We live in a 2006 toyota prius and were here to take you along on the wild ride, but today we are changing it up. A little bit since 2016 ive been working as a tour guide for a company called travel for teens, taking youth all over the world and today were taking you along for episode, one of our epic road trip around iceland, Music. In case you missed the last few weeks we dropped off our prius home. At my parents, house, camper booked himself, a staycation at grandma and grandpas. Then i went off to greece to direct my first tour of the summer. It was an absolute blast and a huge success. Once the two week tour was finished, i immediately hopped on the plane to iceland, where i met with my new co leader, lily lily, how you doing over there very lonely, very lonely. A few hours later we landed in my happy place, so excited im so happy to be in the cold. I love the cold. Oh yeah. We grabbed some coffee, iceland. Here we go and soon after the students arrived, we quickly stopped at the hotel to settle in, have our first team meeting and immediately headed to start our adventure to go soak in the world. Famous blue lagoon we geared up and when exploring icelands, most famous and visited tourist site, the blue lagoon is huge: containing 6 million liters of geothermal seawater coming from 6500 feet below the surface.

The blue lagoon is an experience like no other and a blast. One enjoyed with good company being known for its blue milky waters surrounded by lava fields, its not just a perfect photo op, but an unmatched relaxation destination with healing mineral waters, averaging at 100 degrees fahrenheit. The experience is fully equipped with mineral masks, fresh smoothies and beverages. I have the power for me as well, please cheers and even a waterfall to sit under this is so cool, not to mention the best, shampoo and conditioner in all the land. We hopped back on the bus and hit the city where we would learn about the area thats. Why also the park all the valley wall is here. Okay, do some sightseeing dont do that ever explore the streets and have our first traditional icelandic cuisine and sample the famous icelandic delicacy fermented rotten shark? Why did i smell it first? Why did i do that? Just eat it go. I dont like that before we continue on our adventure, a quick note from our video sponsor and an app that i actively use, no matter where i am fry. A i first found out about fry a because i was stressing about staying organized and i ended up loving it so much that i reached out to the founder – and i am now partnering with them to offer you something amazing. Freya is an all in one app. Some of the highlights and the ways that i use it are for saving and storing files thats where ill manage my calendar ill.

Do my trip research ill, make notes, goals ill start my projects? I can even chat with my team on there. Theres video chat options. If you need it, they probably have it, but whats, really cool is its completely customizable and the way that their system is organized is to have a self managing team lets be real, who really likes micromanager camper uh. I dont know what youre talking about, but did you check that task list? I sent you yeah if you want a better way to save time, stay organized or you just want a self managed team fry a is 100 for you. All you have to do is go to friday, dot, io, slash, team, dash, nikki and sign up. You will get one of a kind offers with discounts, special perks and unmatched support in creating your perfect workspace. The next day we started our journey with icelands famous golden circle, where we got our first taste of real icelandic weather pouring rain and wind, but that did not stop us theres, no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. Our first stop was ghoulfoss waterfall, fully equipped with a local traffic director and hype woman. We marveled at the views Music, hydrated and continued to our next stop on the golden circle. Stroker geyser arriving just in time to watch the geyser erupt Music. Then we moved on to thing velir national park, so where were driving right now we got europe on this side.

We got north america back here i like to refer to that as the continental mullet. You can see that youre up in the front north america, in the back business in the front party in the back the national park, lies in a rift valley that marks the boundary between north american and eurasian tectonic plates. Did you know each year the tectonic plates move apart at approximately 2.5 centimeters per year? The effect of this movement is very clear. As you explore the park Music, a small group went to snorkel sylphra rift, while the rest of us explored the park more by foot. It was so cool to be able to explore two different continents at the exact same time, fun fact. During the summer, the sun only sets for three hours per day, meaning theres effectively light for the whole 24 hours, so were just gon na skip sleeping and continue on with our adventure. Next up, we began driving counter clockwise on icelands ring road, a road trip everyone needs to put on their bucket list. Today we had waterfalls on the menu at our first waterfall. We watched some local fly, fishers and dodged. Some bird attacks on one of our campers drones and then made our way to seljulens foss, a 60 meter waterfall. You can even see the beauty and the power of the falls from behind this guys been doing push ups on the river for like an hour afterwards. We took the campers to a secret waterfall in a canyon nearby.

All right lets check it out. It was magical on our way out. We even got to see our first sight of the famous purebred icelandic horses. Next, we danced our way to skogafoss falls, starting with the view from above. We made it into the clouds. Darlings skogafoss is one of the largest falls in iceland and the cliffs you see here were one sea cliffs. Today, the shoreline has traveled about five kilometers south of the falls. The beauty and power is unmatched, stay tuned for next weeks episode as we continue our road trip all around iceland.