Finally, we get some mlb, the show 21 official news from sony san, diego studios. So without any more delay or anything let’s just jump right into what we know now we know that fernando tatis jr is the game’s cover athlete. I got a lot of flag for how i pronounced his last name in the previous video, so here i fixed it. Fernando tatis jr next it’s going to be released on april 20th 2021, confirming the prior sgo report of a delay in the game which it usually comes in march. This time it comes in late april, so about a month which, what we expected, what we are surprised by, however, and it’s a great surprise, no matter how you spin it is that the game will be coming this year to xbox one and xbox series x, making It the first major mlb game to drop on the xbox since mlb 2k13. Back in 2013., the game’s gon na cost the normal sixty dollars on the ps4 and xbox one and seventy dollars on the xbox series x and playstation. Five continuing the trend of the ten dollar bump in game price, but if you thought that we’d only find out the cover, athlete release date and price of the game today, gamestop came through in a big way by posting some more details on the game and, while They’Re not fully immersive on what you can do. There are some big things coming that have never come before in mlb the show first things.

First mlb, the show 21 will feature cross platform play, meaning no matter what system you have it on, whether it be ps4, ps5, xbox, one or series x. You can play with everybody else. That means, if you’re playing on ps5 and your friend has it on an xbox. You can play them on an xbox now we’re, not a hundred percent. If that means, ps5 can play against ps4 or ps5 can play against xbox one or you have to have the same gen version of the game in order to play each other and we’re also not sure. If that means online leagues can feature xbox and playstation players or, if it’s, only simple head to head games or diamond dynasty games that can be cross play also for the first time ever, you’ll be able to take your player from road to the show and use Him in other game modes like franchise and i’d, have to venture a guess, diamond dynasty, so we’re gon na see that for the first time giving you more ways to enjoy your creative player that you’ll spend hours with. There will also be updates to march to october and franchise mode, but there’s, nothing specific just yet those will be coming as we go to the build up of the game in diamond dynasty. There are streamlined programs now to provide you clearer goals and more rewards, based on how you play the game more details than that will be coming.

Another new thing coming to mlb. The show this year is various gameplay styles, along with new gameplay onboarding tutorials, to help new users learn the game. These gameplay styles include casual, which is an easy fun and pick up and play type of experience simulation, which is an authentic mlb experience that plays true to player and team ratings and competitive, which allows more focus on the skill of the player playing and it’s going To be the online head to head default, stat there’s also going to be new legends introduced, which we kind of expected. And lastly, if you’re playing on the playstation 5 you’ll be able to utilize the dual sense haptics, which immerse yourself in the catching hitting running and sliding using the dual sense controller, now there’s a lot to take in and there’s still going to be a lot more. Coming like special editions of the game and full pre order bonuses, though we know, if you get the standard edition, you get 5 000 stubs for your diamond dynasty team and 10. The show packs but there’s going to be plenty of more information to come as we get between now and the april 20th launch date. But in the meantime we want to pass the questions off to you sports gamers. What do you think about everything with mlb the show 21? How excited are you for cross platform play and xbox gamer specifically, what are your thoughts on finally getting into the mlb action for the first time in eight years, leave a like on this video.