So if you go into the ltms and game modes right now, you could see that the march through time, community creation is now live so um, also um with this game mode. When you uh go into the game mode for at least 20 minutes, you get uh. The free dc 62 spray. This is what it looks like and this actually got leaked. I think a couple weeks ago, so um yeah. This is just celebrating martin luther kings, eye of a dream speech back in 1963 and also the civil rights movement and just like history, and like all of the segregation that happened back then so um i will be making a video soon about the whole martin luther King, i have a dream speech for from the march through time: ltm community creation in fortnight, but im now im going to be telling you some more details about the march through time, um dc 63 event. Sorry, i forgot for a second there celebrate mlk time. Studios presents march through time and fortnight i have a dream: celebrate the life and work of noble peace prize recipient, dr martin luther king, in a new interactive experience presented by time, studios developed by members of the community in fortnite creative, marched through time, immerses players in The entirety of dr kings, monument, monumental eye of a dream speech and the history surrounding it explore dc 63 march through time, teleports players to dc 63. Every imagine washington dc built by chase jackman g, quano, xwdfr and yu7a travel to the lincoln memorial and united states.

National mall, where dr king gave his iconic 17 minute speech for civil rights. The experience extends with museum inspired points of interest and collaborative mini game quests to complete with others. These activities, progress players through the experience and bring to life more important themes of dr kings speech. We move forward forward when we move together. Completing the challenges related to dr king and the civil rights movement will unlock a dc63 spray for your locker. Inspired by the work of time and their partners, uv productions, digital domain and valis studio and riot marched through time would not have been possible without the contributions of american family insurance, the disabled museum of of african american history and the estate of martin luther king jr. For further in depth reading and to educate yourself, family or friends about the history of civil rights visit times the march website, the ongoing struggle for civil rights as the global movement has benefited from the collective efforts of millions of people around the world. Tell us how dr king dc 63 or a person in your life inspired you by using fndc63 and sharing your experiences on twitter, instagram or tick tock. Alright, guys thatll be it for todays video and i love how fortnite is teaching their fan base about the martin luther king.