I read this news story this morning and im just sick and tired of the performative measures that the game industry takes to prove that its not what it is and what i mean by that uh. So if you havent been paying attention, fortnite just announced that theyre going to have a martin luther king exhibit so its going to be this whole um digital experience, where you go inside a creative called march through time, uh its called its a fortnight creative and uh. Basically, its a virtual museum, you can go through uh washington, at the height of the civil rights movement, blah blah blah blah blah. First of all, lets get this straight right, its not gon na capture; everything that you need to learn about the civil rights movement from the laws, the attitudes, the various unsung heroes, et cetera, et cetera, thats, no thats number one number two lets not act like the Game industry isnt racist because it is, we had issues with riot uh, ceo being tone, definitely talking about racism. We got numerous reports from ubisoft being racist. We got all these different reports going on out there about the companies being racist and sexist, but performative things like this are just a slap in their faces to the people theyre trying to supposedly cater to when, in reality, its just a way to say, hey were Not racist give us publicity by using this persons likeness in a way to get more money and more attention and and kind of solve from the blow whatever issues they got in the future.

Take, for example, the gamescom presentation that came out uh yesterday right. So we all know or should know by now whats going on with activision and the sexual harassment lawsuits and the fact that theyre being sued by california, because it says they were shredding documents and evidence which means theyre trying to avoid getting held accountable for this. If the game industry so much cared about, you know uh uh, uh, different groups and not uh, harming certain groups. They would be all in, like you know what we have some bad apples in our company and were gon na, do what we can to make sure those people are held accountable and we can do better, no theyre trying to avoid being held accountable, which means they Dont care – and they did it on purpose instead of the industry itself, which they always talking about in e3, and they have these little press conferences. They show all the gay people theyve hired all the black people, theyve hired all the women theyve hired and talk about how good the game industry is blah blah blah blah blah. But when it comes to us a chance or opportunity for for them to actually stand up, they dont they put activisions newest game call of duty, vanguard, front and center, and just because you play as a woman and they had a woman come out as a presentation. Its to soften the blow, its just insult to everyones intelligence, who was watching that press conference and knew what was going on and they had the nerve.

This is on par for branding. So, in order to pivot away from the bad uh publicity that activision is having with the sexual harassment, uh lawsuit theyre, just saying the sledgehammer games has made uh the new call of duty like come on. Bro we all know activision is the publisher, the funder, the people that put the money behind everything the people who employs the uh developer, quit trying to avoid that and the fact that jeff k, keeley came out and said: oh, oh, this is by sledgehammer games, but In the same manner have a little segment that says that theyre against all these certain things, isms out there its just a slap in the face, if they really, if they really wanted to make a positive uh uh stand, they would group together and say, were not Going to share any light on this game, unfortunately, for the developers we understand yall work hard on this game, but we do not support a publisher who actively uh contributes to sexual harassment, racism or any other thing like that in our industry we dont want it here Were going to get rid of it? Not it came out, put them on front and center because thats what it is at the end of the day, its performative, its not really real, and this is the same thing with this fortnight situation. How many games that you can see mainstream games where there are africa act? Actually, black people as the main character, not the side character, not the co star, not the background, not stripping the culture and using that actual main characters.

Only blockbuster game i can think of is death. Luke yeah. You got a lot of indie games, but for the most part, the industry trend is still to make white people front and center of whatever video game they are making. But yeah. You want to tell me that civil rights matters to yall get the out of here. Where is the accountability for ubisoft running that cute a9 style trailer for their mobile uh, their mobile game, where they were like its a cd underground uh cabal of people, uh funding? These different uh of groups like where is that at like this is an industry that congratulated detroit become human because it shallowly pulled from the civil rights era, but had none of the the actual uh that they didnt use. Any of the actual, realistic uh themes about it, just stripped if they strip certain things in certain images to put on the androids to invoke that emotion, but not actually have a real dialogue, or i just hate when they try to use the civil rights movement. To put on the android like its not one to one its, not the same, but they use that to invoke emotion, but it doesnt really say anything in regards to race relations. They all came out and handed them tons of awards for storytelling, but thats shallow. As hell, but this is the problem when you just rely on corporate entities to police themselves, theyll never do it.

Theyll do disrespectful. Performative like this, and if you dont hold them accountable and keep it real and tell them what it is. Theyll, never change like its just ridiculous, like especially for fortnite how many black creatives have they stolen dance moves from renamed them and then act like they didnt. Do it and then refused to pay him? You see what im saying its a slap in the face its like. Oh, we can come. We can claim that we are for silver. What you dont want to learn about the civil rights movement, blah blah blah blah blah, but were going to steal from black people on the same on, on the same token, to act like you know, they didnt make this and then not paying like bro. Epic is a a an ea. Is a billion dollar company right? They can go out and pay. These creators im not saying billions of dollars but break them off some money for their hard work because they came up with the dance they made it popular you stealing. It and didnt want to act like you, dont and didnt want to rename it so you dont have to pay them thats, so scummy and stupid like and then when they, when they do the uh. The uh uh, like the different video game. Events right and they talk about the innovators or the pioneers of the game industry, its always miyamoto, which is cool its always some japanese do or warren specter or some white dude, but they skip over jerry lawson, but he could be inside of a a museum that You can see and learn about him now were not doing that were going to keep going on that same track.

