More than ever, metaversus metaverses have gained its fair share of media attention lately with big moves coming from companies like facebook and epic games. However, not everyone, even those who have been in crypto for a long time, has caught on to what meta verses are despite the hype, but as more companies, celebrities and artists venture into the space, it has become another domain that deserves some thorough consideration. The metaverse is a network of virtual environments in which people can interact with each other digital objects and the physical world through their avatar. While definitions of the metaverse vary they orbit around technologies, including vr, are digital twins and blockchain. Hermann marula, ceo of improbable, describes the metaverse as something more than a game, but less than the real world. The metaverse is to virtual worlds as a website is to the internet. For weeks, mark zuckerberg has been beating the drum for metaverses. The facebook founder views virtual worlds as the next iteration of human interaction. Online zuckerberg sees facebook transitioning from a social media firm with a set of connected applications to a metaverse company, with a set of interconnected experiences and its recent move to introduce horizon where prunes is a step in that direction. Its also in a prime spot to run after its metaverse objective, since it has invested heavily in vr technology for several years. Another one bursting onto the scene is game and software developer. Epic games – epic games, of course, already has something to show for when it comes to meta versus with the successful virtual concerts of ariana grande travis, scott and marshmallow, that was held inside its flagship game fortnite and the one billion dollars in funding that it received.

In april, with an additional 200 million dollar deal from sony group will help it pursue long term growth opportunities with metaversus, especially as it is already remodeling the future of live events. The metaverse offers a vastly unique experience for everyone, its a way for artists to connect with fans more interactively and perhaps individually, which is a step up from the live stream format delivered by artists like post, malone, dualipa, gorillas and many others. When the pandemic struck in 2020, on the other hand, facebooks horizon workroom is geared towards replacing boring zoom call meetings with a more interactive environment, a virtual conference room, if you will for remote workers, others also see a wide variety of applications. That metaverse is going to be useful for education systems, for one can benefit by allowing students, particularly in the medical field, for simulation training, as opposed to just a one way: communication where teachers merely deliver the lessons to the students, the tie in between metaverses and non Fungible tokens nfts comes from nfts capability of adding a certificate of ownership or authenticity to the assets belonging to the digital world. Projects like the centreland, the sandbox land emit cryptovoxels and super world involve acquiring a piece of this digital asset, which is primarily virtual land. Nfts help in verifying its uniqueness and even its provenance, for instance, decentraland is based on the ethereum blockchain and uses erc 721 tokens called land to facilitate trading plots of virtual lands called parcels.

This makes each land distinct and helps users establish ownership of a piece of the entire decentraland real estate. This is built on its consensus layer, which maintains a ledger that tracks the ownership of each parcel. Lan tokens enable owners to do various things within their digital, real estate like hosting games or experiences, organizing contests and events or even renting it. The same concept applies to the sandbox, the second largest metaverse nfp project in terms of sales to decentreland, Music download. The 29th issue of cointelegraph consulting by weekly newsletter in full, complete with charts market signals, as well as news and overviews of fundraising events cryptocurrencies play the medium of exchange within the metaverse, allowing users to exchange virtual goods. The two meta verses mentioned above enable players to transact using cryptocurrencies, decentralands erc20 based token mana, is the legal tender for users to purchase plots of digital land and send tokens for the sandbox. Such coins also give users the opportunity to participate in its development. Users can use mana tokens to vote on policy updates, land auctions and subsidies for new developments on decentraland, while users can use send tokens for more or less the same purpose. Moreover, cryptocurrencies can further open up the possibility of transacting goods from different games or metaverses on interoperable marketplaces.