This is applicable in the year 2021 and any place in the planet. This is another approach that is completely free, so get out your phones, laptops and computers and get ready to make some quick cash apart from bitcoin. There are additional crypto offers that ill show you once weve arrived at the special website, which ill show you later so sit back, relax and pay attention to every tiny detail im about to reveal hey. There welcome to online money blog where we connect you to anything that will help. You earn quick money online on this channel. We love to give away free money and were giving away 50 dollars worth of gift cards in walmart target and amazon to 10 lucky people once our channel hits 5 000 subscribers to find out how to enter stick around until the end of the video. Now, just before we dive into the tutorial smash that thumbs up button, if you like this kind of content, also, if you havent already subscribe to this channel and turn on the notification bell for you to be notified every time, a new video is uploaded with everything Out of the way lets go right into the video, so i can show you everything. Please be patient and pay attention to what im about to show you before we begin now. E is the specific website that will earn you that bitcoin money. This one allows you to earn money by viewing videos and completing other tasks such as surveys and other similar activities.

The about section will be the very first item you see here. It claims that es faucet is a multi crypt deposit that allows you to choose from how frequently you claim. This means that you can visit this website from time to time and exchange cryptocurrency by the way they dont simply have bitcoin. Other cryptocurrencies are available on this platform as well, which i will show you shortly its also crucial to note that its available for android users and will be available for ios users soon. So you can do this on your phone as well, which is great. However, the primary reason will visit their website is to use their crypto miner. You can use their crypto miner to mine crypto in the background, while you do nothing, as stated here, they use a method that maximizes hash power, even unlimited threads, allowing you to mine on any device with high hash power. This is critical knowledge, since it means you can receive the same results on your smartphone, not just laptops or computers. Furthermore, you may keep doing whatever youre doing, while this earns you money in the background, keep in mind that using their crypto miner will have no negative impact on the performance of your device. So you have nothing to be concerned about bitcoin is not only cryptocurrency accessible, as previously stated you can see on their homepage that they have a lot more to offer ill. Let you decide which one you think has the best chance of improving in the future.

So you have a list of cryptocurrencies to choose from here now, just before we go any further. If you enjoy the video so far ill give you time to go one and subscribe to the channel and give it a big thumbs up. And if you found this tutorial interesting and useful leave a comment down below because wed love to know your thoughts. Now to remind you just stay tuned until the end of the video. In order to know the exact steps to winning that 50 gift card giveaway. But for now its time to get back into this tutorial and continue making money to take a step back well now discuss what youll need to do when you first visit our website, which is to register you can do so right now by clicking the sign up Button youll then be prompted to provide some basic information, such as your username email, address and password. Before checking the box indicating that you agreed to their terms of service, then after completing the captcha click register, thats, all there is to it im going to go into my account now so that i can show you everything there is to know. This is how your dashboard will look once youve logged into your brand new account. As you can see, this website has a leveling system in place where you can improve your benefits by leveling up youll be able to do so by redeeming your earnings and the more often you do so, the faster you will level up allowing you to earn more Money youre currently at level zero, but that will change once you begin.

The list of cryptocurrencies can be found by scrolling down a little. However, not all of them will be available right away. They will become available as you progress through the levels, but for the time being, since youre at low level, you can use bitcoin, which is the most popular of them all. You can also use ethereum, litecoin ripple, stellar, digibyte and dodgecoin for the time being ill concentrate on bitcoin, because that is the videos primary goal. Now, if you click on earn on the left hand side of this page, it will display you all of your alternatives. You got faucets paid to click, videos offers minor and bonuses. The faucets section will display all the cryptocurrencies. You have on your account its now up to you to choose one of them for now ill select, bitcoin. You will be directed to this website if you click on it as well, you can see the balance up top and all you have to do to claim. The bitcoin is scroll down and click click here to claim right here. It will then send you to a page where you can see how much bitcoin you have claimed this holds true for any cryptocurrency. You pick so just do what i did a second ago. A word of advice, use all of the other categories on the site to maximize your revenues. Paid to click is one of them. This is about as simple as it gets. All you have to do.

Is click view site and youll be paid its that easy? The amount you receive will be displayed right here, and the best thing is that these deals will refresh after some time has passed. So if you run out, you may either wait a while or finish some of the other offers, while you wait for them to reappear and speaking of choosing other offers, videos is one of the most effective ways to do so. You dont even have to view them simply click on watch videos and go about your business while still getting paid. The amount will be displayed once more right here. Moving on to the next fantastic element of this website categories, the miner, the miner, is what will make you money in the long run, which is possibly the finest part of it all all you have to do now is click this start button and it will begin Earning you money and thats all there is to it. This will have no effect on the functioning of your device. This is also possible on your android device, which is why you should concentrate on the miner in addition to the faucets and videos. The next thought that comes to mind is how are you going to get your money, its actually quite straightforward, simply return to the dashboard, select my account from the drop down menu and select withdraw from there. Its up to you simply select any of these cryptocurrencies and select, show details for the time being ill only concentrate on bitcoin.

Another piece of advice is that whether or not you will pay transaction fees depends on the wallet you use. I recommend that you use coinbase and visit, although you will require greater minimum quantity of satoshis to receive your earnings, you will not be charged any transaction keys, which is fantastic in this regard. Registering a coinbase account is completely free to make one simply get started in the upper right corner and follow the instruction. After doing so, will allow you to receive your earnings so go ahead and do what i instructed on the first website and withdraw them away. So you can start receiving cash right away and that sums up todays tutorial now lets proceed with instructions on how to be lucky and win the 10 free 50 gift cards giveaways. You just need to make sure youve subscribed and are actively leaving a like and a comment on every video, so that i can give rewards to those who i monitor that are always active in each tutorial. The more videos you comment on the better chance you have at winning as we reach the 5 000 sub celebration and thats it once again.