This seems to be the resounding success of blue origin. So far, however, after the billionaire space founder came back to earth, the companys internal affairs became chaotic. Many key engineers and leaders decided to leave the company at least 17 key leaders and senior engineers have left blue origin this summer, with many moving on in the weeks after bezos space flight, two of the engineers, nitin aurora and lauren lyons this week announced jobs at Other space companies, elon musks, spacex and firefly aerospace respectively, others quietly updated their linkedin pages over the past few weeks. The people who left the company are really familiar people in the rocket industry. Those departures include new shepard senior. Vice president, steve bennett, chief of mission assurance jeff ashby, who retired national security sales director, scott jacobs, new glenn senior director bob s new glenn, first stage, senior director, todd bikes, new glenn senior finance manager, bill scamell, senior manager of production, testing, christopher payne, new shepard technical Project manager, nate chapman senior propulsion, design, engineer, dave, sanderson senior, hls human factors, engineer rachel, foreman, be4 controller, lead integration and testing; engineer jack nelson new shepard, lead, avionics, software, engineer, hoongva, be7, avionics, hardware, engineer, aaron, wong, propulsion, engineer, rex, goo and rocket engine development engineer jerry Hudek now, why did blue origin lose its top talents? Those who announced that they were leaving blue origin did not specify. Why, however, cited in employee reviews on jobsite glassdoor, and indeed many workers were frustrated with executive management and the slow bureaucratic structure there were employees at the company who only gave one star reviews.

One employee said i really was happy to work here, but im totally disappointed in the culture, horrible management and lack of direction, so many people are leaving. I understand why there are many opinions that managers are clueless. There is some passion for space, but no follow through. If thats the case, theres, no reason why engineers who are passionate about space can continue to devote themselves to blue origin. Some of the engineers who left were part of blue origins, astronaut, lunar lander program. Bezoss company lost its bid for a valuable nasa development contract in april, when spacex was announced as the sole awardee under the space agencys human landing system program, winning a 2.9 billion dollar contract. But despite the government accountability office last month, denying blue origins protest of nasas decision, the company has continued to escalate its fight to be a part of the hls program. Blue origin first launched a public relations offensive against spacexs starship rocket and then on monday sued nasa in federal court. This really creates resistance and frustration for most employees in the company. What they want is fair, but not blind competition. Meanwhile, their company is actually burning money to hire lawyers for insane lawsuits instead of space research before the departure of key leaders and engineers, what action did blue origin take to retain the remaining engineers? The company has nearly 4 000 employees around the us with its headquarters. In kent, washington near seattle, as well as facilities in cape canaveral, florida van horn, texas and huntsville alabama 10 days after bezoss july 20th, space flight blue origin gave all its full time.

Employees a ten thousand dollar no strings attached. Cash bonus, hahaha, no strings attached. Hey then, this is not the first time jeff has made such a decision. However, none of blue origins contractors received it. The company confirmed the bonus with a spokesperson, noting that it was intended as a thank you for achieving the milestone of launching people to space. Can you feel the magnitude of my air quotes anyway? Two employees said that internally, the bonus was perceived as the companys leadership attempting to entice talent to stay see. I knew it was coming around to this in response to the number of employees filing notices to leave. After the launch, a look at glassdoor reveals a sharp disparity in employee satisfaction with blue origins, leadership when compared with that of other top space companies according to glassdoor, just 15 percent of blue origin employees approve of ceo, bob smith versus 91 for elon musk at spacex, Or 77 for torrey bruno at united launch alliance. Meanwhile, jeffs company has always been famous for its delays and its plans so whats. The real reason blue origin has struggled to deliver on multiple major programs since bezos hired smith as ceo in 2017. bezos founded the company in 2000, with the goal of creating a future where millions of people are living and working in space to benefit earth delays. Although common in the industry in which the adage space is hard is persistently heard, have pushed back bezos vision, highlighted by the departure of blue origins, chief operating officer late last year, bezos launched to the edge of space as one of the members of the first crew On board blue origins reusable new shepard rocket, while the company has not disclosed pricing new shepard competes with virgin galactic in the realm of sub orbital space tourism with blue origin, having sold nearly a hundred million dollars worth of tickets for future passenger flights.

Although the first crude new shepard launch was a smooth success, blue origins leadership had previously expected the rocket to begin launching people by the end of 2017.. New glenn is the reusable next generation rocket that blue origin is developing, but has yet to launch originally slated for an inaugural flight in 2020. The first new glenn is not expected to lift off until the 4th quarter of 2022 thats, despite blue origin, receiving 255.5 million from the us air force to help develop the rocket. But the pentagon did not choose new glenn for further contracts last year. Instead of selecting spacex and ula for multiple awards, cumulatively worth billions of dollars, a loss that blue origin cited when it announced new glenns delay, blue origins. Third major problem is its stable of rocket engines headlined by the be4, which will power its new glenn rocket. The company previously said that its be4 engines would be ready for flight in 2017. However, four years later, development issues and a lack of hardware for testing quickly meant blue origin has yet to deliver its first flight engines. The company is pushing to have two before engines ready by the end of this year, notably be4s are important beyond blue origin, as ula signed a deal to use the engines to power its vulcan rockets, choosing blue origin over aerojet rocketdyne, as its supplier ula, is pushing To have its first vulcan rocket ready to launch by the end of this year and blue origins, be4 engines are expected to be a if not the final piece added before launch bezos has spent the majority of his time in the past two decades focused on amazon, But along the way has steadily sold pieces of his stake in the tech giant to fund blue origins, development to the tune of a billion a year or possibly more last month, bezos stepped down as amazon ceo with many in the space industry.

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