What are you talking today about mlb the show 21.? Everybody was excited, or most people were excited about. The announcement of the game coming out. Ps4 ps5, and especially for xbox fans we’re. Finally, gon na get an opportunity to play the game or play this series. Xbox one xbox, one s and xbox. One x versions will be released this year april 20th is the day for the game to drop for all of those different consoles, everyone’s, pretty much excited about that, but the day after that information dropped, we also got a little bit of bad news and i don’t Think there’s any other way to spin this. Some people may say it: doesn’t bother them quite as much others. This will be a huge deal, i’m kind of right there in the middle. I was always a proponent of this particular feature, but it we’re finding out that it’s going to be going away we’re talking about year to year, saves in a faq that was released by sony san diego studios, uh. That really dropped really the same day that the information released about the new game. They said – and i quote no year to year – saves – will not be supported in mlb the show 21.. We don’t have anything to share about the future’s future, but we are aware of its popularity in the community, close quote, so this news obviously is going to be a disappointment for the creation community.

People who spend like ridiculous amounts of hours creating rosters uh, and they do this, basically with the understanding that their work is going to carry over from one version of the game to the next it’ll also impact. What i think is a much larger, or i know, is a much larger audience and that’s the people who play road to the show and franchise and get really attached to either their player or to the teams or the league experience that they’ve created through franchise mode. Through multiple seasons, so mlb the show was the only major sports franchise that was allowing gamers to go. You know, you start your. You know you may have started your whole deal in mlb. The show 14 and you’ve essentially been pushing this same franchise through multiple years. All the way up to mlb the show 20., i’m – quite sure, there’s people who’ve done that and there’s some things in between some experiences in between them. That was an outstanding feature like i said that no other sports franchise was offering it’s going away here for mlb. The show 21, so you will effectively have to start over from scratch with a brand new character, uh, which some people would choose to do that anyway, you know some people would say well we’re, going to do i’m, going to keep going with this character. That i’ve had for years but i’m also going to start a new one, because i want to do some different stuff here.

There you had that option same thing with the franchise smoke people. That option is now pretty much assured to be gone. I can’t i can’t sit here and tell you that i’m pleased or super excited or just like taking this with. You know letting it roll off my back it’s. It is a hit to the way that i actually played the games to hit to the way. I know a lot of other people played the game, but i will say this: i somewhat understand there’s a lot going on this year and there’s a lot of pandemic excuses out there, and and some of them are warranted, some of them aren’t when it comes to Developmental issues with some of these games, i will say, if you consider all of the factors with mlb this show, i can kind of understand how carryover saves might not have made it in you. Look at they’re switching platforms, so we could be seeing changes in the way players are rated changes in player models, changes in several different, specific things to the players themselves. That would make it very difficult to transfer, or just maybe impossible, to transfer your player and teams and rosters from mlb the show 20 to 21, especially on next gen. So i can understand how that would be an issue. We saw something similar with 2k because you had your my career character and everything set up for nba 2k 21 on current gen, but none of that transferred over to 2k 21 as they uh on next gen is they were creating an entirely different experience, hopefully that’s.

What we’re, seeing with mlb the show 21 that they’ll be this entirely different experience and they will kind of understand why the new game couldn’t support carryover, saves when you also throw in the fact that, yes, they were developing this game. Basically, in the teeth of the pandemic, then it starts to make even more sense why some things might not have made it through that maybe would have made it through before i don’t know, maybe it’s a combination of both, maybe it’s one more than the other. I don’t know, but either way with those two factors in place. I can kind of understand why that’s something that would not make it in now. That said, if this is about the fact that the players the way they’re structured from a programming standpoint from a attribute and player model standpoint, if that is the reason why then, in my opinion, there’s no reason why we can’t see this feature returned, perhaps in mlb The show 22, because now we can pick it up from where we left off now that we’re on a next gen console that would seem to explain that if that’s, what happens then we’ll know hey. That was the reason why it was because of the way players were structured and so forth, and it just wouldn’t have transferred well from the last generation of consoles to the one that we’re on at this point. So hopefully that is what happens. I think, and personally this is just my personal opinion you guys can.

Let me know what you think about this in the comment section if we can get create a ballpark and a much deeper franchise mode, and you have enough character creation to the point for where anyone who has the stomach the time, the manpower whatever to actually manually Transfer some of their rosters over and as long as mlb show 21 will facilitate that sort of a transfer. I mean i know it’s going to take a long time, it’s going to be like an old school kind of a thing that some of us sports nerds used to do back in the day. If those features are there and that functionality is there, i think it’s forgivable for them not to support carryover, saves, not to say it still, won’t be an impact, but i do think it’ll at least be forgivable. Like i said you guys, let me know what you think in the comment section.