebrate thanksgiving. Have some turkey no im not talking about that im talking about what are your fall plans for your lawn? So stick around thats. What were gon na talk about today? I consider fall time to be the christmas of lawn care. So this is the time when we all get excited because we can fix our lawns fix any problems or damage that happened during the summer and get it ready for the upcoming spring fall is actually the best time to get your lawn ready and get it improved. There are lots of activities that you can do in the fall for your lawn, the top five that i have are seeding or pre, or putting down pre emergent, aerating your lawn, applying fertilizer, taking care of your leaves and adjusting your height of cut all right number. One to seed or not to seed. That is the question. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you want to either overseed or you want to apply pre emergent. You do not want to do both. I definitely recommend you do one or the other, but definitely do not do both. So if youre going to seed, make sure you select a good quality seed and select it early and make sure you order it now, so that it comes in time, you do want to keep an eye on your first frost date.

So in massachusetts, our first frost date is usually the first or second weekend in october, so take a look at your first frost date and count backwards uh by six weeks, and that will tell you when you should put it in generally. For me, its around labor day and that always works well in my area. Your area may be different, but in my area labor day works well ill. Try to leave a link down below for a frost, a frost calculator itll, tell you the actual average for first frost date in your area and ill also leave a link down below for some good quality seed, because you definitely do not want to go and just Buy any any seed you see at home, depot or lowes, not to say those are terrible, but you know i wouldnt use it on my lawn and the other thing that you do want to do. If youre going to apply pre emergent, make sure again that you get this early because good quality pre emergent, will sell out quickly, and you want to make sure that you get it to your house in time to apply it in time. So ill. Also, leave a link down below for that. The second thing that you want to do in the fall that you really want to focus on is aerating your lawn so aerating. The lawn is when you take a heavy machine, or if you have a pole behind on your lawn tractor like i do, and it actually pulls plugs up from the lawn.

So what it does is it drives spikes down into the lawn and it pulls up whole cores of the lawn it. Actually, the grass is going to look like birds have been there or geese, looks like a bunch of geese turds after its done, but thats really good. It means that its opening up the lawn its allowing the fertilizer and water and nutrients to get down into the lawn it allows for better air filtration and allows for better drainage and less compaction. So i would definitely highly suggest that you aerate your lawn every single year, no matter what, before we go, any further id like to ask you guys a favor if you like this content and this type of video, please subscribe to the channel thumbs up this video And put your comments down below? It really does help the channel to grow, and it helps us to continue to deliver content like this thanks so much so by far the best time to fertilize your lawn is in the fall. So number three is fertilizing. I like to spoon feed my lawn in the fall after i seed and that really helps it to pop in april and it helps it to go to bed with a full belly. So just like. I know this sounds crazy, but just like bears hibernate during the winter, your grass hibernates, and what is what is, what do bears do before they go to bed? Well, they take a big snack and they go to bed with a full belly.

So you want to do the same thing for your grass. You want your grass to go to go to bed full so that it wakes up and has plenty of energy in the in the spring. So i will put a link down below for a couple really good fertilizers. You can use what you what you want, but i do i do like using some high nitrogen fertilizers in the fall. I really like to push growth and i like to get my roots to go as deep as possible. The fourth thing that you want to decide and think about is how youre going to handle leaves in the northeast. We get a lot of leaves that fall from the trees in the fall and dealing with them is certainly an important factor in any lawn care regimen. So i like to typically go out on a weekly basis and make my cleanup a little easier and its up to you. How often you go out, but i definitely suggest you go out weekly rather than waiting till the end. Absolutely do not leave the leaves on your lawn for a long time, because it will smother out the grass and it will uh, the grass will die out and you do want to think about. Do you how you want to treat take care of the leaves you can mulch them, you can rake them, you can blow them or you can do a combination of all three um i like to i like to mulch them and i like to blow them, but Its kind of up to you and well well get into that in the fall a little bit more, but definitely number four is figuring out how youre gon na take with take care of the leaves and our fifth definitely not our final, but our fifth tip for Lawn care in the fall is to adjust your height of mow.

So generally, i like to bring my height up a little bit in the summer, usually around three and a half inches any taller than that, and my wife tells me its too long. So we all know about that. So i keep it at three and a half inches, but in the fall i generally i gradually bring it down. I get it down to about two and a half inches, and that seems to be just about right. Maybe a touch lower, but the point is you dont want to you: dont want your lawn to go into the winter tall at three and a half four inches, because whats going to happen is especially here in the northeast. Once the snow sits on it, its going to end up getting snow mold in the spring, so to avoid that just cut it down a little shorter and then in the spring trust me itll itll grow fast. Once it comes out of dormancy anyways, one bonus tip for you guys if you do have underground sprinklers or irrigation, make sure you call your sprinkler company ahead of time and schedule a winterization. What theyll do is theyll come out and you do have to turn the water off first from the inside, usually theres a ball valve or a shutoff valve, and what they do is theyll, come with a compressor and theyll go zone by zone and theyll force. All the water out by pushing compressed air and that pushes all the water out of the lines and makes sure that theres nothing left in the lines and nothing that could freeze during the winter.

So this is really important that you do this well. Ladies and gentlemen, those are my five tips for fall, lawn care to get your lawn looking the absolute best and go into into the winter real strong and come out of the spring super duper healthy and really thick. So again, those five tips are either overseed or applied. Pre emergent core aeration fertilize, take care of your leaves and adjust your height of cut, and i guarantee, if you do, those five things: youll go into the winter very strong and in the spring boy, oh boy, you certainly will be glad and enjoy your time out Out there in the fall personally fall is my absolute favorite time of year the weather is beautiful. I mean whats better than than the fall around in the northeast, so i encourage you guys to spend as much time outside as you can. It really is a great time of year. If you have any questions, please let me know all right guys. Well, thanks so much for making it to the end of the video. I appreciate it. Let me know in the comment box below what you plan on doing this fall on your lawn. We all get so excited about this and i think its really cool to hear about other plans and what other people are doing. So let me know what you guys plan on doing id love to hear it and with that uh. Please also give this video a thumbs up subscribe to the channel turn the bell icon notification on.

You know all the regular stuff, but i really do appreciate your support and i really do appreciate you guys coming back for for each and every video and make sure you come back for the next one, because we have more fun coming so with that im jeff. For here we mo again thanks so much for coming back for another episode and be sure to catch the next one.