Its also fair to say that tesla, as well as spacex, are doing things that almost no one has been able to do. Spacex is sending missions to the international space station theyre about to send people to the iss and eventually hope to send humans to mars. As for tesla, the car maker has done more to bring evs to the mainstream than any other company in many ways. Tesla is a classic american business success story. Success breeds a fair amount of hate and musk has a bunch of enemies who are always jealous of his earnings. Most notably jeff bezos, founder and ceo of amazon. Musk and bezos have been publicly feuding for over 15 years. So why does jeff hate, elon so much whats the reason for jeff bezos to aim so much hatred at musk, blue origin is a 20 year old private space company that employs over 3 500 people, its grandiose mission to preserve the earth. By going to space to tap its unlimited resources and energy, but blue origin has never launched a space vehicle into orbit or brought humans to sub orbital space, though it may finally be close, and it regularly loses government and commercial contracts to spacex run by elon musk. Bezoss putative rival, in space and for the title of the wealthiest person most recently blue origin, filed a protest with the federal governments, accountability office objecting to nasas decision to giving 2.9 billion dollars to spacex to return american astronauts to the moon.

Musks response to bezoss legal claim was characteristically pugnacious and juvenile cant get it up to orbit lol. He tweeted, in addition to these legal battles between the two companies, jeff bezos and elon musk. Never miss an opportunity to clash in public on twitter after blue origin successfully landed its new shepherd rocket in 2015 jeff bezos tweeted, a video calling it the rarest of beasts. A used rocket, elon musk, was quick to respond by pointing out that spacex had already achieved the feat three years earlier. The feud between these two visionary entrepreneurs does not stop at the space domain. Elon musk has repeatedly criticized blue origins, hiring practices in 2015. Elon musk explained that blue origin had repeatedly tried to snatch talent from spacex by offering to double their salaries a practice that elon musk found unnecessary and rude in 2016. During an interview for the bbc, elon musk was asked about jeff bezos. He pretended not to understand the question by answering jeff who known for his outspokenness on twitter, where he has approximately 60 million followers. Elon musk has called jeff bezos a copycat several times. This was particularly the case when amazon announced its plan to launch internet transmission satellites or when amazon acquired the autonomous cab company zoox. Meanwhile, jeff bezos also never misses an opportunity to attack spacex, while elon musk keeps talking about colonizing mars. Jeff bezos frequently explains that his goal is to bring humans to the moon, because the idea of reaching mars is uninspiring.

In 2019, jeff bezos gave his comparison to drive home. What life on mars would look like. Go live on top of mount everest for a year. First and see if you like it, because it is a paradise compared to mars, so why cant blue origin be as successful as spacex. One clear culprit is bezoss system of the methods that he installed to guide blue employees on how to set priorities and conduct their work. He wanted to limit his investment and parlay every lesson and technical decision of a project into another, completely different project. He fashioned amazons wanted leadership principles into blue origin. Bezos wanted to keep blues engineering team small. He talked about developing space vehicles with the cadence of a software project, incorporating new ideas into frequent iterations and using as many off the shelf technologies as possible. Bezos wrote in an 800 word the welcome letter. We are a small team committed to seeding and enduring human presence in space, reflecting his original desire to keep the company under 70. Employees blue will pursue this long term objective patiently, step by step. Keep climbing at a steady pace, be the tortoise and not the hair, keep expenditures at sustainable levels. This method worked well at internet companies like amazon, where bugs could be easily fixed, but at an aerospace, firm perpetually stretched for resources. It was an error recipe to sneak into systems that needed to be strenuously tested and mission hardened in 2011 and 2014.

Blue origin lost test spaceships in its sub orbital news, shepard program to fiery explosions. Today, blue origin has departed from most of the principles of the welcome letter. It has. Thousands of employees pursues multiple projects at once, not step by step and enjoys vast annual injections of cash from bezoss personal fortune, which nears 200 billion dollars, but the company is still struggling. Blue employees describe the company as a demoralized workforce and slow decision making that results in endless delays. So how did blue origin end up behind spacex its clear in the welcome letter that bezos didnt see getting to space as a competition and believed that blue origin could move methodically toward its goals? But it was a race and not surprisingly, the hare ended up thumping. The tortoise elon musk, founded spacex two years after bezos, started blue origin, but by 2010 it had 900 employees, while blue had 275 by 2017 musk employed more than 5 000 people, while bezos was capping. Growth at a thousand in 2013 spacex won out over bezos blue origin to take over the historic launch pad ‘a at kennedy space center, which has served as the starting point for space missions since the 1960s in 2013, after the retirement of the shuttle fleet, nasa determined That it no longer needed the pad and decided to hand management of ‘a over to a commercial operator that could upgrade the facility, both blue origin and spacex, submitted proposals to nasa to take over the maintenance and operations of launch pad ‘a before nasa could reach its Decision blue origin filed a protest with the u.

