Today is just i’m over with it. I want tomorrow to be here as soon as anything has been here. This relates to the point in time. In my life, where i looked at tomorrow, as it was christmas, there may have been very, very big news released today. Actually, over the last couple of days, there has been very interesting things on the internet, so apparently what happened was. Is i think, a day ago there was this mysterious leak going around? There was just random leak happening and it was just a leak of what the cover of the game for 21 was going to look like now, i’m. All for skepticism, i am the most skeptical person, maybe on planet earth i will legitimately make a cream cheese bagel and put it in front of my face and then wonder to myself. Is this actually still here the more i did a little bit of research, the more i understood what was happening. Apparently, the guy who leaked the photo whatever it was, is known to be very, very accurate for certain things of those natures. So i got very excited. Maybe more excited than i should have been, and somehow today made things very much more interesting if you are not aware of what is going on tomorrow, which is going to be today technically, when you are viewing this specific video tomorrow will be now. I don’t know if it will most likely be before this.

It could be after this, but i am assuming it will be before unless it is very late at night, the cover athlete for mlb the show 21 is going to be on an episode of hot ones. Tomorrow and if you don’t know what hot ones is, it is a very good show on youtube where people eat chicken wings at very hot temperatures anyway, that is, that is it that is it so, how i’m going to celebrate the cover athlete being revealed, as i Am going to use cards, i have not used all season because i don’t i don’t know. I don’t know why i’m doing this. This is just i don’t know i i’m not celebrating anything with br. The only thing i can celebrate with br is being miserable, so unless something bad was happening, then br should not be played, probably a bad idea, but it the hell with it. At this point, it’s just going down it’s not going to be any different. I don’t think i don’t think any of these cards are really bad, except for maybe – or i guess not – god be with me all right, like i don’t want this to turn into a bad evening after such good news was released to be like if ned’s declassified School survival guide was coming back, but that is that is not happening. What the happened in the royal rumble tonight, someone told me that kane came back Music.

Is that true? What the man i just play at weird stadiums, lately: Music? How was that anywhere? Not in the catchers myth, michael brantley, the blue, jays, legend boy, if i that wasn’t, that that would have been bad, that made sense, i may have been only waiting, no one’s covering third, i just run and don’t give a huh. I don’t even know what i’m doing on the bases at this point – Music, bad in every aspect that Music balls are being pulled using a picture i have not used ever before in this game. Oh my god, Music don’t! Let him run this out. Do not let him run this out. What are you doing? Thank god all right, Music boy, that is it good that was he shifting or was. Was he being shifted? Oh you got ta be oh he’s flying down the line that has to be hit good. Do something do i bun and it doesn’t matter right handed or left handed pitching he’s wanted well, the first baseman is under it to make the play only good things, nothing terrible, nothing! Nothing at all. Not even the flimsy tv stands from ikea can make me pissed off tonight, build one of those things that almost looks like a charleston chewbar. What the i don’t know, what’s going on he’s late on off speed. Well, if he’s laid on off speed, you throw the pitch that always works in a good spot, beautiful spot, beautiful, always works.

Apparently, are you dumb? This already might be up there for worse, pitching performance of all time, the second innings aren’t even over. Yet why is my r1 button just sticky Music, that is maybe pitcher of the year? Do you take the shift off how the hell was that even Music, who, in the threw that that was the best throw i’ve ever seen, go man? This castiano’s is mid. He was running, he was. He was right on his own. I pressed nothing was the fastest inning that ever went to that started off, as maybe the most promising inning of all time, and it never crumbled quickly, guys jimmy batting eighth. I have officially seen it all. Oh, this is good, thank god. This is tight, that’s, the worst hit of all time. His catcher is dog. Let’S. Do something here all right. This is starting off promising. Again, that is my kryptonite, a promising inning Music. I think griffey only has his two hits. I’M. Not scared, he just has mike trout up and he’s the best of all time Music. I deserve that. I deserve everything that’s going to happen. Right now may have already had 50 people on base to begin the inning cut it off. You want to talk about going to. This is going to Music. I have never seen things escalate so quickly. There is not a singular out yet. Let me figure this out here for a second, can you stop throwing pages down the middle for one one? Second, i just gave up maybe five hits in a row, including a home run with myada, and his confidence is still not in the gutters, but if a reliever comes in gives up two hits, he is eeyore from winnie the pooh.

Thank god herscheiser’s off. I may have a chance to get out of this Music. I wish that hit the bag and came up and hit him in the face that couldn’t have came at a worse time. Either. Maida was up the last headbath Music there’s a chance Music. Get this idiot out of here immediately, i just brought in the wrong guy, i 100 brought in the wrong reliever. I meant to bring in broad hand Music. Thank god. Come on Music, throw it! You dumbass this guy probably thinks i’m a bag of old stale barbecue peanuts, they’re, not even crunchy anymore that’s, what i am sometimes from getting comfortable up there. I think that was swinging. Oh that wasn’t, even looking like it was going to be anything. Oh give me a here that’s what i’m talking about nice geez? This might be something this might be an inning right now. Did he just bring that bastard in i got nuke written all over Music is over. This game is broken that didn’t make any sense. What just happened somehow, i scored a run, but there was an out who got out how are mother doing this man check swinging every time, sit down brutal pitch i’m coming back in this, damn it jimmy. You had to be a buzzkill now he’s going to bring somebody into here. What does that move? He wants to go lefty lefty for the pinch, hitter he’s, a genius Music Music.

No! No! That is going over the fence. I barely left. Oh nice swing, you dumbass! What are the odds i can even make it out of this game? Wait a minute, i guess it’s only a four run deficit. Now i know trout’s hitting a home run. I know it i’d rather walk trouble. I don’t give a. He was hitting the whole run. Last time anyway, it takes a nasty, hop and he’s unable to haul it in well. He thought about going for third and now that runner’s in no man’s land out there, the tag gets one Music, Music that’s. What i’m talking Music? How the did that get through Music wait a minute he up. He up. I would have my pants this guy’s, probably like what the is this guy’s team i’m using random ass players right now, it’s brought tim’s salmon off the bench now about to bring kevin kiermeier off the bench everything is getting through now now this is gon na, be The inning after i had a huge one, Music fresh meat on the mound Music that should have been gone.