A will smith skin, taking a wild swing id say, were gon na get some sort of monster, halloween season and youll find out in this video. Why? I think that, but for now lets slow our roll and talk about the morty skin. The current battle pass brought us rick sanchez, and it was only a matter of time before the rick and morty duo was completed. They couldnt add rick without morty, apparently and luckily, leakers have actually discovered that a morty skin is in the files and ready to release, and it is way more than anyone expected now. Obviously, morty is really short in the show and we assume thats why epic didnt make a skin, but it looks like theyve actually solved that problem because, as you can see, hes walking around in a mech suit from the show mortys back. Bling is also going to be a backpack with the me seeks box inside of it so thats, a cool little cosmetic for fans of the show his set will also include a rap which looks like this, and his pickaxe is a funny reference for rick and morty Viewers, its basically the astronaut snake that bites morty and it looks like youll, be using it to farm mats as payback, but by far the most fun of these cosmetics will be the e mode. It seemed only inevitable. At this point, we have the rick dance but theres one thing, even more iconic than that and its this Music, so yeah, while morty is most likely going to release before season 8 begins.

We have a ton of information about what will actually be going down in season 8 itself and it starts with these sideways. So, just over a month ago, an anonymous leaker dumped a ton of information to reddit and a lot of the community. They just refused to believe it at first, but this leaker told us that ariana grande would be getting a concert long before. Anyone else knew, and they also said that members of the justice league and task force x will be making their way to the game. And since then weve had wonder woman and bloodsport, so you know its two for two, which brings us to what other stuff does leaker claim. If hes been right about everything so far, it almost confirms the other leaks and thats. Why we have to talk about these sideways? Basically, this leaker claims that season 8 will introduce a new feature on the map that is extremely similar to the upside down from stranger things and its not unbelievable. At all. I mean season 5 gave us sand tunneling season. 6 gave us wildlife and season 7 added abduction, so this sideways mechanic is just the next step for fortnite, but it goes even further, because this sideways dimension will actually unleash monsters onto the island, and this means that season 8 could possibly have a stranger things. Type theme where the islands full of monsters and creatures, it is very possible that these leaks are to be believed and theres actually strings from hypex.

That actually proves this is real now, but this is where things get absolutely crazy, because these monsters arent just gon na, be wildlife that try to scare you, no, no, no, the leakers claim theyll actually be rideable, and i mean finally weve been wanting wildlife to be Ridable since they first showed up so, if im able to ride some kind of monster next season, then its gon na be real fun thats for sure, and while we wait for that, we get to enjoy a lovely celebrity cameo in season eight, with the will smith Skin all right when the foundation showed up – and he was voiced by the rock we all assumed this is going to be the coolest celebrity cameo in fortnite. But it looks like the bar is about to be raised even higher than we thought and thats, because will smith is coming to the game and hes not just going to appear in a video like ryan reynolds? No will smith is going to have his own fortnight. Skin itll be him dressed as his character from bad boys. But lets be honest. This is just a will: smith, skit, okay, no offense to the bad boys fans, but unfortunately we have no way of knowing when this outfit will be released. But he was added in the latest update, which means he could come any day of the week and while will smith is about to ride this next section comes with a little spoiler alert.

I mean you guys are watching a leaks video. So do you really care about spoilers but yes, kevin? The cube is actually coming back and if you dont want any event, spoilers or story spoilers, i would just skip ahead. So the whole community has been teased about the return of kevin, the cube for like a year. Now we constantly bring it up in videos and when the new imposters mode came out, it came with a miniature kevin, while this wasnt exactly a grand, reveal its the first time, weve seen kevin in fortnite since he blew up all those years ago. If you dont include the concert, hold your horses, though, because this wasnt actually the return we were all waiting for. That is yet to come, and much sooner than you think it turns out that, yes, we are actually getting a live event at the end of season. Seven, and without giving too much away kevin, the cube is going to make an appearance thats all we know but im excited to see what happens but another celebrity coming to fortnite. We have to talk about the jay balvin set youre, probably wondering hey. I swear we already had a j balvin crossover in fortnite already and well. We did he actually performed at a party real concert back in 2020 and well that was it. A lot of the community felt disappointed that the j balvin crossover was so limited and it looks like epic games is going to try and you know make up for that error in the weeks leading up to season 8.

. How do we know this? Well? Leakers have found a secret j balvin skin in the files, and it looks absolutely insane check it out. Not only is there the main j balvin outfit, but he has two other variants, and i mean just look at these theyre literally incredible. Epic is really going all out this season for the crossovers, and the fans, including me, are here for it, but thats, not all for the cherry on top jay balvin said, will also include this Music, so yeah fans of j belvin are absolutely gon na love. This and its all happening just before season 8 comes around, but something season 8 will actually bring us will be the long awaited open world mode. Since we last covered this, we received our first look at the upcoming fortnite open world mode thats in development and, as you can see, this is a completely new style for fortnite and looks way more cartoony and friendly than battle. Royale theres a lot to dissect here. Weve got a huge troll in the background which looks like something straight out of clash of clans. Then we have what looks like four different classes. Fish stick over here has the mage or wizard class. Then we have jonesy with the classic warrior. Loadout thats some weird body proportions, though thats for sure. Then we also have fish dick who looks more like a defense class with his shield and spear and then finally cuddle team leader.