s general accountability office, claiming its proposal to develop a multi user facility to better fit nasas declared intention for the pad. The request was later denied. Ultimately, spacex won signing a 20 year lease for pad ‘a in 2014.. Spacex was the opposite of blue origin. It skipped sub orbital space travel altogether and focused on building orbital rockets and winning contracts from the federal government and commercial satellite makers that allowed it to devise ever more ambitious iterations of its falcon 9 rocket and to capture the publics imagination by 2016. Bezos was wondering aloud why spacex had won crucial contracts over blue origin and expressing annoyance at the budget required to keep up im, not spending that he complained to blue underlings. If it was this big, you should have called me in the middle of the night to tell me about it, then, in april of 2017 he reversed course and surprised employees, by announcing he would fund blue origin with the proceeds of one billion dollars in amazon stock Sales, each year, blue executives speculated that bezos ever the fierce competitor, wasnt happy seeing spacex leap ahead, its progress paid for in large part by uncle sam later that year he parted ways with the firms long time, program manager, rob myerson and hired a professional ceo bob Smith, the president of a large aerospace division of government contractor honeywell in april of 2021 spacex, has just sent four nasa astronauts to the international space station, a new success for spacex, which seems to be more than ever ahead of blue origin.

The proof is the 2.9 billion dollar contract. Spacex won with nasa to build a lunar lander disappointed to have lost this tender. Blue origin has just challenged it in court on twitter. Elon musk has once again taken the opportunity to attack blue origin, who has still not achieved an orbital flight with its rockets, an umpteenth mockery of elon musk towards jeff, bezos and spacex. So what is the peak of elons spacex success that bezoss blue origin cannot achieve? Spacex has a competitive advantage over blue origin when it comes to helping nasa return to the moon. A version of the spacex starship won out over the blue origin, blue moon and another design by dynetix for the first lunar human landing system. Nasa believed that the starship is a superior design. Also, the space agency is impressed that musk is spending a lot of his own money. Developing the starship, the stainless steel rocket achieved a milestone by not only successfully launching but landing intact without blowing up. Bezos has no reason to file an action with the general accounting office complaining about the nasa decision, even in the area of personal branding. Musk has stolen a march from bezos politicians such as senator bernie sanders, and some in the media have invade against billionaires as a class that grinds down the workers and refuses to pay their fair share of taxes. The geeky musk we saw on saturday night live turned out to be someone who is impossible to dislike, causing a seismic shift in his personal brand.

He has responded to criticism of his huge wealth by senator bernie sanders, saying he would use his money to help humankind. I am accumulating resources to help make life multi planetary and extend the light of consciousness to the stars. He tweeted referring to spacex and its work toward space exploration. Meanwhile, bezos remains an enemy for the left. So what is the main reason for jeff bezoss current position with elon musk? The fundamental reason for musk leading the space race over everyone is simple. He is an extremely fast study, and not only does he demonstrate an uncanny business sense, but he actually understands the technology involved. This allows him to quickly sort out those who can help him and those who just hang on him. He is willing to risk everything on what he knows. Much like the hughes boeing, martin curtis of the last generation. Bezos is a businessman that struck it rich. He believes business is the money system. Elon, on the other hand, believes in the idea and has the knowledge to check himself and others in the pursuit of the idea. The idea turns into action and then a vision emerges and fuels the imagination, then more ideas emerge. In contrast, bezos is a lucky riverboat gambler cut from the same cloth as all entrepreneurs. Their strength is in the moment of the deal. Conversely, elons strength is in the moment of the idea. Musk and bezos are two of the most powerful ceos in the world.

Their war wont just stop in space, whether you bet on spacex or blue origin to change the world. Let us know through your comments down below and as always thumbs up. If you liked todays episode subscribe, if you havent already and be sure to hit the bell, so you dont miss out on future tesla fans content. Thank you.