He ordered what the icelandic plate dry, bread slices with mashed fish smoked, trout, flat, bread, but sheep had jelly. Oh sound, interesting, mashed, turnip and bean salad and the second one is icelandic plate. Loki rye, bread slices with mashed fish smoked, trout, flat, bread with smoked lamb, dry fish with butter and a taste of a fermented shark fish of the day, fresh steamed fish slightly salted and black pepper, served with fresh green potato and house sauce and what the other One lime shank served with garlic, roasted potato roots, vegetable and demi glazed, sauce yeah. This will be interesting, oh ill, explain so the lamb shank with potatoes and root vegetables, okay thats the first one, and then we have the flat bread with smoked lamb, ripe bread with smoked, trout and cottage cheese, dry, bread with mashed fish and thats the dried fish. In there and then the shark is in the middle ill, get you some extra three other uh three more sharks, so you can all try. Oh okay. I appreciate that and theres the flatbread, with sheephead jelly, the mashed turnips and then theres the bean, salad, oh and, of course, the sheep, its okay man, you just need to you, dont need fights, you just dig. It dig in thats the shot right here: Music Laughter. Oh thats, a shack holy crap thats, it yeah take one: oh Music. This is pretty doable um, Music Laughter. You know what it smells like thomas, its like it smells like that thousand year old egg thing: oh okay, yeah! Do it take the egg thing? Oh, i know what you thought: the black egg yeah i like jelly today, i take it for lunch.

Man well eat it. First, no, oh god, it smelled bad it hit. Let me set up for everything in her piece, its a pate. What is that uh? Lamb fish thats, a no for me, too man, its like Music, all right boy, yeah right caught all right. We may have to visit our middle eastern front after that man. We might have to visit our middle eastern front after this lamparte thats. Maybe the end of the night, oh its pretty good. Let me try. Oh this thats good, thats good. I like the bread too yeah. Oh yeah, its on the way here. Did you have the pale? Oh? No, we didnt know. Did you like that? No okay, all right! Thank you! One more yeah! There we go there. Thank you, okay! I got something we all have a little piece, thats, really good, yeah thats the best um everywhere. I think we got the end of the night right now, but uh no right. After this, oh up is Music. Anybody take the whole thing um next spot, or do you really think i didnt try this one? I like the bread, thick moisture, smoked salmon rough meal, one to ten um, probably not again been here done that check off the list. Not enough tai chi Laughter, just imagine if you eat more a big piece like that, its a little tiny, thats crazy, i think uh we can wash it off with a beer.

Definitely next time. You know what i thought this is just all over there. I dont know man, i might go to the restaurant noodle soup. The breads got good texture. One of my first meal is pretty good the fish there. So what do you rate this one to ten good? I like the low growth foods? No yeah. You said we tried it a five thats, pretty good p man, man, hes high. I like people, bad great man, so eight is your tried to get the bone marrow out there. That was good. My food yeah. Why not you suck it? Man, yeah yeah! There you go yeah, so when you suck the uh whats, it called the the thats interesting. What is your least favorite cuisine? Im, not saying one. You hate, you seriously have my least favorite food, oh man, oh my gosh. This is only somebodys cooking.