This is what im talking about is that you cant tell me on one hand that you care about these issues but, on the other hand, be the exact problem. They have done nothing about their audience. Being racist right, theyve done nothing about. You know certain things like hate, raids or havent, come out and said anything about this theyre, not even actually doing nothing in real life. Remember when george floyd died. All these companies said black lives matter. Is that the third they didnt do anything if it really matters? Why dont you put your money where your mouth is: uh fund certain causes or get behind certain bills and legislations its not about that its about performative measures that are extremely disrespectful to the people that youre supposed to be representing and its like this. If you dont, if you dont, really care stay out the way dont try to step your toe in there and for people to be even trying to congratulate this is something good is ridiculous. We all know fortnite is a childish. Has a childish, ass community thats not going to take it serious on top of everything else, its ridiculous? This smacks like anything else: the ariana grande concert in the fort i mean a travis scott concert, theyre, reducing the civil rights movement to an event in a video game and its stupid and its disrespectful. The game industry is full of and thats. Why? I make my videos im not coming all over myself over the announcements of the game industry, because i see it for what it is theyre full of every time they have something going on.

They do something to show that they dont care or they back, that uh mentality, like they havent cleaned up their own industry, its so many ceos developers, uh uh people that represent these companies that hold toxic or problematic uh attitudes and views in the game industry, and They dont do anything because thats they homies thats their friends, theyre, not cleaning it up. Theyll do performative stuff like this that i actually to protect the bag. Basically, they like, oh well, were not were not racist. We we have martin luther king in fortnite. How can you prove that oh were not sexist? We have a game with the main characters of women. We have women developers were not homophobic. We have gay people on our development team, but at the end of the day, you do its all these people in this industry that you havent done anything on a collective look at ign, for example right they continue to or not even just well get to ign. In a second, but look at the way, the game industry is reporting on certain things right, any call of duty news comes out. They still report on it not having a uh, a unified stance. That said were not gon na support sexual harassment. Theyll just act like theyre, a third party in a blind entity wow. Meanwhile, when call of dutys getting ready to come out, they have a big ad advertisement splash on their website, showing where they stand, where their loyalties lie.

Look at ign, for example, right remember when everybody was all uh supportive of palestine a couple months ago, and everybody was talking about israel, ign development, well, um, their staff. The writers came out and said: yo man, we support palestinians, then the third ign took it down and came out and basically said: nah nah son were not doing that so and then they came and then when the editors got mad and they had a conversation, they Went back and tried to do some uh in between the lines, but we still support israel type stuff its like its stuff, like that, like how could you try to call certain things out, but then dont police yourself, its all the game industry is its not this. Uh uh progressive industry that they like to uh, portray it to be its not look at the majority of the people who develop games in tech and in uh technology in general. Bro is either white people or indian people and, for the most part, its a gatekeeper. They have these racist attitudes for anybody who gets in those spaces and its ridiculous, and for them to do this, its just another slap in the face of people with any type of intelligence or any type of critical thinking that go and say what is they doing To actually change and improve first of all their own industry and they support the people they claim to support its ridiculous man. So, at this point, if youre not outraged by this, i dont know what it is.

I dont know what to tell you, because every day you see either a politician, a company or celebrity whatever on whatever issue shows you that they dont give two, because you dont give two. You know what im saying you dont hold nothing accountable. They wont hold themselves accountable, damn sure its like anybody else. If you wont tell me what i did wrong im, damn sure not gon na tell myself what i did wrong cause. I got away with it so man this is the dumbest ive ever seen in the world and whatever a good intention, somebody might have had obviously didnt pass anybody with any realistic, grounded common sense. Black people, especially they had took a critical look at the at the bigger picture. This effort would have been better put into like an initiative to support black creatives, an initiative to support black interest as far as real life bills or real life, community effort and action or real life efforts to get actual black people encouraged to go into the game. Industry in a development role, or something like that, no, we want to do performative measures that mean nothing at the end of the day and then they give you after you complete this little uh segment. They give you a little spray that you can put in the game. Nobody give a about that they didnt do like. If you really cared about learning about the civil rights effort. Why dont you put more uh, put a bigger view and be get behind people who want to oppose those texas legislators to block and learn about martin luther king in school? How about doing that? How about something real that you can do and double down on what you said: uh maybe last year, sometimes when you were all on the black lives matter, type or black lives matter tip.

No. You just want to do this quick little thing to get your publicity and move on and its not going to work like that. People need to start speaking out about these things, and just because i make content, dont mean and a lot of these big time. Content created from on twitch and on youtube brother, you black man, say something quit being scared to fumble the bag. When you not fumble the bag, bruh stand stand for something stand on something man dont sit there and let disrespect you and your people in order to get a bag thats, not cool, because that one day is going to be you one day they gon na throw You to the side, bro history shows you that you cannot tap dance forever. Bruh, you cannot it dont matter, youre, not going, even if you think youre going to pivot into a position of power to where you cant be thrown to the side you always get thrown to the side. It aint been no successful coons in the world. Its never been a successful, they always meet their demise in some certain way. They either be the first to get it when its one time, when its time to go either on either side the races get them first order or the people that revolt and get them. First, just get thrown to the side when they you get done using you or you just uh, just collapse on your own and they dont come to your health, its never okay, to tap dance bro.

So, if youre a content creator, if you a person, thats entitled with sony and you, you know, im saying yall – got hand in hand. Business and yall dont speak up man. You you part of the problem, but im, not even gon na say. Let me know what you think in the comments man just im just sick of this. This is why i dont upload and play games like that. No more because its just like once as you get older bro, you just lose any type of passion.