The best amd motherboard ever invented lets get into the hot news. Everybody im your bret host were to be going over the hottest tech news. I can find on the internet while you enjoy your breakfast. I had a few people comment yesterday that they were, you know, eating chinese food at 5, 00 pm or they were having a guinness it doesnt matter all right, youre either having second breakfast. Third, breakfast evening breakfast midnight breakfast, i dont care when you watch hot news. Its breakfast time you got that good and that a little bit of excitement needs to temper itself because were going to talk about the probably worse story that you want to hear today. And that is tsmc, which is a company whos responsible for making a lot of the cpus and gpus, and you know consoles that are out there theyre raising their prices by uh 10 to 20, so thats thats going to be coming down the pipeline for parts pricing, Thats happening all across the board: tsmc responsible for a whole bunch of stuff not currently responsible for nvidias gpus samsungs, actually taking care of that, but that doesnt mean that it couldnt potentially switch over to that if nvidia decides to go with them. For the 30 super series, so, according to the report, tsmc is looking to increase their pricing on seven nanometer and five nanometer wafers by as much as ten percent and then their 16 nanometer 12 nanometer wafers are going to increase by 20 starting in december, so thats Actually a little bit ways away, but it does mean that if theres any price decreases that are happening in the market right now, theyre just going to shoot back up once orders start getting placed for that or companies.

In anticipation of that price, increase of tsmc are going to start raising their prices now in order to prepare for that coming down the pipeline im not exactly privy to how everybodys accounting works, but i could see some companies doing one way or some companies doing the Other way, this is also coming after the report that tsmc canceled some of its discounts, that it had for its major customers, because prices were just getting out of whack for them and the reasons are multi factored number one. According to this report, tsmcs gross margins have fallen under the industry. Standard of 50 gross margins means how much theyre making on it, which i know 50 might seem like a lot of profit. But they also are the first stage in the pipeline actually theyre, not even the first stage like them getting the silicone and then trades like theyre its multi factored right. They have to then send it off to these companies who then turn it into something. Who then turn into something to the retailers who then make two to three percent on the product? At the end stage of things also adding that tsmc has started several large and costly expansion initiatives. Large new factories abroad, advanced facilities in taiwan, as well as things like getting a water treatment plant up and running because they cant necessarily provide for all of these chips. If taiwan happens to run out of water and they have to serve this investor, return, demand is up and shortages are in testifying raw materials prices have increased, freight rates have increased and other inflationary and geopolitical pressures are at play.

Computer pricing likely not going to settle down anytime soon, weve had reports from people like indie, ceo, lisa, sue and nvidia. Ceo jensen, wong, saying things like we dont expect supply constraints to loosen until the end of 2022. This is something else entirely. So if you had supply constraints on a market thats going to raise the prices and then if the back end parts of those prices get raised, maybe that actually might help to uh alleviate some of the demand. Because if things get too expensive, less people want to buy them. Do you want an rtx 3060 for 750? No, you dont, which is why you havent bought them. But what, if thats just the price? What? If inflation and everything else being raised makes that the price forever are you gon na be buying one? No, i didnt think so. Youre gon na have to wait until, like the rtx 6000 series before you get an rtx 30 equivalent down for, like 300 bucks, its a sad world, we live in. What do you think of prices going up? Oh im, sorry to have to report that news to you. Let me know what you thinking down in the comments im gon na. Let you know what i think about todays video sponsor of hot news. We got the ridge, my friends, you should check out the bridge at the link in the video description when you go to them: rich dot, com forward, slash hot news and use code, hot news at checkout youll get 10 off your order on a great slim, sleek Minimalist wallet that can replace your giant behemoth of a leather wallet that youve been carrying around that guy hand me down from your grandpappys grandpappy.