Is there as the archer for that long range goodness? And yes, all of these weapons are original and we cant find them in battle royale. So this is absolutely an upcoming mode and if youre still not convinced of just how massive this open world mode is going to be, the pois of the map have actually been leaked and it gets nutty, as you can see, on screen theres a lot of original Pois here that will be appearing on this custom open world map. Originally people thought these were actually leaked, pois for chapter 3, but leakers have since debunked that. But there is some super interesting stuff here, like a resupply camp, the abandoned hotel, even a mountain cave, so yeah. This definitely looks like its going to be an abandoned island that were stranded on and we simply have to survive. The imposter mode has proven that epic are interested in completely original modes and they are extremely high quality, so this survival mode is going to be extremely fun now, as we move into season, 8 were also going to be able to enjoy a ton of upcoming season. 8 skins no surprise season 8 has a few skins in store for us, and while we havent been able to get a glimpse at the battle pass, yet we still have some cool outfits on the horizon, the first of which is actually a crossover with gujamon. Again now we already have him in this battle pass.

So, instead epic are adding his friend janky into the mix, and this will be jankys set and, as you can see, he fits perfectly with fortnites theme and even if a lot of people dont know who janky is, they could at least appreciate the design of this Skin and some may even pick it up and for the fortnite crew subscribers out, there weve been talking for a while about an upcoming progressive crew skin, basically, a crew skin. That upgrades for every single month that you stay subscribed were pleased to say that it has. Finally, been leaked, introducing ninja wolf, he will be next months, crew pack outfit and for every month you stay, subscribed hes, going to get new styles as it goes along. As for bundles its that time of the season again, where were about to get a whole new legends pack and for season 8, its going to be called moss legends were going to get overgrown moss versions of bright bomber, red knight and omega, which is kind of A surprise those will come in season 8 and its not the only legends bundle for the future beyond season 8 will be getting a shadow legends 2 pack, which will have shadow versions of dream, kuno and kenji, which is really exciting, and finally, a song of code Names for skins were leaked and, while we cant figure out much from code names alone, leakers have discovered that these two king and queen skins from an epic game survey are indeed in the works.

They look so sick. Its gon na be awesome, seeing them in game, but from people to npcs. We have the flying animal leak. Okay, so, basically season eight isnt just going to bring us rideable monsters, but well also get a new wildlife animal that can fly. It will be the first flying wildlife in fortnite and it will come in big and small sizes. We also know that this animal will stick with its friends kind of like a flock of birds, maybe well be a flock of birds who knows heres what we know. If you shoot the small animals, they will simply drop meat, but if you end up taking out a big version of these flying npcs, they will actually drop either a purple smg or a purple scar. It must be hard to fight then or just really rare, to come by maybe both and season. Eights plans keep going because we have to talk about halloween zombie update. So, yes, four nightmares will be returning this year as expected, but weve already got a glimpse at what epic is planning to do for halloween in season. Eight two updates ago, leakers were surprised to find out that epic have added a brand new type of zombie into the files codenamed zigzag. We dont know much about it, but apparently its going to be a halloween themed zombie and it was added into the files along with two other types of husks. Well have brutes, as we know and love them, but they also come in four different versions: regular brutes, major and mega brutes, and then exploding brutes, as for fiends theyll also have ranged and poisonous versions.

So epic really seem like theyre going all in on zombies as halloween. Maybe the map will be taken over by husks like the four nightmares from chapter one i mean a lot of us did complain about zombies throughout chapter one. You know you cant lie, but they were pretty fun to grind sometimes and with chapter 2, having a ton of wacky weapons being introduced lately, apparently its going to get a lot more interesting. As we talk about the new shockwave launcher in the works. If you remember season 3 youll recall that we had a brand new mythic item, called kit shockwave launcher. This thing was one of the most fun weapons in chapter 2, and so many people were disappointed when it got vaulted, i mean since then, weve had regular shockwave, grenades and also shockwave bows, but neither of those are also in the game anymore. So, instead epic are working on a fresh take on kit, shockwave, launcher theyre, going to turn this thing from a mythic to a legendary tweak it a little bit but its going to make waves in season 8. I can already tell, and while we are completely distracted by that epic are going to drop a crazy bim bam tawaii mode. So there is a very popular french tick tock song going around. It was extremely viral in france and has started to become really popular with american tik tok as well. So its no surprise that epic games are actually making it into an e mode, its from a song called bim bam tua by carla, and this icon series.

Emote is sure to be a smash with people who love the song, but if we go from music to tv shows and thats exactly what brings us to the return of the walking dead. Collab, yes, with the next season of the walking dead well underway. Epic games are actually preparing another crossover with them. According to leakers, we are going to get a new walking dead skin soon, and a lot of fans are speculating that itll either be negan or rick. A lot of people have been begging for a negan skin ever since the original walking dead set came out, so maybe epic games, listen are about to drop them in the shop time will tell, but going back to people who care way more about features. We have to talk about season 8s weapon charms. I know i know. I know weapon charms have been leaked since, like chapter one season five – and we all gave up on these things ever coming out. But just a few weeks ago, epic actually started updating the files for charms again and theyre, adding new charms, with every single update. Its been three years since these files were touched, and now it looks like there is hope for them yet, but for something a little more concrete, we have to tell you about how naruto will be in season 8s battle pass yeah. He was first leaked in the court documents and then by some insiders, claiming that epic were trying their best to get the rights to naruto, but now its confirmed by both leakers and insiders.

That naruto is actually going to appear in the season. 8 battle pass and hes going to bring a kunai weapon with him hope i pronounced that correctly. It sounds awesome, but if youre looking for something actually confirmed by fortnite themselves and look no further than the holiday skins, so this week epic announced the winners of the concept royale contest and they are on screen right now. Congrats to these guys. This is huge because these two concepts are actually going to be made into real fortnite skins and will be releasing this winter aka season 8 or maybe even season 9. At this point, a lot of fans are excited to see what these skins will look like in fortnite form, but for now thats everything we know about season 8 and honestly beyond thanks so much for watching guys its been tommy and keep it here.