I know it has some sentimental family legacy, but its too big. Okay, stop slapping that in your back pocket, maybe slap a ridge wall in your back pocket and hold up 12 cards. It has room for cash theres over 30 different colors and styles, including carbon fiber and burnt titanium, and they have over forty thousand five star reviews and the durable material means that each one comes with a lifetime warranty and the rich team so confident that youll, like It theyll, let you test, drive it for 45 days, and if you dont love it, you can send it back to them. Okay, this is 2021s wallet. Okay, it was also 2020 was rolling. I mean this this its the decade millennial century of slimming down. You should absolutely do that with a ridge wallet go to forward, slash hot news, enter code, hot news to save 10 and big thanks to the bridge again for sponsoring todays episode. Now lets get into a little bit of gaming news, because gamescom is currently happening, which in case you dont, remember gamescom is where we actually got the unveiling of the rtx 20 series, one that did get unveiled august of was it 2018? Are we that far removed? Oh, my goodness anyways microsoft, showing off a 550, so only a 10 price bump halo, themed, xbox series x, i kind of dig it. I cant like for only a 50 increase. I, like this microsoft, doing some good custom work here, also being announced that halo infinite is coming out on december, 8th in case you havent heard the news its going to be launching without co, op and forge modes which got fans in an uproar because not having Co, op and halo is like having soup with no bowl what the hecks even the point.

I wan na hear what you think of halo with no co op down below in the comments the horizon. Forbidden west is a game that im excited for that was supposed to come out this year that got delayed. Now it has a new release. Date february 18th of 2022. Looking forward to that, and also coming out as an update for horizon zero dawn on the ps5, you can now get it to run at up to 60 fps on the ps5, which is great, except for ive, been playing it on pc, which ive been able to Get hundreds of fps so ps5, even though, like i got a kitted out my ps5 with dark plates and a d brand skate, it looks immaculate, oh yeah d, brand, dark plates and amazons saying to all your gpus because theyre getting an open beta for the new World mmo on september 9th, so in case you want to fry another rtx, 3090 heres another chance until the game gets fully released on september 28th and when does bitcoin get it get fully released. I dont know, but its time for the crypto stunts update, which i know crypto people are probably gon na, be like arguing down in the comments. I dont know what it means for bitcoin to be fully released: ill, just bitcoin up 1.53 percent in the last 24 hours up to 48 853 ethereum up roughly one percent to be at 3218 dogecoin down half a percent to be at 29 cents, dogecoin, not barking Too much anymore, meme stunks peeling back a little bit of the layers after its excitement.

Yesterday, in case, you missed a game. Stop went up over 20 percent. It pulled back by about five percent right now to close at 199.65, went up to 201 in after hours trading. Amc not pulling back quite as much down 0.68 lowering on the day to 43.96, which actually isnt too shabby after the 20 increase that it had yesterday. But as we continue talking about memes elon musk and the full self driving beta is saying that the public button thats supposed to come out to people who have already paid the company for full self driving beta years ago. Thousands of dollars um, should be coming out in roughly four weeks, which is again what weve been hearing ever since march april. Was it not so were were a bit beyond that at this point, but v10 for the beta is supposed to come out its supposed to have a completely retrained neural net, which has the highway and the city stacks put together, and then its going to be tuning And bug fixes and then youre going to get the button to click it and say: hey yeah. I want to try out the full self driving beta autonomously drive me around this entire freaking planet. If it does come out in four weeks, thats going to be just in time for my charity stream, so i better believe its not happening theres zero chance. This is coming out this year, all right, my best guess all right, just based on how i know elon time works from all of my watching him on the twitters all right.

This is how its gon na work full self driving beta, is gon na roll out to like another 5 000 people on december 31st, its going to be like a new years present all right just so that they could say that they did it this year. All right, it came out in 2021, big whoop, ah well. I facetiously am like kind of bummed about full self driving, not coming out im, actually kind of really frustrated about samsung. When you unlock the bootloader on the z, fold, 3 or z, flip 3, they wont let you use the cameras anymore, which is absolutely ridiculous. In my opinion, theyre saying its for security reasons of whatever merit that means. So when you unlock it, it says: youll lose access to your cameras. This isnt the first thing that theyve removed access to stuff like their knock security, which then removes things like samsung pay and secure folder. That kind of makes sense they dont want to give up some of the security stuff to things that have unlocked boot loaders, but to remove the cameras really samsung. That just seems anti consumer and nonsense. This is the second day in a row. Weve had a story about samsung, doing something to consumers that people didnt think that they should do. What do you think of samsung removing the cameras from you if you unlock your bootloader you for it you against it, or are you of the opinion that, if somebodys buying a z, flip or z fold, three theyre likely not the type of person to unlock the Bootloader in the first place so who freaking cares? Huh, let me know what your thoughts are down below in the comments, and i already know your thoughts because i used a quantum computer to quantum compute, your brain and another simulation thats.

How quantum computing works? Im, not a scientist dont ask me any more questions, but now researchers have found a way to get quantum computers to work on a way: thats, not silicon, and instead it is actually using glass because theyve been able to precisely fuse silica glass together to make it So that it uses ions to get the quantum qubits to work and they could potentially scale it up to triple digit qubits, which is how you measure quantum computing processing, stuff anyways. The benefits of glass allows it so that you have an ion trap: computer that gets manipulated with lasers and then because its glass, the physical shape of it, can be manipulated to allow the lasers to come through and address the device in a specific way. Man. I barely understand how computers work id less understand how quantum computers work, glass, powered quantum computers, sci fi is here friends. Speaking of things, i dont understand algorithms. What are they i post a video on tick tock. It gets nearly a million views in a week. I post the same exact dang video on youtube shorts and it gets like 7 000 views whats up with algorithms. Am i right whats the deal with algorithms thats, a terrible jerry, seinfeld, impression anyways. It appears that tiktok is now going to be testing even longer form. Video in case youre not familiar with it, tik tok was at one point only allowing up to one minute videos.

Now it allows up to three minute videos, and now they are currently testing up to five minute videos to select creators who might be able to use this, which for me, just like completely defeats the whole point of the app like when im scrolling through. It really does need to be in that 10 to 30. Second, like quick, i need to flip on to the next one feeding that, like incessant, need to have content all the time. Daddys got some content for you. Let me shove it down your throat thats. What tick tocks good at when i watch a video thats like a minute im like this got a little long in the tooth, but if the you know character is entertaining enough ill stay there if its over a minute, if its like one to three minutes at Some point my brain goes: why havent you scrolled, yet you need to move on from this and going to five minutes just seems like thats, not the point of the app and theyre moving away from what it was trying to create like a youtube competitor, because everybodys Trying to get in on the shorts things so theyre, stealing away market shares, so tick tock is trying to reinvent themselves. I dont necessarily agree with this, but again im not a multi billion dollar corporation im, just a bald dude sitting in a basement and in yesterdays episode of hot news. This bald dude in the basement told you about how razers peripherals could potentially elevate administrator privileges.

In case you plug them in because synapse software had to get installed, turns out thats, not the only peripheral company that does that bad thing. Uh steelseries, also using this very similar exploit where their software will install on windows and can give you administrator level privileges. Without you actually needing a password or actually to have administrator privileges in the first place, stop it steel series razer, get your crap together. Dont do this! Obviously this doesnt work on pcs that already have steel series and razor software installed. So maybe the end game is that they want you to install their software on your pc before you even buy their products, all right, thats how you prevent this from happening good play. I respect the hustle evga, also respect and overclockers by unveiling the x 570 dark. Motherboard, which is being quoted as the monster amd overclocking motherboard, probably one of the best x570 motherboards you could buy. That is a beauty. Look at that such a good looking board its gon na be able to overclock like nobodys business. We dont know a whole lot about it just yet. This is the first picture coming up evga and their dark series, motherboards, obviously for extreme overclocking. I want to see what people are going to be able to push this to just a little bit. People might be able to push intel cpus a little bit further 12700k getting benchmarks showing that in the geekbench, its just shy of a ryzen 75800x, which, admittedly isnt a very good thing, since it has eight performance cores for efficiency cores, whereas the ryzen 7 has only Eight performance cores, so the intel has more cores and performs worse, whereas on comparing it to a ryzen, 9 makes a little bit more sense because then its 16 versus you know 12 cores anyways.

It looks like its going to be slightly catching up to andy whether or not amd releases another cpu this year that might have like 3d cache technology. That makes it so that theyre, even better at gaming, well have to wait and see, but until benchmarks are coming out and im going out because its the end of this episode of hot news. Why dont you check out yesterdays episode where we talked about how in videos bringing a special brand of gpu back from the grave and ill see you tomorrow for another episode at breakfast, my friends, okay, i dont care what youre drinking i dont care.